This Luxury Hotel Is Launching Vegan Rooms To Attract Conscious Crowd

By Divya Kashyap. Updated: April 2022.
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Luxury hotels around the world are now introducing cruelty-free and vegan rooms alongside dining options to attract a growing number of conscious travelers. 

Until a few years ago, taking a vacation meant a stressful experience for vegans due to hotels catering to the traditional crowd by focusing on indulgence that came at the cost of animal lives. 

Whether we’re talking leather upholstery on furniture or woolen throws, toiletries, or a stocked minibar full of animal-derived ingredients, the overall staying experience was easily compromised with fewer options catering to vegans.

Now, animal lovers can experience a delightful stay with a growing number of hotel chains, lodges, and even AirBnB’s offering a completely vegan staying experience.

Luxury Vegan Stay On The Cards

Interstate Hotels and Resorts, the world’s leading hotel management company for chains including Hilton and Courtyard by Marriott is stepping up to cater to the increasing demand for vegan food with a culinary promotion for more than 500 of its managed hotels across the world.

We recognized a shift in the growing demand of consumers craving healthier options and it is our job to cater to the desires of our guests and meeting attendees,” Interstate’s VP of Food & Beverage Operations, Bradley Moore said in a statement. “There is a clear need to offer plant-based menu items and we are thrilled about the quality, variety, and benefits our hotels will be able to provide to travelers seeking healthy alternatives while on the road.”

Four Seasons, the luxury hotel chain has also ramped up its vegan offerings. In 2018, the hotel collaborated with star chef Matthew Kenney and debuted a vegan menu called Folia. 

Going to the next level from just providing vegan dining options is the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group’s Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi. This hotel has introduced vegan rooms that are set to debut this month. 

Vegan visitors will be thrilled to find beds outfitted entirely in vegan linen with no feather pillows or duvets. In fact, there is no trace of leather, wool, or silk used in the room, anywhere.

From vegan toiletries to a delicious minibar containing vegan alcohol and snacks, guests can truly let loose and enjoy the complete service they deserve. Add to that a vegan in-room dining menu to define a cruelty-free luxurious hotel stay experience.

“We’re seeing a notable rise in veganism’s popularity,” Michael Koth, Emirates Palace’s general manager said in a statement. “Supermarkets are well-stocked with plant-based products, international airlines offer vegan meal options, and even luxury car brands are debuting leather-free interiors. Veganism is omnipresent in our daily life and continues to drive societal changes. So why not offer a vegan luxury hotel experience?”

Divya is a content crafter at Vegan Avenue. She is a long-term happy vegan who is also enthusiastic about slow, mindful living in the company of cats.