Is ColourPop Vegan? See ColourPop Vegan Product List 2024

By Anett Rannamets. Updated: March 2024.
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ColourPop Cosmetics is a popular makeup company from the USA. ColourPop was founded by Laura and John Nelson in 2014. The company is based in Los Angeles, California. ColourPop’s website is

Laura and John created ColourPop under Seed Beauty. Seed Beauty is a conglomerate established with the purpose of originating new and trendy beauty brands like Colourpop. ColourPop’s sister company Fourth Ray, offers skincare.

Colourpop was created with the goal of offering high-quality, affordable makeup products that cater to a wide range of skin tones and preferences. The brand gained popularity for its vibrant and trendy makeup offerings, as well as its commitment to being cruelty-free.

The founders, Laura and John Nelson, aimed to provide makeup enthusiasts with an extensive selection of makeup products at affordable prices, making them accessible to a broader audience. But is ColourPop also vegan?

Is ColourPop Vegan?

No. ColourPop is not entirely vegan but it has some vegan options. In addition, ColourPop is PETA-certified cruelty-free, and does not test on animals. 

ColourPop Vegan Overview

Is a vegan brand: no
Uses non-vegan ingredients: yes
Has a vegan selection: yes
Tests on animals: no
Sold where animal testing is mandatory: no
Has a parent company that tests on animals: no

Does ColourPop Have Official Vegan Certifications?

No. ColourPop is not a vegan brand and has no official vegan certifications from organizations such as The Vegan Society or PETA.

Has ColourPop indicated going vegan?

No. ColourPop has not indicated going fully vegan yet.

Does ColourPop Test on Animals?

No. ColourPop is cruelty-free. It states its cruelty-free status clearly on its website. 

Is ColourPop Certified Cruelty-Free?

Yes. ColourPop is certified cruelty-free by PETA. The brand has also confirmed its cruelty-free status on its website.

Who Owns ColourPop?

Seed Beauty is the parent company of ColourPop. Seed Beauty was founded by siblings Laura and John Nelson, who also co-founded ColourPop Cosmetics. 

The Nelson siblings established Seed Beauty as the parent company behind ColourPop and other beauty brands, focusing on innovative and efficient beauty product development and manufacturing. Seed Beauty is a cruelty-free firm.

Which ColourPop Products Are Vegan?

Is Colourpop Vegan

Not all ColourPop products are vegan. Therefore, we have made a full list of ColourPop vegan products below.

The Full List Of ColourPop Vegan Products

Vegan Eyeshadow Palettes:

 Vegan Eyeshadow Singles:

  • Shadow Stix
  • Super Shock Shadow
    Vegan shades are Tassel, Ice Cream, Ladybug, Sailor, La Mesa, Frog, I Heart This, Ritz, Amaze, A Little Quarky, Peekaboo, Chirp, 6 am, Sweet Tea, In Harmony, Yaay!, Run Wild, Beat Drums, Mint 4 U, Basic Instinct, Free Reign, Mighty Morphin’, Tassel, Bubble Bee, So Quiche, Moonwalk, Ladybird, Empire, Cuteologist, Lightning Bug, Tankini, Dgaf, Sequin, La La, Coconut.
  • Super Shock Pigment
    Vegan shades are Mogul, Yolo, Ur My Sunshine, Hot Totty, Lap Dog, Health Nut, and Slave2pink.
  • Pressed Pigment
    Vegan shades are Art Deco, Realist, For Shore, and Cut-Outs. 
  • Pressed Powder Shadow
    Vegan shades are Let’s Do It, Glass Bull, Hear Me Out, Ambition, Ringer, Bel Air, Conundrum, Pretty Cruel, Play Hard, Free To Roam, Earthshine, Liar-Liar, Labyrinth, Wishful Winking, Made To Last, Lush, Team Captain, Mr. Sandman, Too Witty, Archer, Hustle Hard, Tea Garden, Antimatter, Gridlock, Conjour Up, Nightdream, Entangled, Minty Dream, Cheers Babe, Material Girl, Big Smile, Snake Eyes, Balancing Act, Party Favors, On A Whimsy, The Good Life, Fired Up, Cater 2 U, Goody Two-Shoes, Flowerboy, Tiki, Lost And Found, Thank U Next, Misty, Let Me Explain, 20 Something, Backstage, Billie Jean, Mary Jane, Cloud Nine, Heavenly, Miser, Da Coco, Sea Stars, Gnarly, Tide Pool, Silver Lining, Paradiso, Say I Do, Big Banks, Tangerine Dreams, Surfrider, Diego, Float On, Laguna, Mission, Take The Lead, Get Crackin’, Formation, Young Love, Martian, Running Late, Soo Good, Not Ok, Two Birds, Paper Tiger, High Society, Private Party, Now And Zen, Side Tracked, Play By Play, Wake Up Call, Lay Low, Best Coast Scenario, Quantum Sleep.
  • Jelly Much Shadow
  • Chrome Liquid Shadow
  • Moonlight Legend

