Vegan Shoes By Alfredo Piferi Make Way To US Stores

By Divya Kashyap. Updated: April 2022.
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Two years after launching his luxury vegan shoe collection, Alfredo Piferi is ready to expand to US stores.

Luxury vegan shoe designer Alfredo Piferi is set to expand to stores in the US after launching his brand in early 2020, in the midst of a pandemic. 

Piferi as a luxury brand is best known for shoes made exclusively out of vegan materials. In the past, Alfredo has designed for Jimmy Choo and worked with Burberry and Versace, three major luxury fashion brands. He also took home the Launch of the Year award at the FN Achievement Awards.

According to Alfredo, his non-animal derived materials outperform leather by not stretching or creasing quite as easily. His shoes also feature an ultrathin rubber sole as opposed to a leather sole for a more comfortable, firm grip and longer durability. 

Alfredo Piferi’s Debut Launch 

Piferi’s debut launch took place in the fashion capital of Milan, Italy in 2020 with astounding success despite global circumstances at the time. 

In a statement, Alfredo said, “I started Piferi with the idea of creating a product with a purpose. It’s not just about shoes, but more about what they stand for”.

 “All my shoes are leather-free, and for me, this is a challenge. I think it’s really what the future holds for us”, he adds. Surely, Piferi is on the right track as luxury fashion brands in Italy are now making ethical choices like going fur-free

Piferi In US Stores

Piferi’s luxury vegan shoes are now available in the US at Neiman Marcus’ retail and online stores, as well as on Bergdorf Goodman’s website

According to the designer, Atlanta is among its top-performing markets. Piferi has its eyes on Miami as the next site for his Neiman Marcus expansion.

Vegan Shoes By Alfredo Piferi Make Way To US Stores
Luxury vegan shoes by Italian designer Alfredo Piferi

Behind The Design

Piferi’s premium sandals, boots, and stilettos are crafted using upcycled or bio-based materials such as recycled synthetics, recycled polyester, and recycled Lurex. The brand sources faux suede from reclaimed plastic bottles and their shoe linings are made from corn oil. 

One can instantly recognize a pair of Piferi with the brand’s notable “Dali” heel design, which features a sleek, curved heel that resembles the stem of a flower, and is used throughout the brand’s collections. 

The luxury party footwear is priced anywhere between $675 and $850 with its aesthetic appeal playing a huge part in its commercial success.

“For vegan products, a lot of people don’t trust the quality, so you have to go see why it’s a luxury price point,” he stated. “It’s a product you buy after you see it”, says Alfredo. 

Piferi’s New Fall Collection

The brand’s Fall collection is inspired by Paris Fashion Week 2021 and showcases updated brand signatures. 

Their detachable soquette, which is hand-woven and crafted in raffia, is now lighter, sexier, and transparent. In addition, the new comma heel is straight and sharp with a wide-base heel tip for a more universal appeal. 

“Alfredo Piferi’s collection is one to watch because of his modern take on sustainability,” said Kathryn Clark, buyer at Bergdorf Goodman. “His fall collection introduced bright pop colorways to the 100% vegan offering, which we anticipate will only broaden the appeal of his sculptural silhouettes.”

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