Vegan Backpacks: Find The Best Vegan Backpack Brands 2024

By Liis Hainla. Updated: January 2024.
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Vegan Backpacks

The backpack is the new handbag. Working remotely, backpacks are the easiest way to store and carry your everyday essentials, including your laptop, books, and gym stuff.

But can we do it in a vegan way? Absolutely. And the choice is endless.

Find the best vegan backpacks in all shapes and sizes made from innovative cruelty-free materials.

What Makes A Backpack Vegan?

What Makes A Backpack Vegan

A vegan backpack is a rucksack made with synthetic or plant-based materials. This means that no animal materials or glues have been used in the production.

The most common non-vegan materials used in backpacks are leather and suede (the underside of leather). Leather is derived from the skins of calves, sheep, goats, pigs, and other animals.

Adhesives in backpacks may also contain animal-derived ingredients. Typical ones are isinglass, made from fish bladders and pig or cow remains, as well as casein made from animal milk.

Instead of leather, vegan fashion brands use synthetic leather and nylon or plant-derived materials such as cotton, cork, and hemp. As for adhesives, synthetic glues are used.

Most of the vegan backpack materials nowadays are eco-friendly. Instead of virgin plastic, sustainable vegan backpacks are made from recycled plastic bottles and bio waste.

What To Look For In A Vegan Backpack?

Before shopping for a new vegan backpack, you need to decide the purpose of it.

If you are carrying heavy items such as books and a laptop, you need to look for a more durable and stronger material such as nylon or polyester.

If you are looking for space for your gym clothes, look out for spacious vegan backpacks. If you need a hiking backpack, do not forget water resistance.

Also, we definitely recommend a quality-over-price strategy when choosing a vegan backpack.

Most cheap backpacks are usually made of vegan materials by default. Yet, they are often produced rather poorly in unethical conditions.

Do your research beforehand and choose an ethical vegan backpack. That way, you’ll do a favor to the animals, the people, and our planet.

Best Vegan Materials For Backpacks

Vegan Backpack Materials

The best materials for vegan backpacks are simultaneously durable and sustainable. Here are our favorite vegan materials for eco-friendly and cruelty-free backpacks.

Best Vegan Backpack Brands

Here are the best brands for vegan backpacks in 2024. These companies are 100% vegan and offer a wide range of trendy cruelty-free backpacks.



Miomojo is our favorite brand for vegan backpacks. The Italian brand has perfectly combined sustainability with high-quality and modern backpack designs.

For their vegan backpacks, Miomojo uses premium nylon that is partly derived from fishing nets, fabric scraps, and industrial plastic. They also use vegan PU leather and recycled glass.

As an advocate for the kind treatment of animals, Miomojo is entirely vegan and cruelty-free. The company donates a whopping 10% of its net profits to animal welfare causes.

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Immaculate Vegan

Immaculate Vegan Vegan Backpacks

Immaculate Vegan is an online store with a fantastic collection of vegan backpacks. You will find the most contemporary and sustainable backpacks from their selection.

From apple leather to piñatax, discover only the most innovative and ethically made vegan backpacks. Canussa, Boita, Svala – they include vegan brands from all over the world.

If you are looking for a vegan backpack made in the USA, Immaculate Vegan also carries a selection of those. Vegan brand Svala makes beautiful vegan backpacks in Los Angeles.

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Matt & Nat

Matt & Nat Vegan Backpacks

Ethical vegan backpacks from Matt & Nat are loved all over the world. The vegan cult brand was established as early as 1995 in Montreal, Canada.

Since 2007, Matt & Nat are making vegan backpack linings out of 100% recycled plastic bottles. We love the nature-inspired colors and textures of the bags.

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Doshi Vegan Backpacks

Doshi is an American fashion brand from California that makes quality non-leather backpacks, handbags, belts, and other vegan accessories.

The company was created with the aim of offering sustainable fashion to people with religious, eco-friendly, or ethical beliefs. The brand is vegan and cruelty-free to its core.

Doshi has great vegan travel backpacks as well as trendy daypacks for men and women.

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Tokyo Bags

Tokyo Bags Vegan Backpacks

From Tokyo Bags, you will find high-quality vegan leather backpacks in beautiful minimalist designs. Their backpacks are the same time sophisticated and functional.

As the name suggests, Tokyo Bags is an ethical Japanese brand. They focus on sustainability and making vegan backpacks that never go out of style.

