Yes, Cosmoss By Kate Moss Is Vegan

By Liis Hainla. Updated: March 2024.
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Supermodel Kate Moss has launched a new holistic beauty brand Cosmoss. The celebrity vegan beauty brand is fully vegan and cruelty-free.

From Moss’s new brand, you will find vegan CBD skincare as well as herbal teas. Unsurprisingly, the range also celebrates moss extract.

Promoting Balance And Rejuvenation

Cosmoss By Kate Moss Promoting Balance And Rejuvenation
Courtesy of Cosmoss

Cosmoss is a wellness brand that aims to balance the body and soul through small self-care rituals. The line is also built to respect the natural environment and our circadian circles.

The selection of Cosmoss currently includes a vegan moisturizer, cleanser, vegan perfume, CBD face oil, and two tea blends made with a variety of herbs and flowers.

Restoring Vegan Skincare From Natural Plants

Vegan skincare from Cosmoss uses powerful botanical extracts to regenerate our skin. The moisturizer, cleanser, and CBD oil are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Moss’s skincare line centers around a special Moss Extract Complex that comprises lichen, moss, and fern extracts. The three are resilient wild plants with proven anti-aging effects.

In addition, the range features calming cannabidiol (CBD), rosehip oil, nettle extract, and bakuchiol – a great natural vegan retinol alternative.

Sacred Mist, A Perfume For Inner Peace

Cosmoss By Kate Moss Sacred Mist A Perfume For Inner Peace
Courtesy of Cosmoss

With Cosmoss, Kate Moss has also launched a perfume titled Sacred Mist. Celebrating our private rituals, the perfume has a calming effect on the mind while boosting the mood.

The blend opens with fresh orange flowers and bergamot and has a floral heart of jasmine, tuberose, and geranium. The warm base is made of oak moss, cedarwood, and tonka beans.

Herbal Teas For Dawn And Dusk

Cosmoss’ two tea blends Dawn and Dusk follow our natural sleep-wake cycles. The teas play a crucial part in the wellness aspect of the brand and deepen the meaning of the whole line.

The morning blend invigorates with Hibiscus flower, bay leaves, and ginger root. The evening blend is made with calming chamomile as well as cinnamon and fennel fruit to boost digestion.

Explore the full Cosmoss By Kate Moss collection here.

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