Vegan Heels: Find The Best Vegan Heel Brands 2024

By Liis Hainla. Updated: January 2024.
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Vegan Heels

Vegan fashion is not just earthy bohemian anymore. Vegan designers are conquering red carpets and runways with the most luxurious vegan heels. Sustainable truly is the new sexy.

We have listed the best brands for vegan heels in 2024. Explore our favorite vegan pumps, stilettos, mules, block heels, and heeled sandals for every occasion.

What Are Vegan Heels Made Of?

Vegan heels are usually made from synthetic leather such as PU leather or microfiber. Other materials include natural vegan fabrics like cotton, cork, and hemp.

Designers nowadays create vegan heels from innovative biobased materials like apple skin leather. It is also popular to use recycled materials from plastic bottles or ocean waste.

What To Look For In Vegan Heels?

The most important thing when buying vegan heels is to make sure they are comfortable.

Prefer soft and flexible vegan uppers that break in well and wear similar to leather. Good choices are PU leather and apple skin leather. If you need to wear your vegan high heels all day, they should also have a padded insole for additional support.

For sustainability, you should also avoid virgin plastic in your vegan heels. Synthetic leather is always more eco-friendly than animal leather. But you can lower your environmental footprint even more by choosing recycled or biobased vegan materials.

Best Vegan Heel Brands

Drum roll: here are our favorite brands for vegan heels in 2024. These companies are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, so do not be afraid of getting immersed in their collections.


Veerah vegan heels

Veerah from New York makes elegant vegan heels from innovative materials like apple skins, algae, and recycled plastic bottles. The shoes come in many beautiful styles and colors.

The goal of Veerah is to minimize its environmental impact through cruelty-free designs and repurposed vegan materials. The shoes are also customizable with accessories.

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Cult Of Coquette

Cult Of Coquette vegan heels

From Cult Of Coquette, you will find gorgeous vegan pumps, stilettos, sandals, vegan kitten heels, and vegan mules. The heels are made from faux leather, suede, and satin.

The company was created in 2018 in LA with a mission to bring stylish shoes to the socially conscious woman. Now you can enjoy true Louboutin-esque luxury that is 100% cruelty-free.

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Aera New York

Aera New York vegan heels

Aera boasts a collection of designer vegan heels that are made by artisans in Veneto, Italy. The heels look ravishing thanks to unique fabric choices and patchwork details.

Aera values comfort and style with high-quality materials and lightly cushioned insoles. As an ethical and eco-conscious label, Aera offsets its carbon footprint by 110%.

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Allkind vegan heels

Allkind is a new British label designing beautiful vegan heels for women. Discover vegan stilettos and block heels handmade in Spain from recycled and upcycled vegan materials.

The brand was born in 2020 with a promise of uncompromising vegan luxury and style. The company prioritizes sustainable and ethical production for its finest, non-animal footwear.

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Collection & Co

Collection & Co vegan heels

Collection & Co has artfully combined style with quality in their collection of vegan heels and mules. The brand mainly uses upcycled and eco-friendly materials.

Founded in 2016, the brand’s mission is to make trendy and eco-friendly vegan shoes. For sustainability, each style is produced in limited quantities in a small factory in Greece.

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Mesa vegan heels

If you are searching for American-made vegan heels, meet Mesa. Their beautiful vegan mules have a truly unique heel that is hand-carved from reclaimed wood.

By using local craftsmen and animal-free materials, Mesa is redefining modern luxury. The shoes are produced in Los Angeles in a small-batch, woman-owned factory.

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Marzeri Milano

Marzeri Milano vegan heels

Marzeri Milano represents Italian craftsmanship through its bespoke vegan shoes and vegan heels. The designs are classic and elegant with refined lines and crisp detailing.

With sustainability ingrained in its DNA, Marzeri uses only the most planet-friendly materials such as apple leather, eco-friendly vegan suede, and natural cork.