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Ecosusi Vegan Backpacks

If you are looking for affordable vegan leather backpacks, Ecosusi is the brand for you. The company is 100% vegan and has a great range of backpacks perfect for school and office.

Discover beautiful and functional backpacks made with quality synthetic leather. Ecosusi has classic daypacks as well as vegan laptop backpacks and convertible backpack purses.

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Expressions NYC

Expressions NYC Vegan Backpacks

Expressions NYC offers ethical versions of the accessories you would typically see on the streets of New York. The vegan brand has one of the best range of vegan backpacks.

The PETA-approved vegan company has a goal to introduce the greener and kinder world not only to customers but also to employees in production and administration.

They do not use any animal-derived materials. Instead, they invent new materials from ultra-fine fiber, cork, high-grade PU, recycled PU, and recycled bottles.

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Gunas Vegan Backpacks

Gunas was created in the USA in the city of New York in 2009. The PETA-certified vegan brand offers fantastic faux leather vegan backpacks for men and women.

The goal of Gunas is to be the voice of the animals. The company offers a large selection of different vegan backpacks as well as vegan wallets, tote bags, satchels, and more.

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Best Vegan Backpacks

Here are the best vegan backpacks for 2024. Discover high-quality and durable backpacks made from premium cruelty-free materials.

Shop vegan backpacks for school, office, gym, and travel. Or go hands-free this season and replace your handbag with a modern vegan backpack.

Best Vegan Backpack Overall

Willow Earth Glynde Vegan Backpack

Willow Earth Glynde Vegan Backpack

This vegan backpack from England is a clear winner on our list. It is beautiful, practical, comfortable, sustainable, natural, and 100% plastic-free.

The handmade rucksack is made with natural cork and cotton canvas. It has two patches for tablets and a safe zippered pocket. Under the flap hides a secure drawstring closure.

The bag is designed in East Sussex and ethically made in India. We love that the cork used in this backpack is a by-product of the bottling industry.

The unisex vegan backbag is available in indigo and rust. To further waterproof the bag, Willow Earth also sells their homemade soy wax for maintenance.

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Best Affordable Vegan Backpack

Modoker Vintage Vegan Backpack

Modoker Vintage Affordable Vegan Backpack

This vintage-inspired vegan backpack from Modoker is a bestseller on Amazon for a reason. Made with 6000D nylon canvas, the bag is super durable, lightweight, and costs only $30.

This affordable vegan backpack fits a 15.6-inch laptop. It features a USB charging port and 6 total compartments. The nylon bag is water-repellent and tear-resistant.

The Modoker bag is good for school, work as well as hiking, and traveling.

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Best Luxury Vegan Backpack

Stella Mccartney Falabella Backpack

Stella Mccartney Falabella Luxury Vegan Backpack

Looking for a vegan backpack that is also a statement piece?

This chic yet modest and sporty vegan fashion backpack is a legendary Stella Mccartney accessory. It goes best with casual clothing and it fits everything you’d put into a purse.

The black vegan backpack is made with recycled nylon, polyurethane, and polyester. It has a classic front pocket, adjustable straps, and an internal pocket with a zipper.

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Best Vegan Backpack For Women

Expressions NYC Upper West Side Backpack

Expressions NYC Upper West Side Vegan Backpack For Women

Our favorite women’s vegan backpack is timeless, minimalist, and surprisingly spacious for its elegant size.

The black vegan backpack is made with quality vegan leather and polyester lining created from recycled plastic bottles. The bag is PETA-certified vegan.

It has an elegant black and silver detailed design, one zipper pocket, one slide-in pocket, and plenty of room to fit all of your important essentials.

The Upper West Side Backpack is available in two sizes and three colorways: all black, black & olive, and black & red.

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Best Vegan Backpack For Men

Gunas New York Jared Backpack

Gunas New York Jared Vegan Backpack For Men

This dark grey vegan backpack is for men is an eyecatcher. It is made from plant-derived vegan leather called Mulbtex – a natural fiber derived from mulberry leaf pulp.

The backpack has a stylish rectangular shape and is made special by nickel-free locks and a prominent logo. The bag comes in two beautiful colorways: blue and gray.

It has adjustable shoulder straps and a lot of pockets to fit a 15’’ laptop, chargers, mobile phone, keys, wallet, and all other important belongings.

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Best Vegan Backpack For Kids

JanSport Superbreak Backpack

JanSport Superbreak Vegan Backpack For Kids

JanSport offers fun and sustainable vegan backpacks for the whole family. Our favorite is the Super Break children’s backpack that is mostly made of recycled nylon.

