List Of 100% Vegan Makeup Brands

By Liis Hainla. Updated: January 2022.
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List of Vegan Makeup Brands

In 2022, many makeup brands have parted ways with animal testing. But it can be still difficult to find makeup brands that are fully vegan.

We have gathered a list of 100% vegan makeup brands. You will find no animal ingredients in their cosmetics. And as vegan makeup brands, these companies are also cruelty-free.

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What Makes A Makeup Brand Vegan?

A vegan makeup brand does not use any animal products or byproducts in its makeup. A vegan makeup brand does not also test its products or ingredients on animals.

Some typical ingredients that make a makeup brand NOT vegan are carmine, guanine, lanolin, animal glycerin, and beeswax.

  • Carmine – red pigment derived from crushed insects, used in lipsticks and blushes
  • Guanine – a shine agent from fish scales used in in eyeshadows highlighters, lip glosses
  • Glycerin – an animal-fat emollient used in foundations and other creamy makeup
  • Beeswax – a waxy substance from bumblebees, used in thick and creamy makeup
  • Lanolin – a shiny moisturizing substance from sheep’s glands, commonly used in lip gloss

In vegan makeup, pigments are derived from plants and vegetables, and shine is derived from natural minerals. For moisturizing and shine, vegan makeup uses high-quality plant oils.

What To Look For In Vegan Makeup Brands?

When looking for vegan makeup rands, first make sure that the brand is truly vegan. Not every brand can afford official vegan certifications but every vegan makeup brand states their vegan and cruelty-free values on their website.

To find great vegan makeup companies, opt for more natural and organic ones. The best kind of pigments, minerals, and emollients come from nature, so there is no need to create makeup out of heavy synthetic ingredients and chemical additives.

Popular Vegan Makeup Brands

These makeup brands are entirely vegan and cruelty-free. We have listed vegan makeup companies in every price range and for every taste.

KVD Vegan Beauty

KVD Vegan Beauty is a cult-favorite vegan makeup brand created by the iconic Kat Von D. The brand values bold pigments and good coverage for that edgy rock-n-roll look.

Milk Makeup

Based in New York, Milk Makeup makes cruelty-free vegan makeup from natural ingredients. The brand is especially loved for its creamy vegan blush and foundation sticks.


If you are looking for an affordable vegan makeup brand, go for E.l.f. They have a wide selection of eye, face, and lip makeup – all 100% vegan and animal-free.

Pacifica Beauty

Pacifica is an American vegan beauty brand established as early as 1997. In addition to vegan makeup, Pacific also offers vegan skincare and haircare products.

Cover FX

From Cover FX, you will find good-quality vegan makeup, especially vegan foundations and vegan primers for every skin tone. The vegan company is based in New York.

Rare Beauty

Rare Beauty is a 100% vegan cosmetics brand founded by singer-songwriter Selena Gomez. The company is praised for its breathable and airy makeup formulas.

Merit Beauty

Merit is a certified vegan makeup brand from Los Angeles, California. The brand values minimalist beauty with a selection of carefully-selected clean essentials.

List Of All 100% Vegan Makeup Brands

100% Vegan Makeup Brands List

These makeup brands are all 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Their makeup contains no animal ingredients and is never tested on animals.

