Vegan Makeup Bags: Find the Best Vegan Makeup Bag Brands 2023

By Liis Hainla. Updated: January 2023.
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Vegan Makeup Bags

A good makeup bag needs to be tough. It should endure travel, be easy to clean and feel light enough to carry around. Plus, it should absolutely be vegan.

We have listed the best vegan makeup bags that have it all. Made from durable cruelty-free materials, these bags keep your lotions and potions safe and organized.

What Makes A Makeup Bag Vegan?

A vegan makeup bag is a toiletry case made with synthetic or plant-based materials. No animal materials or animal glues can be used in making these makeup bags.

The most common non-vegan material in makeup bags is leather. This widely used material comes from skins of calves, sheep, lambs, goats, pigs, and other animals.

Adhesives in makeup bags can also include animal-derived ingredients. Glue can include casein made from cow’s milk or isinglass made from fish bladders.

Instead of leather, vegan makeup bags use synthetic leather or bio leather made of apple skins, mangos, pineapples, corn, and other kinds of biowaste.

Organic cotton, cork, hemp, recycled polyester, and recycled nylon are also great eco-friendly materials for vegan makeup bags.

As for adhesives, vegan brands use synthetic glue that is much more effective and durable than old-fashioned animal-based glue.

What To Look For In A Vegan Makeup Bag?

What To Look For In Vegan Makeup Bags

When buying a vegan makeup bag, first decide on its purpose.

Are you looking for a large vegan makeup case to keep all your makeup organized? Or are you looking for a compact vegan makeup bag to fit your essentials?

Like with all makeup bags, there are so many different kinds of vegan makeup bags from large train cases to travel-friendly cosmetics bags.

If you care about sustainability, prefer vegan makeup bags made from recycled and natural materials.

Good eco-freidnly materials for vegan makeup bags are:

Best Vegan Makeup Bag Brands

These companies offer the best selection of vegan makeup bags and toiletry cases. 


Luxtra Vegan Makeup Bags

Luxtra is a London-based vegan fashion brand that makes bags out of pineapples, apples, mangos, cactus, and corn. Luxtra also uses a lot of organic cotton.

From their collection, you will find beautiful bright vegan cosmetic bags or everyday pouches as Luxtra likes to call them.

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Matt & Nat

Matt & Nat Vegan Makeup Bags

From Matt & Nat, you will find vegan leather makeup bags, toiletry cases and vanity bags. Their designs are high-quality and minimalist.

The Canadian accessory brand is entirely vegan and cruelty-free. All of the interior linings of the makeup bags are made from recycled water bottles.

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Fenella Smith

Fenella Smith Vegan Makeup Bags

Another Londoner, Fenella Smith offers bright-coloured vegan leather makeup bags and vegan wash bags. The bags look stylish and are affordably priced.

From vegan leather makeup bags and wash bags to clear vegan makeup bags, and vegan makeup bags with mirror – you will surely find your perfect match at Fennella.

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Stephanie Johnson

Stephanie Johnson Vegan Makeup Bags

Stephanie Johnson has the bestselling selection of vegan makeup bags and vegan makeup cases on Nordstrom. The bags are made with durable synthetic materials.

The cosmetic cases are designed for the modern traveller. You will also find larger briefcase vegan makeup organizers to fit all your things in.

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Wearth London

Wearth London Vegan Makeup Bags

Wearth London is a sustainable online store with a beautiful collection of eco-friendly vegan makeup bags and vegan wash bags.

The vegan toiletry bags are all ethically made from natural materials. Most of them are also handmade in the UK.

Shop cruelty-free natural linen, cotton, and even Kraft paper makeup bags. All the ethical bags have also eco-friendly packaging.

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Best Vegan Makeup Bags

Here are our favorite vegan makeup bags for 2023. Shop beautiful bags to organize your beautiful vegan makeup. 

Luxtra Ava Apple Leather Cosmetics Case

Luxtra Ava Apple Leather Vegan Cosmetics Case

Our favorite vegan makeup bag is made from bio-based apple leather. The sleek bag holds your most essential makeup and is the perfect on-the-go accessory.

It has a subtle Luxtra logo on the front and elegant silver-tone hardware. The vegan toiletry bag comes also in forest green and metallic Piñatex.

The makeup bag is ethically made in Italy. It is named in the honour of the talented filmmaker Ava DuVernay.

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Watson & Wolfe Vegan Leather Washbag

Watson & Wolfe Vegan Leather Washbag

The high-end vegan cosmetic bag has a luxurious feeling. It is made of high-quality vegan leather which is very similar to real leather.

The elegant cosmetic bag has one middle and main compartment, one inner zipped pocket, and two smaller open pockets.

The premium makeup bag comes in black and brown – both vegan and cruelty-free.

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Matt & Nat Abbi Mini Vegan Cosmetic Bag

Matt & Nat Abbi Mini Vegan Cosmetic Bag

If you are looking for a classic vegan leather makeup bag, then Matt & Nat has designed the perfect one for you.

This everyday zippered bag has a classic shape that hold the most important makeup products that you want to carry with you.

The vegan cosmetic bag is made of recycled materials. It fits nicely in the handbag and there are 3 different earthy colors to choose from.

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Fenella Smith Hummingbird Makeup Bag

Fenella Smith Hummingbird Makeup Bag

Fenella Smith’s patterned vegan leather makeup bags look amazing – especially the Humminbird. It stores all your important toiletries and fits well in your handbag.

If you like the bag but need more space, it’s your lucky day. This vegan makeup bag is also available as a larger vegan wash bag.

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LinaLucca Vegan Cork Makeup Bag

LinaLucca Vegan Cork Makeup Bag

Looking for an eco-friendly vegan makeup bag? This tiny cosmetic pouch is made of ecological, recyclable, and long-lasting natural cork.