The vegan backpack has a simple but comfortable design and is therefore well suited for children. It has plenty of space for books, toys, and can also hold a laptop.

You can store a pencil case or other important accessories in the front pocket. The backpack has straight-cut padded shoulder straps and a padded back panel.

This bestselling vegan backpack is available in many fun and bright colorways that both children and adults can enjoy.

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Best Vegan Backpack For School

Tokyo Bags Hako One Randoseru Backpack

Tokyo Bags Hako One Randoseru Vegan Backpack For School

Created after a traditional Japanese school bag, this vegan backpack is designed for carrying heavy books and notebooks. The bag is comfortable, durable, and practical.

Made from water-resistant vegan microfiber, the vegan bag has a modest unisex design that we love. It is available in black and dark brown.

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Best Vegan Backpack For Work

Matt & Nat Brave Vegan Backpack

Matt & Nat Brave Vegan Backpack For Work

With an elegant design, this vegan leather backpack is perfect for the office. It fits a 13’’ laptop and notebooks, as well as other essentials.

The vegan backpack has comfortable adjustable straps, a front pocket, and two practical side pockets. It comes in man different nature-inspired colorways.

The fashionable unisex bag is made with durable planet-friendly vegan fabric from recycled water bottles.

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Best Vegan Backpack For Gym

JanSport Good Vibes Gear Hauler 45

JanSport Good Vibes Gear Hauler 45 Vegan Backpack For Gym

The sporty vegan backpack holds everything you need for the gym with a spacious duffel bag design. You can carry it on your shoulder or as a backpack.

It fits your sportswear, a towel, shoes (it even has a special shoe pocket), shampoos, and everything else you need to take with you.

Made from recycled polyester, the bag is lightweight, heavy-duty, and easy to clean.

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Best Vegan Backpack For Travel

Doshi Pro Sport Travel Backpack

Doshi Pro Sport Vegan Travel Backpack

Our favorite vegan travel backpack comes from Doshi. This one is designed so that everything fits comfortably and you can find all you need easily without making a mess.

This vegan backpack is made from microfiber leather and nylon. It fits a laptop and has multiple interior, exterior, and hidden pockets to organize your things safely.

We also love that the bag stands up by itself and holds its shape at all times.

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Best Vegan Backpack For Hiking

Homiee Hiking Backpack 50L

Homiee Vegan Hiking Backpack 50l

This large vegan backpack for hiking and backpacking is a bargain. It is super affordable yet comes highly recommended by many experienced hikers.

Made with strong nylon, this 50-liter hiking backpack has a lot of space. It stores everything you need for at least a 1-2 week trip or a hike.

The padding is specially designed to make your hiking more comfortable. The backpack also comes with a rain cover to make your carry-on waterproof.

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Best Vegan Laptop Backpack

Dr. Martens Vegan Cambridge Backpack

Dr. Martens Vegan Laptop Backpack

Dr. Martens is known for its bold yet timeless designs. This vegan backpack is not even made with laptops in mind but it still fits 13’’ and 15’’ laptops.

The Cambridge Brush synthetic vegan material is strong and durable and thus keeps expensive technology protected from external factors.

The vegan bag has adjustable straps, buckle fastenings, and an external pocket for the charger. It looks polished and extremely chic.

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PS if you are looking for anti-theft RFID vegan backpack for your laptop, we also love the Kenneth Cole On The Track Pack.

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Best Mini Vegan Backpack

Matt & Nat Mumbaism Small Vegan Backpack

Matt & Nat Mumbaism Vegan Mini Backpack

If you are looking for a small vegan backpack that fits all your essentials, check out this cutie from Matt & Nat.

The mini vegan backpack has a drawstring closure with a hidden tab under the flap. It also has adjustable straps and an exterior back zipper pocket.

The bag is made from durable vegan leather with linings made from 100% recycled water bottles.

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Best Slim Vegan Backpack

Canussa Urban Vegan Leather Backpack

Canussa Urban Slim Vegan Leather Backpack

Canussa Urban vegan leather backpack is super slim and modern. A true contemporary accessory for the daily commute.

The backpack has multiple internal pockets and it also fits a 14’’ laptop. The recycled vegan leather is waterproof and washable.

The bag is ethically made in Spain from Oeko-Tex certified fabrics. It is available in red, brown, black, and black & yellow.

