Ration.L R-Kind Trainer Review 2024

By Liis Hainla. Updated: January 2024.
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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.7/5

Ration.L vegan sneakers were first caught on my radar were I read the inspiring story of the brand’s founder Kavita Basi who survived a serious brain hemorrhage.

Plus, the sneakers looked amazing in the photos, so I really wanted to try them out. Especially their unisex R-Kind Trainer in classic white color.

Having enjoyed the Ration.L sneakers for over two months now, here is my review of the shoe and the brand. Spoiler alert – it’s the softest vegan leather shoe ever.

PS I deliberately took the photos after I had worn the shoes for a while. I wanted to show how well the shoes hold shape and how they stay pretty clean with only an occasional wet wipe.

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About Ration.L

About Ration L

Ration. L is a female-owned vegan shoe brand from the UK. Its founder Kavita Basi has an incredible story of surviving a dangerous brain hemorrhage in 2015, after which she completely changed her life around.

Instead of staying stuck in the past, Kavita chose to become a positive force for others. Through her shoe brand Ration.L and activewear brand Reflexone, she encourages healthy lifestyle choices that are good for us and our planet.

Ration.L trainers are simple, ethical, gender-neutral, and certified vegan. Longevity is also important in the brand’s ethos, the sneakers are made with high-quality materials such as nontoxic PU leather, organic cotton, recycled aluminum, and rubber.

Ration.L manufactures the shoes in Vietnam in an ethical factory under third-party surveillance. For every pair sold, 5% of profits goes to the Brain & Spine Foundation Charity.

Ration.L R-Kind Trainer Specs

Ration.L R-Kind Trainer Specifications

Ration.L R-Kind Trainer is a unisex vegan trainer that promises everyday comfort. It has a sleek, timeless design that is perfect for the urban lifestyle.

The shoe is comprised of a nontoxic eco PU leather upper, organic cotton lining, and rubber sole. Recycled aluminum has been added for sturdiness.

The sneakers are labeled ‘showerproof’. They are not machine-washable, the recommended way of maintaining the shoe is by wiping them with a damp cloth.

R-Kind comes in a variety of colors such as white, black, blue, brown, rustic orange, pink, beige, khaki green, and grey. The shoe I ordered is Moon White in US size 8 (UK 6).

Is The Ration.L R-Kind A Good Trainer?

Is The Ration.L R-Kind Trainer Good

Ration.L R-Kind is a fantastic vegan trainer. The vegan leather upper is incredibly soft and snug. The shoe is also very durable and sturdy, plus it breathes well enough. This style looks as good in real life as it looks in photos.

While this sneaker does not have a very roomy toe box, it’s not too tight either. It’s a comfortable fit that supports your feet enough to wear all day, indoors and outdoors. I also like that the outsole is thick and sturdy.

Ration.L R-Kind Trainer Pros

Ration.L R-Kind Trainer Pros

Here are the pros of Ration.L R-Kind Trainer:

  • Super soft upper – This is the best PU leather I’ve worn. It’s soft, snug, flexible, and wears beautifully. PU leather is also highly water-resistant.
  • Beautiful style – These sneakers look so good. They’re minimalist, dynamic, timeless, unisex, and not clunky. Yet they are sturdy enough to wear year-round.
  • Breathable design – The shoe lets your feet breathe thanks to the soft upper and the cotton lining. I’ve worn them comfortably all day indoors and outdoors.
  • Durable – The stitching and the materials seem very high-quality, after a month they look new to me (even though I’m a huge creaser).
  • Easy to keep clean – It’s easy to maintain the shoes, wiping them clean with a damp cloth is sufficient enough even for the white leather.
  • Good pricing– These days, it’s a bargain to get a pair of sustainable vegan sneakers for under 100 dollars. Similar high-quality sneakers are closer to 200.
  • Non-toxic materials – The brand does not specify what their vegan leather is free of but nontoxic PU is typically silicone-coated and free of chemicals like phthalates, DMF, and lead. That’s great for the environment.
  • Certified vegan – It’s essential to have vegan sneakers officially certified. It’s the only way to ensure that the materials, show glue, and dyes are 100% free of animal products. Ration.L sneakers are certified by the trusted Vegan Society.

Ration.L R-Kind Trainer Cons

Ration.L R-Kind Trainer Cons

Here are the cons of Ration.L R-Kind Trainer:

  • Runs a bit small – This shoe is not very spacious – that’s often the tradeoff for a beautiful sneaker that really envelopes the feet. It’s definitely not for wide feet. If you are between two sizes, go for a higher one.
  • Made in Vietnam – While the company ensures its Vietnamese factory meets the highest safety and ethical standards, it’s difficult to find more information on the factory. In this case, the risk of exploitation remains.
  • Not machine washable –
  • Not biodegradable – The standards for vegan sneakers are getting higher every year. Sneakers now can be both vegan and biodegradable. So this sneaker is not at the height of innovation material-wise.

FAQ About Ration L R-Kind Trainer

Is Ration.L vegan?

Yes. Ration.L is a 100% vegan company. They are officially certified by The Vegan Society.

Is Ration.L any good?

Ration.L sneakers are really good. Great design, fit, and durability. Plus, the shoes are made from eco-friendly vegan materials.

Is Ration.L breathable?

Yes. Ration.L sneakers are breathable.


Ration.L R-Kind Trainer did not disappoint. It’s a beautiful vegan sneaker that has a soft plush upper that breaks in without effort. It’s a shoe I wear almost every day, it goes well with any outfit and it’s comfortable for long walks and cycling.

I am extremely inspired by people like Kavita who have turned their life around after a hardship. Ration.L is a venture that helps the environment, reduces animal suffering, and brings good-quality shoes that last.

While I hope the next designs of Ration.L will include even more natural and biodegradable materials, I can safely recommend their current PU collection. It’s a beautiful, reliable shoe.

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My name is Liis. I have been a vegan for a long time and I advocate for the vegan lifestyle. Through Vegan Avenue, I aim to provide quality information about vegan products and bring attention to amazing vegan companies.