Is Isododecane Vegan? What Is Isododecane Made Of?

By Anett Rannamets. Updated: April 2023.
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Isododecane is a synthetic skincare ingredient that softens and smoothes the skin. It is always made in the lab. Therefore, it is vegan.

In addition to moisturizing and softening, this ingredient has other properties and purposes. Let’s find out what they are.

What Is Isodecane? What Is Isodecane Made Of?

Isododecane is a hydrocarbon commonly used in skincare. It is a solvent produced synthetically. Therefore, it is a vegan-friendly skincare compound. 

Isododecane is a colorless liquid with excellent spreadability. It is not completely soluble in water but it is soluble in silicones, fats, other isoparaffins, and alcohol. It is usually derived from petroleum and made in the lab.

Isododecane is often used as a substitute for siloxanes. It is also both, a solvent and a plasticizer. 

Why is Isododecane Used In Skincare?

Isododecane is used in skincare because it is water-binding, spreads easily, and leaves the skin smooth and healthy-looking. It is also non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic.

The active ingredient helps retain moisture. Thus, it has the ability to keep the skin young and protect it from external factors. So, isododecane is skin-conditioning, making the skin smooth and supple.

Further, as a solvent, isododecane makes the product smooth for application. It makes it easily spreadable and helps the product not to leave a thick or greasy residue.

Moreover, isododecane has a mattifying feature providing a weightless feeling. Therefore, isododecane is often present in skincare products designed for oily skin types.

Above all, isododecane is also used in skincare as an ingredient in scents. It is often an element of perfume oils or aromas because it evaporates easily.

Isododecane is commonly found in mascaras, foundations, moisturizers, eyeliners, and lipsticks, among others.


Isododecane is an odorless skincare ingredient that spreads easily and leaves the skin feeling nourished and silky. It is a synthetic ingredient with a matte finish.

Isododecane is synthetical and therefore vegan-friendly. However, it can sometimes be found in products with other animal-derived components.

In order to always be sure of your product’s composition, we recommend shopping with brands that have spoken of their ethical principles. Fortunately, there are already many 100% vegan brands to choose from.

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