Is LVMH Cruelty-Free And Vegan?

By Anett Rannamets. Updated: March 2024.
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LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE, commonly known as LVMH, stands as a global luxury firm esteemed for its extensive portfolio of prestigious brands across various sectors.

Founded in 1987 through the merger of two French fashion houses, Moët Hennessy and Louis Vuitton, the company embodies a legacy of craftsmanship, elegance, and luxury.

The origins of LVMH trace back to the respective founders of its constituent companies. Moët Hennessy has its roots in the heritage of the renowned Moët & Chandon champagne house, established in 1743 by Claude Moët. 

Meanwhile, Louis Vuitton, founded in 1854 by Louis Vuitton himself, began as a luggage and leather goods brand known for its exceptional craftsmanship and innovative designs.

LVMH’s portfolio encompasses an impressive selection of luxury brands spanning fashion, leather goods, perfumes, cosmetics, watches, jewelry, and spirits.

Some of its notable skincare brands include Ole Henriksen, KVD Beauty, Fenty Beauty, Make Up For Ever, Benefit Cosmetics, Dior, and Stella McCartney.

The conglomerate’s overarching goal is to preserve the heritage and savoir-faire of its brands while fostering innovation and creativity. LVMH strongly emphasizes craftsmanship, quality, and exclusivity, aiming to maintain the exceptional standards synonymous with luxury. 

Beyond its commitment to luxury and excellence, LVMH prioritizes sustainability and social responsibility. More or less, the conglomerate has implemented initiatives to reduce its environmental impact, promote ethical sourcing, and support various social projects. But is LVMH vegan?

Is LVMH Vegan?

No. LVMH is not vegan. LVMH has a lot of brands in its portfolio and most of them use animal-derived ingredients. In addition, LVMH is not considered cruelty-free as it allows tests on animals. Therefore, LVMH as a whole is not vegan.

A vegan skincare product does not contain ingredients of animal origin. This means that none of its ingredients are derived from animals or their by-products. In addition, vegan skincare is never tested on animals. Meaning it is always cruelty-free.

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LVMH Vegan Overview

Is a vegan firm: no
Owns vegan brands: yes
Tests on animals: yes, where required by law
Sells where animal testing is mandatory: yes

Is LVMH Cruelty-Free?

No. LVMH is not considered a cruelty-free company. While some of its brands are certified cruelty-free or vegan, the company as a whole still allows animal testing, particularly for products sold in markets like China where such testing is required by law.

Even though the beauty firm might refrain from directly conducting animal tests itself, its decision to sell in China involves consenting to potential animal testing by authorities in that market. 

Consequently, this choice does not align with cruelty-free principles as it indirectly permits animal testing, thus disqualifying the company from being classified as cruelty-free.

LVMH Brands

LVMH houses an esteemed collection of skincare and beauty brands known for their innovation and luxury. These brands within LVMH’s portfolio epitomize sophistication and quality that embody the essence of luxury. However, most of LVMH’s brands are not considered cruelty-free. 

Ole Henriksen

Ole Henriksen Skincare is founded by a Danish skincare guru and skin beautician of the same name. The brand is dedicated to creating skincare for different skin problems and issues like acne, eczema, and dryness. Ole Henriksen is 100% vegan. The brand is also certified cruelty-free by PETA. See more: Ole Henriksen Bestselling Vegan Product List

Stella McCartney Beauty

Stella McCartney Beauty is an extension of Stella McCartney’s fashion brand. Stella McCartney’s commitment to sustainability and ethical fashion practices has been a hallmark of her brand. The launch of Stella McCartney Beauty aligns with her dedication to creating products that are cruelty-free and environmentally conscious. Stella McCartney Beauty is also a vegan brand. See more: Stella McCartney’s Bestselling Vegan Product List

KVD Beauty

KVD Beauty is a well-known beauty brand that offers a wide range of high-quality makeup products, from long-lasting liquid lipsticks to full-coverage foundations and eyeshadow palettes. The brand is based in the United States in San Francisco and was originally founded by world-famous tattoo artist and entrepreneur Kat Von D in 2008. See more: KVD Beauty Bestselling Vegan Product List

Fenty Beauty and Fenty Skin

Fenty is a makeup and skincare company created by Rihanna aka Robyn Rihanna Fenty. Fenty Beauty and Fenty Skin were made to include all skin types and skin colors. Fenty Beauty is not vegan. Fenty Beauty makeup products sometimes include carmine and beeswax but it also has vegan options. However, Fenty Skin is fully vegan. Fenty Beauty is cruelty-free. See more: Fenty Beauty Vegan Product List

Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit Cosmetics, founded in 1976, is known for its fun and playful approach to beauty. The original name of the company was “The Face Place,” and it aimed to provide beauty solutions in a lighthearted environment. While Benefit Cosmetics has grown into a well-known beauty firm, it is not a vegan brand. The company uses non-vegan ingredients in its products and is not considered cruelty-free. Read more: Is Benefit Cosmetics Vegan?


Dior Beauty was founded by French fashion designer Christian Dior in 1947. Dior’s expansion into cosmetics aimed to complement his fashion designs and enhance a woman’s overall style with fragrances and cosmetics. Dior is not a vegan brand as it uses non-vegan ingredients and tests on animals where required by law. Read more: Is Dior Vegan & Cruelty-Free?

Make Up For Ever

Make Up For Ever, founded in 1984 by makeup artist Dany Sanz, aimed to fill the gap for professional-grade cosmetics. Though known for its diverse range of makeup, it’s not vegan or cruelty-free due to animal-derived ingredients and animal testing where required by law. Read more: Is Make Up For Ever Vegan & Cruelty-Free


LVMH, formed in 1987 from the union of Moët Hennessy and Louis Vuitton, epitomizes luxury and tradition. Moët & Chandon’s 18th-century champagne heritage and Louis Vuitton’s 19th-century luggage craftsmanship blend into a conglomerate spanning fashion, perfumes, spirits, and more. 

With brands like Ole Henriksen and Stella McCartney aligned with vegan principles, most LVMH brands don’t follow vegan or cruelty-free standards, owing to animal-derived ingredients and testing, particularly in markets like China where it’s mandatory.

We hope that LVMH will take on the goal of going cruelty-free and vegan one day. Until then, keep checking Vegan Avenue for an updated vegan brands list.

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