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Best Vegan Convertible Backpack

Ecosusi Vegan Tote Backpack

Ecosusi Convertible Vegan Backpack Purse

We love vegan tote backpacks, especially this one from Ecosusi. With a smart design, this convertible vegan backpack can be worn as a backpack, shoulder bag, and handbag.

The tote backpack has one large compartment with 6 interior pockets. It also has an external zippered pocket and padded laptop compartment that fits up to a 14″ laptop.

Made with durable matte vegan leather, this backpack purse makes a versatile urban accessory. You can get it in brown, black, and wine color.

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Best Vegan Backpack Purse

Laflore Paris Bobobark Convertible Backpack Purse

LaFlore Paris Bobobark Vegan Convertible Backpack Purse

If you are looking for something elegant and functional, check out Bobobark. This vegan backpack purse has a beautiful silhouette and it can also be worn as a shoulder bag.

Our favorite part about this handmade vegan backpack is the material. It is made from organic cork leather that is incredibly light but at the same time tough and water-resistant.

The design is also very smart with a clamshell clasp that opens far and wide. The bag has a large zippered pocket, phone pocket, and a padded 15″ laptop compartment.

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Best Vegan Briefcase Backpack

Boita Vegan Leather Backpack Briefcase

Boita Vegan Briefcase Backpack

This eco-conscious vegan leather backpack has multi-purpose. Depending on the situation, it can be worn as a backpack or a briefcase.

The vegan backpack has many great features, including a secure laptop pocket, adjustable straps, magnetic handles, and protective base studs.

Made from polyurethane vegan leather, recycled bottles, and plant-based foam padding, this bag is definitely a statement.

You can get the backpack briefcase in classic black or limited edition olive color.

Best Roll Top Vegan Backpack

Johnny Urban Aaron Rolltop Backpack

Johnny Urban Rolltop Vegan Backpack

This beautiful roll-top backpack is vegan, cruelty-free, and 100% made from recycled plastic bottles. It’s perfect for everyday wear and for traveling.

We love that this vegan backpack is spacious yet comfortable to wear with no strap ends hanging around. The bad is also completely waterproof.

The smart bag fits 18 liters rolled and 22 liters unrolled. It has internal pockets, a laptop pocket, and adjustable padded straps.

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Best Drawstring Vegan Backpack

Johnny Urban Luke Drawstring Backpack

Johnny Urban Luke Vegan Drawstring Backpack

This drawstring vegan backpack is the simplest way to carry your essentials and gym stuff. The bag is modern, stylish, durable and easy to wash.

This vegan backpack is made with strong cotton canvas with vegan leather detailing. The cords of this one are super soft for extra comfort.

This perfect vegan daypack comes in multiple urban colorways.

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Best Vegan Diaper Backpack

Freshly Picked The Diaper Bag

Freshly Picked Vegan Diaper Bag

Made from premium vegan leather, this diaper bag is specially designed for new moms considering any needs that may arise.

The vegan diaper backpack has plenty of space, it’s easy to open, long-lasting, comfortable to wash, and looks stylish.

Oh, and you can wear it three ways: as a backpack, purse, or a cross-body bag. We love the color options of this one.

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FAQ About Vegan Backpacks

Are backpacks vegan?

Backpacks are vegan if they are free of animal materials (e.g leather and suede) and animal glue. Common materials used for backpacks – polyester, nylon, and cotton – are vegan.

What are vegan backpacks made of?

Vegan backpacks are made of synthetic leather, nylon, or plant-derived materials such as cotton and cork. A lot of vegan backpack materials are made from recycled plastic bottles.

What is the best vegan backpack?

The best vegan backpack is the Expressions NYC Upper West Side Backpack.

Is Fjällräven Kånken backpack vegan?

We would say no. Though Kånken uses seemingly vegan materials, the company has refused to confirm to us that the bag is vegan-friendly. This means Kånken may include animal byproducts and animal glue.

How to fix holes in vegan leather backpacks?

You can repair your vegan leather backpack using vegan glue or a thread and a needle. If a larger hole needs to be repaired, it is always possible to cover it with a patch. For best results, you should take your backpack to a professional for repair.


We hope you found your new favorite vegan backpack! As we said before, the selection of vegan backpacks is insanely wide and seems endless. However, it’s good to know that the choice is growing and ethical fashion is gaining the popularity it deserves.

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My name is Liis. I have been a vegan for a long time and I advocate for the vegan lifestyle. Through Vegan Avenue, I aim to provide quality information about vegan products and bring attention to amazing vegan companies.