Geltor Produces Groundbreaking Vegan Collagen In Large Scale

By Divya Kashyap. Updated: April 2022.
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Geltor, a bio-design company, has announced the successful completion of the company’s first big commercial production for PrimaColl, a breakthrough first-of-its-kind vegan collagen made for the food and beverage industries.

Geltor first came out with PrimaColl last year, revealing that the bio-designed ingredient sets a new bar for collagens on the basis of functionality, performance, and sustainability. Their specialty animal-free collagen PrimaColl was designed for use in the vegan food sector, as well for use in kosher and halal diets. 

At present, the company is engaged in talks with leading food and beverage companies proposing first-to-market rights in select product categories.

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What Makes PrimaColl Different?

According to Geltor, PrimaColl is a high-purity, bioactive ingredient that differs from plant-based “collagen builder” or “collagen booster” formulations that you currently find in the market.

Why? Because PrimaColl is real collagen and is an exact match to the bioactive amino acid composition. Let’s just say that it’s a big feat in the world of biotechnology. 

“Collagen’s popularity is accelerating year-over-year, in spite of its constraints as an ingredient derived from animals. With PrimaColl™, our customers finally have an unprecedented opportunity to access new markets with a bona fide collagen that is truly animal-free,” stated Geltor CEO and co-founder Alex Lorestani.

Sustainable Vegan Collagen To Go Big

You read it here first! Now that Geltor has completed its first large-scale production run of their animal-free true vegan collagen, one can expect it to become widely accessible and accepted in global markets by consumers who avoid animal-based supplements for various reasons.

“We are proud to be Geltor´s partner of choice to develop an innovative, sustainable and high yielding process to significantly scale up the production of PrimaColl for commercial availability,” stated Lukas von Hippel, Vice President, Head of Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) at Arxada.

Geltor intends to offer more bio-designed ingredients in 2022. With its recent manufacturing achievement, the brand has boosted its production capacity from tens of thousands to millions of liters within a span of two years. In addition, the company boasts a considerable increase in its output in protein production.

Geltor hopes to assist the global collagen industry, which is anticipated to be worth $7.5 billion by 2027, by making it more inclusive of varied consumer choices. “Biodesign is the future of manufacturing and the backbone of product innovation for a number of industries today,” said Geltor CEO and co-founder, Alex Lorestani. 

“Our team has been steadily scaling up our technology and manufacturing capabilities since our first proof of concept in 2016, and we’ve only begun scratching the surface of possibilities with biodesign enabling the greater availability of new materials. The commercial availability of PrimaColl® signals that it’s no longer a pipe dream, but a reality, that consumers can expect to see bio-designed ingredients on shelves in their favorite products”, Alex added.

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