Is Anua Vegan & Cruelty-Free? See Anua Vegan Product List 2024

By Anett Rannamets. Updated: January 2024.
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Anua is a South Korean skincare company founded in 2018 by Seonhyeong Yi and Changju Lee. Anua is one of the TikTok-famous skincare brands that have gained recognition all over the world with its oil cleanser and toner. Anua’s website is

The company’s mission is to help individuals take control of their well-being and prioritize self-care. Anua’s products are designed to induce relaxation. They incorporate natural ingredients that soothe and rejuvenate tired skin. 

Anua places a strong emphasis on the quality and healthiness of the ingredients in their products. They believe that true beauty lies in simplicity, and they strive to simplify beauty regimens while promoting healthy, radiant skin.

Anua is also dedicated to sustainability. They maintain long-term relationships with responsible partners who supply organic raw materials and ingredients, all while being conscious of their environmental responsibilities. But is Anua vegan?

Is Anua Vegan?

Yes. Anua is 100% vegan.

Anua Vegan Overview

Is a vegan brand: yes
Uses non-vegan ingredients: no
Has a vegan selection: yes
Tests on animals: no
Sold where animal testing is mandatory: no
Has a parent company that tests on animals: no

Does Anua Have Official Vegan Certifications?

No. Anua is a fully vegan brand. However, Anua has no official vegan certifications from organizations such as The Vegan Society or PETA yet.

Does Anua Test on Animals?

No. Anua is cruelty-free. It confirmed its cruelty-free status via customer care with Vegan Avenue.

Is Anua Certified Cruelty-Free?

No. Anua is not certified cruelty-free by organizations such as PETA or Leaping Bunny yet. However, the brand has confirmed its cruelty-free status.

Who Owns Anua?

Anua is independently owned and operated. The company was founded by Seonhyeong Yi and Changju Lee. Therefore, Anua does not have a non-cruelty-free parent company.

Which Anua Products Are Vegan?

Is Anua Vegan

All Anua products are vegan. Therefore, we have made a bestselling list of Anua vegan products below.

The Bestselling List Of Anua Vegan Products

Vegan Skincare:


Anua is a South Korean skincare company, founded in 2018 that has gained international recognition, particularly on platforms like TikTok. Anua is best known for its oil cleanser and toner.

The company’s mission is to promote self-care and well-being. They are known for their relaxing skincare products that incorporate natural ingredients to rejuvenate the skin.

Notably, Anua is a fully vegan brand, meaning they do not use any non-vegan ingredients in their products, and they do not test on animals. However, Anua does not have official vegan certifications from organizations such as The Vegan Society or PETA yet.

We hope that all skincare and makeup brands like Anua will take on the goal of going cruelty-free and fully vegan one day. Until then keep checking in on Vegan Avenue for an updated vegan product list.

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