Guide To Vegan CBD Skincare 2024

By Liis Hainla. Updated: January 2024.
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Vegan CBD Skincare

CBD skincare and vegan skincare often go hand in hand. Both rooted in natural skincare, many CBD skincare brands are also vegan-friendly. But not all of them.

CBD skincare can have many benefits. CBD is anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, wrinkle-reducing and anti-acne (1).

If you are looking for vegan CBD skincare, we got you. Here are all vegan CBD skincare brands from Prima Skincare to High Beauty. Enjoy vegan skincare products made with cannabidiol.

Is CBD Skincare Vegan?

CBD skincare is not always vegan. CBD aka cannabidiol itself is a vegan ingredient derived from the cannabis plant. Yet, CBD skincare can still include other animal-based ingredients.

The most common animal ingredient in CBD skincare is honey. A secretion made by bees, honey is a non-vegan ingredient often added to CBD formulas for its soothing properties.

CBD skincare can also be tested on animals which makes it not vegan. So to make extra sure your CBD skincare is vegan, prefer products with a certified vegan label.

Vegan CBD Skincare Brands

Vegan CBD Skincare Brands

These CBD skincare brands are 100% vegan:

These CBD skincare lines are also vegan:

  • The Body Shop: Official site – The Body Shop is a vegetarian brand with a fully vegan CBD skincare collection
  • Lord Jones: Sephora, Official site – Lord Jones CBD skincare is currently vegan, except for their lip balm

Best Vegan CBD Oils

Best Vegan CBD Oils

Looking for a vegan CBD oil? Here are some good-quality picks for vegan face oils made with cannabidiol.

Best Vegan CBD Moisturizers

Best Vegan CBD Moisturizers

We also like these vegan CBD face creams and vegan CBD serums. Enjoy vegan moisturizers and vegan serums featuring soothing cannabidiol.

FAQ About Vegan CBD Skincare

Is CBD skincare vegan?

CBD skincare can be both vegan and non-vegan. Derived from the cannabis plant, CBD is a vegan ingredient but CBD skincare can include other ingredients that are not vegan (e.g. honey).

Where to buy vegan CBD skincare?

Since Amazon has prohibited the sale of CBD products, your best chance of finding vegan CBD skincare is on Sephora, Ulta, and brand online stores.

Is Herbivore Emerald CBD Deep Moisture Glow Oil?

Yes. The oil is vegan as are all Herbivore products.

Is Cannuka CBD Skin Balm vegan?

No. The balm includes honey.


If your skin is dry or sensitive, you can certainly benefit from CBD skincare. We especially recommend CBD skincare from vegan skincare brands that use no animal ingredients whatsoever.

Hope you found our guide on vegan CBD skincare brands and products useful. As new CBD brands come out, we will make sure to add vegan and cruelty-free ones to this list.

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Update on May 04 (2023): Fact checked and medically reviewed by MD Shimona Garg
Update on February 19 (2023): Added a reference and main benefits

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