Treslúce Beauty by Becky G Launches At ULTA Beauty & It’s Vegan

By Divya Kashyap. Updated: April 2022.
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If you’re a makeup lover, you might be thrilled to know that Becky G has just launched her own vegan makeup beauty brand called Treslúce Beauty at ULTA Beauty.

The brand is available on ULTA Beauty’s online store and will be available at select brick-and-mortar Ulta locations on March 13. 

Actress and singer Becky G introduced her vegan and cruelty-free brand last year and received a lot of positive reception from fans, makeup artists, and shoppers. The brand’s retail collaboration with ULTA Beauty is their first one yet. 

“I want [customers] to trust the quality of our brand. I want them to feel the formulas, and try them on. Fortunately, Ulta [provided] that home for us, that first place that we knew we wanted to launch with,” Becky G. told Refinery29. “Especially for my personal experiences with it — having one literally down the street from my house … and going with my mom and my sister all the time… It just felt right.”

More on Treslúce Beauty

Treslúce Beauty by Becky G Launches At ULTA Beauty

The brand is inspired by Latinx heritage and culture. Their products are infused with Latinx sourced ingredients while the packaging reflects Latinx art.

Treslúce Beauty also claims to be environmentally cognizant and uses recyclable, reusable packaging whenever possible. The brand believes in the power of community; celebrating, uplifting, and supporting them by giving back in a meaningful way. 

Currently, Treslúce Beauty’s range features products for eyes, cheek, lip, and lashes along with brushes.

Exclusive Vegan Makeup At ULTA Beauty

In addition to the original Treslúce collection, the vibrant brand has a few new shopping options to offer. Here are some of the products you can look forward to including the newly launched spring-themed shadow palette and ULTA Beauty exclusive lip tint shades.

  1. Bold Y Atrevida Liquid Lip Tints
    Priced at $18, the new lip tints feature the same hyaluronic acid and glycerin formula that made them a hoot. Exclusive shades include Amor and Vino.
  2. La Flor De Mexico
    This 18-shade richly pigmented palette features matte, shimmer, and metallic shades which are infused with Mexican blue agave. It also comes with a removable mirror and is priced at $30.
  3. Line It Up Edge Corrector
    For $12, you can wing it like a boss with this ultra-fine tipped corrector to perfect your winged eyeliner. And guess what? It works on waterproof makeup too.

Buy Treslúce Beauty

You can shop the brand on their website, or visit select ULTA Beauty store locations on March 13 or after.

Divya is a content crafter at Vegan Avenue. She is a long-term happy vegan who is also enthusiastic about slow, mindful living in the company of cats.