e.l.f. Cosmetics Launches Vegan Clean Beauty Collection “Pure Skin”

By Divya Kashyap. Updated: September 2022.
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Clean beauty is a hot trend in the beauty and wellness industry that’s here to stay. The concept has been so receptive to consumers globally that new and existing brands are positioning themselves to align with new consumer needs. 

Vegan and cruelty-free beauty brand e.l.f. Cosmetics is one such brand that has committed to providing 100% clean beauty with their new collection called Pure Skin. Their products surpass the clean standards set by both the FDA and European Union Cosmetic Regulation.

While a lot of e.l.f. Beauty products were already clean, earlier this year the brand re-formulated over 350 SKUs and now offers products free of 1600+ banned ingredients you’ll find elsewhere. Additionally, the brand only uses toxic-free ingredients that are safe to use.

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Premium Vegan Clean Skincare Made Accessible

e.l.f. has focused on staying true to the value it offers with its products. The Pure Skin range currently offers 3 basic skincare products priced between $9-$15. 

“We’re committed to making clean beauty accessible to every eye, lip, and face,” says Kory Marchisotto, Chief Marketing Officer for e.l.f. Beauty. “Premium quality at an extraordinary value is at the heart of e.l.f.’s superpowers, and we are continuously challenging ourselves to be at the forefront of innovation with our incredible prices.”

More On Clean Beauty

According to Dr. David Valia, Head of Research and Development for e.l.f. Beauty, “There are a lot of misconceptions around clean beauty. One of the biggest myths is that some people think that all preservatives are bad and should not be added to clean beauty products.” 

An example shared by Valia is phenoxyethanol, a preservative used in many cosmetics and personal care products. “Since most cosmetics are water-based and water breeds bugs, certain preservatives like phenoxyethanol are a safe and effective preservative to kill those bugs.”

e.l.f. has banned formulas with preservatives that have been studied and found to be harmful. All products are formulated without the use of parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, nonylphenol ethoxylates, triclosan, triclocarban, toluene, coal tar, lead, mercury, acrylamide, and hydroquinone.

Even the fragrance the brand uses follows International Fragrance Association (IFRA) standards, while all colorants meet FDA and EU purity standards. Moreover, all products meet microbial challenge testing requirements to keep a stable shelf life.

“We’re so proud of the progress we’re making on clean beauty and Pure Skin is the next step in the journey,” said Marchisotto. “As with everything in the e.l.f. family, this collection will be held to the strictest clean standards and to delivering extraordinary quality and value”, he added.

e.l.f.‘s Pure Skin Collection

e.l.f’s new dermatologist-developed, clean beauty skincare collection inspires shoppers to keep it simple with just 3 products. All products are fragrance-free and safe for sensitive skin.

1. Pure Skin Cleanser, $9

Pure Skin Cleanser is a non-foaming cream cleanser that gently cleanses skin with its minimal formulation. It is infused with oat milk, allantoin, and niacinamide.

2. Pure Skin Toner, $9

Pure Skin Toner is a nourishing toner for post-cleanse containing oat milk, aloe juice, and niacinamide to moisturize and calm the skin.

3. Pure Skin Moisturizer, $12

The Pure Skin Moisturizer is non-comedogenic cream containing oat milk, ceramides, and niacinamide. With a rich formulation, it makes skin soft and healthy.

Divya is a content crafter at Vegan Avenue. She is a long-term happy vegan who is also enthusiastic about slow, mindful living in the company of cats.