Is Dr. Ceuracle Vegan & Cruelty-Free? See Dr. Ceuracle Vegan Product List 2024

By Anett Rannamets. Updated: January 2024.
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Dr. Ceuracle is a renowned South Korean skincare brand celebrated for its commitment to combining dermatological research with beauty solutions. Dr. Ceuracle’s website is  

Dr. Ceuracle has its roots in the LeeJiHam Dermatology Research Center, which is the pioneering dermatology and beauty clinic in Korea. Dr. Lee, Ji, and Ham founded the brand.

The name “Dr. Ceuracle” represents a mix of “cosmeceutical” and “miracle,” encapsulating the essence of the brand’s skincare vision. The core mission of Dr. Ceuracle is to bridge the gap between dermatological science and skincare, providing consumers with trusted solutions for a wide range of skin concerns. 

By aligning itself with the LeeJiHam Dermatology Research Center, Dr. Ceuracle reinforces its commitment to making dermatological insights more accessible to the general public and delivering evidence-based skincare solutions. But is Dr. Ceuracle vegan?

Is Dr. Ceuracle Vegan?

No. Dr. Ceuracle is not fully vegan but it has many vegan products. The company is cruelty-free but uses animal ingredients in some of their skincare.

Dr. Ceuracle Vegan Overview

Is a vegan brand: no
Uses non-vegan ingredients: yes
Has a vegan selection: yes
Tests on animals: no
Sold where animal testing is mandatory: no
Has a parent company that tests on animals: no

Does Dr. Ceuracle Have Official Vegan Certifications?

No. Dr. Ceuracle is not a fully vegan brand. Therefore, Dr. Ceuracle has no official vegan certifications from organizations such as The Vegan Society or PETA. However, some of its products have a vegan certification from the Korea Agency Of Vegan Certification And Services.

Does Dr. Ceuracle Test on Animals?

No. Dr. Ceuracle is cruelty-free. It confirms its cruelty-free status on its website.

Is Dr. Ceuracle Certified Cruelty-Free?

No. Dr. Ceuracle is not certified cruelty-free by organizations such as PETA or Leaping Bunny. However, the brand has confirmed its cruelty-free status.

Who Owns Dr. Ceuracle?

Dr. Ceuracle is a skincare brand developed by the LeeJiHam Dermatology Research Center in Korea, with Dr. Lee Ji and Ham as key figures in its founding. Therefore, Dr. Ceuracle is owned by LeeJiHam Dermatology Research Center which is cruelty-free.

Which Dr. Ceuracle Products Are Vegan?

Is Dr. Ceuracle Vegan

Not all Dr. Ceuracle products are vegan. Therefore, we have made a full list of Dr. Ceuracle’s vegan products below.

The Full List Of Dr. Ceuracle Vegan Products


Dr. Ceuracle is a well-known South Korean skincare brand that has gained recognition for its commitment to merging dermatological research with beauty solutions.

While Dr. Ceuracle is not entirely vegan, it does offer several vegan products within its range. The company is cruelty-free, meaning it does not engage in animal testing.

We hope that all skincare and makeup brands like Dr. Ceuracle will take on the goal of going cruelty-free and fully vegan one day. Until then keep checking in on Vegan Avenue for an updated vegan product list.

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