The Best Vegan Skincare Brands And Products At Soko Glam

By Anett Rannamets. Updated: November 2022.
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Soko Glam is dedicated to providing the best Korean skincare. Its selection on the website includes a long list of community-recommended products. And of course, it has vegan options.

Although the Korean skincare industry is known for using things like snail mucin in its products, Soko Glam also provides totally vegan skincare. And surprisingly, you can find quite a few 100% vegan skincare brands from Korea. Now let’s find out who they are.

Vegan Skincare At Soko Glam

Soko Glam is an American online store for skincare whose niche is Korean products. Soko Glam carries a lot of non-vegan skincare. However, they do have a separate vegan page. Unfortunately, it is not completely accurate.

Korean skincare has become a real trend in recent years. Precisely because Koreans have always been known for their smooth and clear skin. Their skincare includes slightly different active ingredients and many of the recipes base on old traditions.

Years ago, Korean skincare was difficult to find in the Western market. Today, times have changed. Even Soko Glam was created just to focus on providing Korean skincare and making it more accessible.

Unfortunately, Korean skincare often contains animal ingredients. The most popular of them are snail mucin, collagen, and honey. Luckily, however, some Korean skincare brands are also 100% vegan and do not use animal-derived components at all.

Soko Glam also has a separate vegan subpage. Unfortunately, this is not entirely accurate. Like Sephora, Amazon, Dermstore, and Ulta, Soko Glam has gotten the vegan definition wrong.

Quoting Soko Glam: “Contrary to popular belief, vegan is not synonymous with cruelty-free. Cruelty-free implies that a product was not tested on animals at any given stage of product development. Whereas vegan eliminates all animal or animal-derived ingredients…”

Yes. Soko Glam is right when they say that vegan does not equal cruelty-free. Cruelty-free refers only to animal testing and does not concern the composition of the products. However, the term cruelty-free fits under the definition of vegan.

This means that skincare is vegan when:
a) neither its ingredients nor the product itself has been tested on animals – aka it is cruelty-free;
b) the product does not contain any animal-derived components.

Unfortunately, many skincare providers still get it wrong. A lot of them believe that the term vegan refers only to the composition of the product. But in fact, a product is vegan when it is in no way related to the exploitation of animals.

How To Find Vegan Skincare Brands At Soko Glam?

Soko Glam has a separate page for vegan products, which, unfortunately, is not reliable. This means that you can find products that are not cruelty-free. So, finding vegan skincare at Soko Glam requires a little background research.

Unfortunately, Soko Glam does not offer a cruelty-free filter, so it is not possible to do a separate screening for the Soko Glam ‘vegan’ page. Brands that you can find under there that do NOT categorize as vegan are:

  • Acwell
  • Banila Co
  • Etude House
  • Leaders
  • Make P:rem
  • Mamonde
  • Missha
  • Necessaire
  • Round Lab
  • Skinfood
  • Some By Mi
  • Troiareuke

To sell skincare products in China, it is required to test on animals. Therefore, many potential cruelty-free brands cannot be categorized as vegan. 

If a brand sells its products in China, it will immediately drop from the list of vegan brands. And yes, even if the brand does not use any animal components. That is why Soko Glam’s ‘vegan’ page shows quite a few brands that are not actually vegan.

Soko Glam has also created a separate sticker with a green heart for products that indicates their ‘vegan status’. As Soko Glam has misunderstood the vegan definition, the sticker cannot be fully trusted either.

In addition, you can find a cruelty-free page at Soko Glam. And since it is possible to use a ‘free from animal products’ button from the preferences menu on the left, it actually filters out 100% vegan products. See the video below.

However, when you do that, relatively few vegan items appear. This makes us believe that the filter leaves out some of the vegan products. So we recommend simply familiarizing yourself with Soko Glam vegan brands. Or do background research on the products you like.

Vegan Skincare Brands At Soko Glam

Most of the products at Soko Glam are still from non-vegan manufacturers. Luckily, you can find some high-quality Korean and 100% vegan skincare from there as well. And we have researched all the vegan brands from Soko Glam so you do not have to.