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Call It Spring

Call It Spring vegan heels

Call It Spring vegan heels are smart, stylish, and affordable. See their collection of the cutest vegan stilettos and vegan heeled sandals you can wear in the office or on your night out.

Part of the Canadian ALDO group, Call It Spring is known for its youthful shoe designs. As of spring 2019, all of their products are 100% vegan.

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Matt & Nat

Matt & Nat vegan heels

Matt & Nat is a contemporary vegan brand from Canada. Famous for vegan accessories, the company also has a great collection of vegan heels. We especially adore their vegan mules.

With a name derived from ’Materials & Nature’, the brand uses natural and recycled vegan materials. And their design inspiration comes from the hues and textures of nature itself.

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BC Footwear

BC Footwear vegan heels

Vegan pumps and heeled sandals from BC Footwear are casual and cool exuding that laid-back Los Angeles vibe. The shoes are comfortable and entirely animal-free.

BC Footwear believes in the power of confidence and self-expression. With PETA-certified vegan designs, the brand aims to make the world a better place one pair at a time.

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Best Vegan Heels 2024

These are the best, most stylish vegan heels for this season. These styles are all crafted with kindness from ethically made from sustainable vegan materials.

Best Vegan Stilettos

Veerah Mulan

Veerah Mulan vegan stilettos

Veerah Mulan is our all-time favorite vegan stiletto. The upper uses sustainable apple peel leather that is soft, durable, and breathable. The sky-high heel looks stunning and the asymmetrical low V-cut vamp makes your legs look longer.

The shoe is available in many beautiful colorways, with accessories and without.

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Best Vegan Pumps

Cult Of Coquette Azar

Cult Of Coquette vegan pumps

These vegan pumps from Cult Of Coquette have a stunning vegan velvet upper. We love that the shoes have a comfortable 3.5” heel but the lower cut vamp creates the illusion of a higher heel and arch. A beautiful pair for the office and a night out.

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Best Vegan Heeled Sandals

Aera Alexandra

Aera New York Alexandria vegan heeled sandals

Alexandra vegan heeled sandals are the height of eco-luxury. The minimalist slingback sandal has a luxurious python effect in metal hues. This luxurious vegan heel is artisanally made in Italy from soft PU leather. A lightly cushioned insole adds support and comfort.

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Best Vegan Block Heels

Allkind Kate

Allkind Kate vegan block heels

These bestselling patent leather block heels are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. This versatile vegan court shoe is handmade in Spain using a combination or recycled PU leather and upcycled rubber. The sustainable pair is also available in nude.

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Best Vegan Mules

Mesa Hayes

Mesa Hayes vegan mules

These vintage inspired vegan heeled mules will style up your everyo outfit. This pair is made in Los Angeles from soft vegan leather and a handcarved heel from reclaimed wood. We adore the berry colorway, the shoe also comes in cream and navy.

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FAQ About Vegan Heels

What are vegan heels?

Vegan heels are heeled shoes free from animal materials such as leather and suede. Vegan heels use natural and synthetic vegan materials along with vegan shoe glue.

Are vegan heels comfortable?

Vegan heels are comfortable if made from soft materials with a lightly padded insole. See the list of our favorite shoe designers that make high-quality vegan heels.

Where can you buy vegan heels?

There is a wide selection of vegan heels available on Amazon. Check out also the online stores of vegan brands like Veerah or Cult Of Coquette.


Vegan heels help reinvent luxury fashion where there is no room for animal suffering. Vegan leather used for heels is so soft and so luxurious without a single shred of cruelty about it.

We hope you will treat yourself to a pair of beautiful vegan heels from our list of brands. There is nothing better than doing something nice for yourself while also supporting designers that are making this world a kinder place for everyone.

As vegan luxury fashion has really taken off, we will keep adding new brands to this list every month. Stay in touch!

My name is Liis. I have been a vegan for a long time and I advocate for the vegan lifestyle. Through Vegan Avenue, I aim to provide quality information about vegan products and bring attention to amazing vegan companies.