Vegan Swimwear: Find The Best Vegan Swimwear Brands 2024

By Liis Hainla. Updated: January 2024.
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Vegan Swimwear

Bikinis or swimsuits – everything is in vogue as long as you feel confident. What matters more in 2024 is whether your swimwear is ethically made, eco-friendly, and vegan.

Here are the best brands for vegan swimwear in 2024. From Daughters Of Summer to Londre, these swimwear brands make beach days fun for you and the environment.

What Makes Swimwear Vegan?

What Makes Swimwear Vegan

Swimwear is usually made with vegan synthetic fibers. Organic animal fibers like silk, wool, and leather are virtually never used in swimwear.

The only thing that can make swimwear not vegan is the dye. The textile industry often uses red, violet, purple, dark brown, or black pigments that are derived from animals.

  • Red carmine: from crushed female cochineal and lice
  • Lac (red and violet lac extracts): from lac insects
  • Tyrian purple: from the mucus of a murex snail
  • Cephalopod ink: a dark ink released by octopus or cuttlefish

Instead of animal-derived dyes, vegan brands use chemically made pigments or plant-based colorings.

What To Look For In Vegan Swimwear?

Vegan swimwear does not mean it is automatically sustainable. When shopping for vegan swimwear, go for the most ethical and ocean-friendly brands that you can find.

Swimwear made with virgin polyester and nylon burdens our planet with plastic waste. Instead, prefer swimwear that uses upcycled and recycled polyester and plastic bottles.

A great material choice in vegan swimwear is Econyl. It is as durable as the original nylon and made from fabric waste such as discarded carpets and fishing nets found in the sea.

And why stop at materials? Carbon neutral, fair trade, fair pay, slow fashion, and Oeko-Tex standard 100 are additional keywords that stand by ethical vegan swimwear.

Best Vegan Swimwear Brands 2024

Let’s dive into the world of sustainable beach fashion with our favorite vegan swimwear brands.

From classic vegan bikini to skirted bikini bottoms, swimming shorts, or retro swimsuits – these sustainable brands offer all types of vegan swimwear.

Daughters of Summer

Daughters of Summer Vegan Swimwear

Daughters of Summer is our favorite vegan swimwear brand. They make the most responsible decisions in terms of sustainability and ethics – from swimwear design to shipping.

Their cruelty-free swimwear is made of regenerated nylon Econyl, elastane, and recycled polyester. The hygienic liners are fully compostable and packaged in recycled Kraft paper.

The beautiful selection includes vegan bikini tops, bikini bottoms, and one-pieces for women. All of their products are cut and sewn in the USA. They also ship carbon neutrally.

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Ozero Swimwear

Ozero Vegan Swimwear

Ozero is an ethical vegan swimwear brand created by the Russian model Elena Cheurina. The brand has been featured in many prestigious magazines such as Vogue and Bazaar.

Sustainable swimwear and beachwear from Ozero use Econyl aka recycled nylon. Designed with a simple cut, the swimwear is comfortable, durable, and designed for long-term use.

Ozero has a simple selection of vegan bikinis and vegan swimsuits for women. The swimwear is designed in Kuala Lumpur and made in Bali, Indonesia.

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September Vegan Swimwear

September was created to offer women elegant and sustainable vegan swimwear and vegan surfwear. The swimwear is made thoughtfully in small patches to avoid mass production.

September uses sustainable and luxurious Italian Econyl. The simple designs with a vintage feel are born in New York City. The clothes are ethically made in Bali, Indonesia.

This female-owned vegan swimwear brand stands for fair pay and pays local workers 3 times higher salaries than the national minimum wage.

September has a variety of eco-friendly vegan bikini tops and bottoms as well as swimsuits. They also feature long-sleeved tops that protect against sunburn and are great for surfing.

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Syvênde Vegan Swimwear

Syvênde is a sustainable vegan swimwear brand from Sweden. The brand aims to create a greener fashion industry with one beautiful swimsuit at a time.

In support of sustainability, the slow fashion brand uses premium Italian Econyl. The swimwear comes in a reusable toiletry bag that can be used when traveling.

Syvênde’s swimwear selection includes simple and timeless Nordic designs as well as bolder and brighter collections that are bound to impress.

Discover vegan bikini tops, vegan high-rise bottoms, plus-size vegan swimsuits as well as caftans and beach bags.