The whole bag is made only of cork, the only thing different is the zipper. Cork also makes the bag very lightweight and it fits well in the handbag.

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Crunchi Luxury Vegan Makeup Bags

Crunchi Luxury Vegan Makeup Bags

Vegan cosmetics brand Crunchi has made the perfect vegan makeup bag to carry with you. In fact, is is a set of two makeup bags in different sizes.

This award-finning luxury vegan makeup bag features textured Saffiano faux leather. It is flexible, durable, water-resistant, and scratch-resistant.

Pick your size or get the both – we love the high-end look and feel of both of them.

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Dagne Dover Hunter Toiletry Bag

Dagne Dover Hunter Toiletry Bag

Though named Hunter, this toiletry bag is vegan and made from recycled plastic bottles and premium neoprene. The unisex bag is suitable for both men and women.

With a compact design and multiple clever compartments, this vegan makeup bag is perfect for travelling. It is also water-resistant, easy to clean, and insulating.

The vegan bag has a side pocket and removable zippered compartment that can hold all your essentials. The cushioned neoprene keeps everything safe.

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Stephanie Johnson Miami Palm Makeup Bag

Stephania Johnsson Miami Palm Jumbo Makeup Bag

If you are looking for a transparent vegan makeup bag, we recommend Miami Palm. It looks beautiful and is spacious enough for longer travels.

This clear vegan makeup bag has a top carry handle and a two-way zip-around closure. With this bag, your makeup is easily accessible wherever you are.

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Zoocoming Tree Corduroy Makeup Bag

Zoocoming Tree Corduroy Makeup Bag

This corduroy vegan makeup bags is one of our favorite ones on Etsy. Made from a thick cotton fabric, the bag is super soft and keeps your cosmetics safe.

This handmade vegan makeup bag is very spacious with a large compartment and smaller pockets on the wall to fit your lipsticks and other smaller items.

We love the pink colorway but you can also get it in apple green and beige.

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Hourglass Vegan Leather Makeup Clutch

Hourglass Vegan Leather Makeup Clutch

The gorgeous vegan leather makeup bag holds the most important cosmetics. The slim bag fits perfectly in your handbag and it can also be worn as a clutch.

This small vegan makeup bag is durable and waterproof. With every purchase of this makeup clutch, Hourglass supports the Nonhuman Right Project.

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Ethnotek Coyopa Vegan Zip Kit

Ethnotek Coyopa Vegan Zip Kit

Ethnotek is a socially responsible venture that turns handmade artisan textiles into travel accessories – such as this unique vegan toiletry bag.

Coyopa Zip Kit makes the perfect vegan makeup bag for travelling. It organizes all your things with multiple internal pockets and compartments.

The bag has a top handle made from nylon seatbelt webbing. It also comes with a tuck-away snap-hook strap, so you can clip the bag onto other things.

Pick your favorite fabric style from artisans of Ghana to Vietnam and Guatemala – we love them all. The bags are slowly produced without harmful chemicals.

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Coussins Elegance Brooklyn Makeup Bag

Coussins Elegance Canvas Makeup Bag

Another beautiful vegan makeup bag on Etsy – this simple and natural canvas makeup bag with a rustic farmhouse vibe.

The Brooklyn bag combines natural cotton canvas lining with Olefin – a durable upholstery type fabric. The back of the bag is made with soft beige linen.

This makeup bag fits all your everyday items. It is 100% vegan and cruelty-free with a small faux leather ribbon attached to the zipper.

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Best Vegan Makeup Organizers

Need a larger case that can organizes all your makeup? Check out these vegan makeup organizers and vegan train cases.

Best Affordable Vegan Makeup Bags

If you are looking for an affordable vegan makeup bags, here are our top picks. Discover cruelty-free vegan cosmetic cases for well under 20 dollars.

FAQ About Vegan Makeup Bags

Are makeup bags vegan?

Not all makeup bags are vegan. Some use leather and suede from animals as well as non-vegan glue.

What are vegan makeup bags made of?

A vegan makeup bag is made of synthetic or plant-based materials such as faux leather, microfiber, polyester cotton, hemp, or cork.

Are vegan makeup bags any good?

Yes. Vegan makeup bags are good as leather ones. In all likelihood, vegan brands are more environmentally conscious and make better decisions for animals, people, and the environment.

Where to buy vegan makeup bags?

We like shopping vegan makeup bags online, specifically on Amazon, Sephora, Etsy, and Immaculate Vegan.

Are Miomojo makeup bags vegan?

All Miomojo bags are vegan and cruelty-free. Note that Miomojo does not sell their makeup bags online, only through European retailers.

What is the best vegan makeup bag?

The best vegan makeup bag is Luxtra Apple Leather Vegan Wash Bag. The eco-friendly bag is made from apple leather, it looks sleep, and fits all your essentials.

What is the best vegan makeup organizer?

The best vegan makeup organizer is the Relavel Travel Makeup Train Case.

What is the best vegan makeup bag for travel?

For travelling, we recommend the Beauty On The Fly Reusable Bag from Sephora Collection.


Today, any style of makeup bag you could imagine has a vegan and ethical version. Be it a large makeup organizer or a compact travel case.

We love the sustainable vegan makeup bags from Luxtra, Watson & Wolfe, and Miomojo. Sephora is also offering many vegan makeup bags at affordable prices.

We hope you continue to support sustainable and eco-conscious businesses even when buying such small but necessary items.

As we find new vegan makeup bag brands, we’ll add them to this list.

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My name is Liis. I have been a vegan for a long time and I advocate for the vegan lifestyle. Through Vegan Avenue, I aim to provide quality information about vegan products and bring attention to amazing vegan companies.