How Vegan Avenue Reviews Products And Brands

By Liis Hainla. Updated: November 2022.
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How We Review Brands And Products

At Vegan Avenue, we independently test and review every product and brand. None of our reviews have been incentivized by a brand or retailer.

Our goal is to review vegan products with full honesty and transparency in the hope of saving our readers time, money, and effort through our work.

Our Process

Our product and brand reviews usually start with market research and peer recommendations.

We aim to review bestselling vegan products and brands in each category along with exciting newcomers and affordable options. Read more about our editorial guidelines here.

Before writing up the review, we take at least 3 weeks to test the product out. For some product types (e.g. vegan skincare) our process is even longer to be able to see real results.

Team Effort

All writers at Vegan Avenue are included in the process of trying out and reviewing products.

Stylistically, our reviews are often written from a one-person perspective. But in reality, our reviews include the experiences and opinions of multiple of our team members.

As the personal preferences and characteristics vary greatly within our team, our combined experiences with the product or a brand give us the most objective outcome.

Expert Reviews

Our reviews always include some form of expert insight. Utilizing specialist opinions, be they internal or external, is the only way to arrive at useful recommendations and reviews.

Whether it’s the topic of vegan skincare or vegan leather accessories, every review should give a good context of the category in which the product or brand exists.


One of our priorities at Vegan Avenue is to offer product and brand suggestions to a diverse audience, be it in terms of race, gender, or age. Our choices of imagery try to reflect that as well.

We are also committed to promoting minority-owned vegan beauty and fashion brands so that we could in our small way help alleviate some of the vast social injustices in this world.

Receiving Products

Sometimes we receive free products but the vast majority of our reviewed products we have purchased ourselves. Investing our own resources in vegan products is crucial to our integrity.

Receiving gifts from brands does not influence the content of our reviews. Sometimes we choose not to even write about the free product if it is not relevant enough for our readers.

We try to always create and maintain good long-term partnerships with vegan brands whose values and tastes align with us. Nevertheless, our foremost priority is our readers.

How We Rank Products

Here are some of Vegan Avenue’s core pillars when ranking vegan products and brands.

  • Product safety – Safety does come first. We follow the guidelines of the Consumer Product Safety Commission to make sure the brand or product can be fully trusted.
  • Realistic claims – Our reviews always go beyond the seller’s sales pitch. Our goal is to find the truth between the product promises vs actual results
  • Brand values – As a vegan entity, we do prefer brands that have veganism as their core value. We also wish to see more official vegan and cruelty-free certifications.
  • Accessibility – The products we recommend need to be accessible to a wider audience, be in terms of pricing or availability in multiple online retailers.
  • Sustainability – Deeming something animal-free or vegan is not enough for us to list the product. We also care that the product is eco-friendly, innovative, and fairly made.

How We Make Money

Vegan Avenue earns commission through affiliated product links to Sephora, Amazon, Ulta, Immaculate Vegan, and other online retailers. See our Amazon disclaimer here.

Not every product of ours is affiliated. We try to find the best products for a specific query so that the value to the customer always beats the possible earning potential.


We review vegan products and vegan brands in the most candid and fair way we can. We do so by purchasing the products independently and voicing our honest user experience.

While not every vegan product is perfect, we generally try to have a positive and uplifting tone while also warning our readers about the product’s shortcomings.

Have more questions about our reviewing process? Meet our team and get in touch.

My name is Liis. I have been a vegan for a long time and I advocate for the vegan lifestyle. Through Vegan Avenue, I aim to provide quality information about vegan products and bring attention to amazing vegan companies.