BrandBased inShop
About-FaceUSAOfficial site
Adorn CosmeticsAustraliaOfficial site
AestheticaUKAmazon, Official site
All Earth MineralsNew ZealandOfficial site
Arches And HalowUKAmazon, Official site
Δ€thr BeautyUSASephora, Amazon, Official site
Atomic MakeupUSAOfficial site
Au NaturaleUSAAmazon, Official site
AxiologyUSAOfficial site
B. CosmeticsUKOfficial site
Barefaced BeautyUKOfficial site
Barry MUKAmazon, Official site
Beauty Without CrueltyUKOfficial site
Bite BeautyCanadaSephora, Amazon, Official site
Black Moon CosmeticsUSAOfficial site
Cle CosmeticsUSAAmazon, Official site
Clean Faced CosmeticsUSAAmazon, Etsy
Clover By Clove + HallowUSAAmazon, Official site
Concrete MineralsUSAAmazon, Official site
Cover FXUSAAmazon, Official site
Dear DahliaKoreaAmazon, Official site
Delilah CosmeticsUKAmazon, Official site
E.l.f.USAAmazon, Official site
Eco MineralsAustraliaOfficial site
Elate CosmeticsCanadaOfficial site
Emani CosmeticsUSAAmazon, Official site
Everyday MineralsUSAAmazon, Official site
FarsaliCanadaAmazon, Official site
Freck BeautyCanadaOfficial site
Haus LabsUSAAmazon, Official site
Hiro CosmeticsGermanyOfficial site
Honeypie MineralsUKEtsy, Official site
Inika OrganicAustraliaAmazon, Official site
Jecca BlacUKAmazon, Official site
Johnny ConcertUSAOfficial site
KVD Vegan BeautyUSASephora, Amazon, Official site
Kylie CosmeticsUSAAmazon, Official site
Laws Of NatureUSAOfficial site
Lime CrimeUSAAmazon, Official site
Lit CosmeticsUSAAmazon, Official site
Love The PlanetUKOfficial site
Lunatick Cosmetic LabsUSAOfficial site
Lys BeautyUSAOfficial site
Mecca MaxAustraliaOfficial site
Medusa’s MakeupUSAOfficial site
Mented CosmeticsUSAAmazon, Official site
Merit BeautyUSASephora, Official site
MG NaturalsAustraliaOfficial site
Milk MakeupUSASephora, Amazon, Official site
Mob BeautyUSAOfficial site
MUA Makeup AcademyUKOfficial site
Ofra CosmeticsUSAAmazon, Official site
One/Size By Patrick StarrrUSASephora, Official site
Pacifica BeautyUSAAmazon, Official site
PHB Ethical BeautyUKOfficial site
POPBeautyUSAOfficial site
Prime Beauty CosmeticsUSAOfficial site
Principle BeautyUSAOfficial site
Range BeautyUSAOfficial site
Rare BeautyUSASephora, Amazon, Official site
Red Apple LipstickUSAOfficial site
REM BeautyUSAOfficial site
River OrganicsUSAOfficial site
RΓ“ENDubaiAmazon, Official site
Root PrettyUSAOfficial site
Sappho New ParadigmCanadaOfficial site
Seraphine BotanicalsUSAAmazon, Official site
Shared Planet BeautyUSAOfficial site
Slayfire CosmeticsUSAOfficial site
Sweat CosmeticsUSAAmazon, Official site
Sweet LeilaniCanadaAmazon, Official site
The Lip BarUSAAmazon, Official site
The OrdinaryCanadaSephora, Official site
The Organic Skin CoNew ZealandOfficial site
Thrive CausmeticsUSAOfficial site
Tower 28USASephora, Official site
Veil CosmeticsUSAOfficial site
Vesca BeautyUSAOfficial site
Zao Organic MakeupFranceOfficial site
Zuzu Luxe By GabrielUSAAmazon, Official site

FAQ About Vegan Makeup Brands

What makes a makeup brand vegan?

A makeup brand is considered vegan if it does not use any animal ingredients and does not test its products or ingredients on animals.

Are cruelty-free makeup brands also vegan?

Not necessarily. Cruelty-free means that the company does not use animal testing but the products can still include animal-derived ingredients. Vegan makeup brands do not test on animals and are also free of animal ingredients.

Where to find vegan makeup brands?

You can find the best selection of vegan makeup brands online. Some vegan makeup brands can also be found in drugstores such as E.l.f., Pacifica Beauty, and Kylie Cosmetics

What is the best vegan makeup brand?

The best vegan makeup brand is KVD Vegan Beauty. The makeup is long-wearing and high-quality, plus they have a wide range of beautiful shades and pigments.

IS KVD Beauty vegan?

Yes. KVD Beauty is vegan.

Is Milk Makeup vegan?

Yes. Milk Makeup is 100% vegan.

Is Tarte vegan?

Tarte is cruelty-free but not fully vegan.


Shopping for vegan makeup is fun if the brand is entirely vegan.

It feels good to get lost in the selection of 100% vegan makeup brands list knowing there are no cruel animal ingredients in any of their products.

Hope you found your new favorite vegan makeup brand from our comprehensive list. We love vegan makeup from KVD Vegan Beauty, Milk Makeup, E.l.f., and other fully vegan brands.

As we find new vegan makeup companies, we will add them to this very list.

My name is Liis. I have been a vegan for a long time and I advocate for the vegan lifestyle. Through Vegan Avenue, I aim to provide quality information about vegan products and bring attention to amazing vegan companies.