Celebrities Are Investing In Growing Vegan Brands

By Divya Kashyap. Updated: April 2022.
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With the massive rise in the vegan industry in the past half-decade, an increasing number of celebrities have invested in growing vegan brands, including best-selling brands and start-ups. 

Here’s our compiled list of vegan brands backed by celebrity investors.

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1. S By Serena

Serena Williams, the reigning Wimbledon champion, established her own vegan clothing brand in 2018. From casual sportswear to body-hugging dresses with plenty of elegance featuring daring slits and cutout work, the fashion-forward brand has something for everyone.

2. Avaline

In 2020, Cameron Diaz launched her very own private vegan wine label. The actress chose to create a wine with organic grapes sourced from farms in France and Spain, using only vegan-friendly processes and without additives such as sugars, colors or concentrates. 

3. myKind Organics

Alicia Silverstone’s myKind Organics is the first USDA-certified organic, Non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free supplement brand under the Garden of Life megabrand. 

Alicia, who’s also an animal activist, collaborated with Garden of Life to create a vitamin line that would complement her brand. The supplements vary from herbals to candies to multivitamins, but vegans will benefit most from the tailored supplements, which include a vitamin B12 spray and vegan D3.

4. Partake Foods

This black-owned vegan startup launched by Denise Woodard managed to raise $1million for further expansion. Jay-Z, Rihanna, and H.E.R. have all endorsed her allergen-friendly and cookie and baking mix company.

Woodard has expanded her cookie flavors and product line since launching the firm in 2018 to include a brownie and blondie mix, pizza dough, and a 5-in-1 all-purpose baking mix.

5. PlantX

Venus Williams, the tennis star, became an investor and ambassador for this vegan e-commerce industry headquartered in Canada.

With three physical outlets in California and British Columbia, the company is leveraging Williams’ prominence. More plant-based convenience stores under the PlantX moniker are expected to open in the future.

6. Kinder

The vegan and cruelty-free beauty box by Kinder has skyrocketed in popularity, thanks to the support of actors Evanna Lynch and Daniella Monet backing the brand.

The beauty box is delivered monthly with a hand-picked selection of five goods that have been approved by Lynch and Monet. The products range in size and include both well-known brands and up-and-coming undiscovered treasures.

7. Good Catch

Plant-based seafood is following in the footsteps of the vegan chicken craze, and Good Catch is at the forefront of the movement with its packed plant-based tuna and crab cakes. 

Celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Woody Harrelson, Shailene Woodley, and Lance Bass have all invested in this vegan brand, which recently made headlines by handing out free fishless tuna sandwiches outside Subway sandwich stores in New York, Austin, and London.

Divya is a content crafter at Vegan Avenue. She is a long-term happy vegan who is also enthusiastic about slow, mindful living in the company of cats.