The Best 3 Vegan Skincare Brands At Soko Glam

If you want to start with a specific brand, you can choose between these three. Although they are vegan brands, they still carry the secrets of Korean skincare within themselves. So they are effective and trustworthy.


Klairs, also known as Dear Klairs, is a vegan skincare company focused on creating and providing dermatological products. Therefore, Klairs products are safe for every skin type, they are clean and effective.

This vegan brand stands out because it has not always been vegan. In the past, some Klairs products contained, for example, beeswax and snail mucin. However, today, Klairs has made efforts to wear the vegan title with pride.

Re:p Beauty

Re:p stands for real elemental practice and it is committed to using natural and herbal ingredients. Among them are herbs such as lavender, melissa, and chamomile.

Of course, this skincare brand is one of the best because it naturally does not use non-vegan ingredients or test on animals. But in addition, Re:p Beauty has also created a list of dangerous chemicals they strictly avoid.


Olivarrier Soko Glam Vegan Brands

In Olivarrier, the word combination of ‘the skin’s protective barrier’ is very important. Based on this, Olivarrier creates skincare to nourish the skin and strengthen its protective capacity.

This vegan brand is fantastic because it was created with sensitive skin in mind. Olivarrier offers hypoallergenic and fragrance-free skincare from organically grown materials. Plus, all products are dermatologically tested.

The Best Vegan Skincare Products At Soko Glam

If you want the choice to be even easier, we have created a list of our favorite Korean products offered by Soko Glam. Behind each product, we have also clarified whether it comes from a 100% vegan brand or not.

The Best Vegan Moisturizers At Soko Glam

KLAIRS Rich Moist Soothing Cream –  VEGAN BRAND
THEN I MET YOU Renewing Rich Beauty Cream™ – the brand is not 100% vegan

The Best Vegan Cleansers At Soko Glam

HANSKIN Pore Cleansing Oil –  the brand is not 100% vega
NEOGEN Green Tea Cleansing Stick – the brand is not 100% vegan

The Best Vegan Eye Creams At Soko Glam

BENTON Fermentation Eye Cream –  VEGAN BRAND
KLAIRS Fundamental Nourishing Eye Butter –  VEGAN BRAND

The Best Vegan Face Oils At Soko Glam

BENTON Let’s Carrot Multi Oil — VEGAN BRAND
ROVECTIN Skin Essentials Barrier Repair Face Oil –  VEGAN BRAND

The Best Vegan Serums At Soko Glam

KLAIRS Freshly Juiced Vitamin C Drop  –  VEGAN BRAND
THE PLANT BASE Balanced Hyaluronic Acid 100 – VEGAN BRAND

The Best Vegan Toners At Soko Glam

RE:P Organic Cotton Treatment Toning Pad — VEGAN BRAND
KLAIRS Supple Preparation Facial Toner – VEGAN BRAND

The Best Vegan Sunscreens At Soko Glam

THANK YOU FARMER Water Sun Cream – the brand is not 100% vegan

The Best Vegan Exfoliators At Soko Glam

KLAIRS Youthful Glow Sugar Mask –  VEGAN BRAND

FAQ About Vegan Brands At Soko Glam

What vegan brands are at Soko Glam?

Soko Glam carries a variety of Korean vegan skincare brands. Among them are AcroPass, Chasin’ Rabbits, Good Light, Klairs, Manyo Factory, Nacific, Olivarrier, Re:p, Rovectin, and The Plant Base.

Is Soko Glam vegan?

No. Soko Glam is not entirely vegan. However, you can find a variety of vegan brands and products.


Soko Glam is a good online store to buy vegan Korean skincare. However, it is quite difficult to find 100% vegan products at first, because the vegan subpage also includes some brands that test on animals.

Therefore, it is beneficial to familiarize yourself with the Korean vegan skincare brands they carry. Among them are AcroPass, Chasin’ Rabbits, Good Light, Klairs, Manyo Factory, Nacific, Olivarrier, Re:p, Rovectin, and The Plant Base.

If you’re looking for Korean skincare products, check out our guide to Korean vegan skincare brands. Plus, find out the typical non-vegan ingredients to know what to avoid.

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