Is Inika Organics Vegan & Cruelty-Free? See Inika Organics Vegan Product List 2024

By Anett Rannamets. Updated: March 2024.
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Inika Organic is an organic and natural cosmetics brand. It was founded in 2006 by Miranda Bond and Jenni Williams in Sydney, Australia. Today, Inika Organic continues to operate from its headquarters in Sydney, Australia but has gained a global presence. 

Miranda Bond, a British-born entrepreneur, and Jenni Williams, a New Zealand-born beauty therapist, joined forces to create a makeup brand that would prioritize natural and organic ingredients. They wanted to offer a healthier and more sustainable alternative to traditional cosmetics. Inika’s website is

Inspired by their own personal experiences and the growing demand for clean and ethical beauty products, Miranda and Jenni established Inika Organic with a vision to provide high-quality makeup that was free from harmful chemicals, and suitable for sensitive skin. But is Inika Organics also vegan?

Is Inika Organics Vegan?

Yes, Inika Organics is 100% vegan. Inika Organics does not use any animal-derived ingredients. In addition, it does not test on animals. Inika Organics is officially certified vegan by The Vegan Society. Plus, Inika Organics is certified cruelty-free by PETA

Inika Organics Vegan Overview

Is a vegan brand: yes
Uses non-vegan ingredients: no
Has a vegan selection: yes
Tests on animals: no
Sold where animal testing is mandatory: no
Has a parent company that tests on animals: no

Does Inika Organics Have Official Vegan Certifications?

Yes. Inika Organics is certified vegan by The Vegan Society and its products wear the vegan label.

Does Inika Organics Test on Animals?

No. Inika Organics does not test on animals at any stage of production, and it does not sell its products in countries where animal testing is required by law.

Is Inika Organics Certified Cruelty-Free?

Yes. Inika Organics is certified cruelty-free by PETA Beauty Without Bunnies program.

Who Owns Inika Organics?

Inika Organics was founded in 2006 by Miranda Bond and Jenni Williams in Sydney, Australia. However, Inika Organics’ owner is Total Beauty Network, a global beauty company. Fortunately, the firm stays 100% committed to creating products that are cruelty-free, healthy, and ethical. Therefore, Inika Organics does not have a non-cruelty-free parent company. 

Which Inika Organics Products Are Vegan?

Is Inika Organic Vegan

All of Lys Beauty’s products are vegan and do not contain any animal-derived ingredients or by-products. Therefore, we have made a bestselling list of Lys Beauty’s vegan products below.

Bestselling List Of Inika Organics’ Vegan Products

Best Vegan Face Makeup:

Best Vegan Eye Makeup:

Best Vegan Lip Makeup:

Best Vegan Skincare:


Inika Organic is an Australian-based organic and natural cosmetics brand founded already in 2006. Inika Organic prioritizes natural and organic ingredients, offering a healthier and more sustainable alternative to traditional cosmetics. The vegan and cruelty-free brand is certified by The Vegan Society and PETA.

We hope that other brands like Inika Organics will take on the goal of going fully vegan one day. Until then keep checking in on Vegan Avenue for an updated vegan product list.

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