Vegan Eyebrow Products:

Vegan Mascaras:

Vegan Eyeliners:

  • Creme Gel Liner
    Vegan shades are Swerve, Exit, Sunnyvale, Brew Haha, Ice Breaker, Peach Fuzz, Crystal Crush, Honeydude, Overboard, Wildcat, Punch, Prance.
  • BFF Liquid Liner
    Vegan shades are Black, Numero Uno, Grande, Graceland, Make Luv, and Crzy.
  • Graphix Ink Liner
    Vegan shades are Lovefool, Milk Tea, Santorini, Hype It Up, Mint Frappe, Major Inspo, Diadem, Locket, Cup, Sword, Korrasami, Heart To Heart, Tech Girl, and Utopia.

Vegan Lip Products:

Vegan Foundations And Vegan Concealers:

Vegan Blushes:

Vegan Bronzers:

Vegan Highlighters:

Fourth Ray Beauty:

All of Fourth Ray Beauty’s products are vegan. Fourth Ray is a skincare company that you can find on ColourPop’s website. Fourth Ray is ColourPop’s sister company. Fourth Ray and ColourPop have the same parent company, Seed Beauty.

FAQ About ColourPop

Is ColourPop vegan?

No. ColourPop is not entirely vegan but it has some vegan options. In addition, ColourPop is PETA-certified cruelty-free, and does not test on animals. 

Is ColourPop cruelty-free?

Yes. ColourPop is cruelty-free. It states its cruelty-free status clearly on its website. ColourPop is certified cruelty-free by PETA.

Is ColourPop clean?

ColourPop is not considered a clean beauty brand. ColourPop is cruelty-free, which means their products are not tested on animals, and many of their products are also listed as vegan. However, whether a brand is considered “clean” or not can depend on specific criteria and individual preferences. In addition, ColourPop does not market itself as clean.

Is ColourPop good?

ColourPop is usually considered a good brand. However, it can be subjective and depend on various factors, including individual preferences, skin type, and makeup needs. Still, ColourPop is known for its affordability, good quality, pigmented colors, wide variety of makeup products, and certified cruelty-free status.

Is Fourth Ray owned by ColourPop?

No. Fourth Ray is ColourPop’s sister company. Fourth Ray and ColourPop have the same parent company, Seed Beauty.

Is Fourth Ray vegan?

Yes. Fourth Ray is 100% vegan.


ColourPop Cosmetics is a popular makeup company founded by Laura and John Nelson in 2014, based in Los Angeles. ColourPop offers high-quality, affordable makeup products.

While not entirely vegan, ColourPop has some vegan makeup options and is certified as cruelty-free by PETA. ColourPop’s sister company Fourth Ray, however, is 100% vegan. Fourth Ray offers skincare.

We hope that all skincare and makeup brands like ColourPop will take on the goal of going cruelty-free and fully vegan one day. Until then keep checking in on Vegan Avenue for an updated vegan product list.

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