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Sūndar Swim

Sūndar Vegan Swimwear

Ethical, responsible, and simple – these are the words to characterize Sūndar Swim. This brand creates sustainable vegan swimwear procured from ocean waste and landfills.

Sūndar is very transparent and speaks honestly about its production and employees in Bali, Indonesia. They stand for fair pay and a smaller footprint in production and shipping.

Sūndar stands for ‘beautiful and graceful’ in Hindi. Their designs of vegan bikinis and vegan swimsuits are also very modest and elegant.

What makes Sūndar special is its vegan reversible pieces. You can turn your swimsuit around at any time to wear the color according to your mood.

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Dedicated Vegan Swimwear

Vegan clothing brand Dedicated knows that the fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world. With that in mind, the Swedish brand is moving towards a conscious future.

Their vegan swimwear for men and women is made with recycled polyester from plastic bottles and printed with eco-friendly water-based inks. The brand is PETA-certified vegan.

Dedicated uses no toxic pesticides and fertilizers. Every single fabric is certified and fair trade. Every design is unique and carefully thought out.

Their selection of vegan swimwear includes bikinis, swimsuits, and surf suits for women as well as men’s vegan swimming trunks, swim shorts, and vegan swimmers.

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Do Good Swimwear

Do Good Vegan Swimwear

This female-owned vegan swimwear brand offers affordable and eco-conscious beach fashion. Everything is produced in small quantities in the USA.

Their eco-friendly vegan swimwear is made using ethically produced recycled materials such as plastic bottles, used nylon, and fishing nets.

Classic and timeless pieces are designed to be worn at any time for a long time. From the production leftover materials, Do Good makes hairbands or other accessories.

We can highly recommend their ethical vegan swimsuits and vegan bikinis for women. You can also find plus-size vegan swimsuits as well as vegan beach shorts for working out.

As an incredibly ethical venture, Do Good also donates to environmental charities such as Coral Gardeners, Oceana, and Trees For the Future.

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Londre Vegan Swimwear

From Londre, you will find luxury vegan bodywear and swimwear with low environmental impact. The Mexican company is as stylish as it is ethical.

All water used in Londre’s production is reusable. Their materials are made of discarded plastic bottles and the textiles are OEKO Tex 100 certified.

Their collections include beautiful timeless vegan swimwear with a retro feel. Londre also offers plus-size vegan swimming costumes as well as ethically-made robes and dresses.

Women’s health issues and environmental initiatives are close to Londre’s heart. Thus, the brand donates to organizations such as Amazon Watch and the Yellow Hammer Fund.

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Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective Vegan Swimwear

Girlfriend Collective has won our hearts with transparency and size inclusivity.

This vegan activewear brand has a good selection of vegan swimsuits suitable for women of all sizes. You will also find classic bikinis with low-rise and high-rise bottoms.

The brand uses a wide range of recycled and renewable fibers to keep our oceans clean. The vegan swimwear uses primarily recycled polyester and recycled nylon.

Girlfriend’s core factory is located in Hanoi, Vietnam. The factory has SA8000 certification which sets fair pay, decent conditions, and no forced labor.

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Patagonia Vegan Swimwear

​​Patagonia is one of the most popular brands in swimwear. And even they have started to adopt more sustainable and eco-conscious practices in their swimwear.

Patagonia swimwear is vegan-friendly and mostly made of recycled polyester, organic cotton, and hemp. The latter is quite rare among swimwear.

Their selection includes relatively affordable vegan swimwear for men and women. Choose between sporty, classic, and edgy styles of bikinis, swimsuits, and shorts.

As an activewear brand, Patagonia also offers a great selection of technical vegan swimwear and vegan wetsuits for the athletes among us.

Part of their income is donated to non-profit organizations that deal with environmental issues.

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Riz Vegan Swimwear

Riz designs attractive vegan swimming shorts for men. In collaboration with a small group of artists, they create unique patterns inspired by Hawaii to make every pair stand out.

The company believes in change and uses recycled materials and textiles made from PET bottles. Their latest swimwear collection is made of 100% recycled materials.

Riz works very closely with organizations that help protect the environment. They donate to the Marine Conservation Society for each pair of vegan swim shorts purchased.

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FAQ About Vegan Swimwear

Is swimwear vegan?

Swimwear is mostly vegan and free of animal materials. Just make sure your swimwear does not include any animal-derived dyes such as carmine or lac.

Which swimwear brands are vegan?

Vegan swimwear brands include Daughters of Summer, Ozero Swimwear, Syvênde, September, Sūndar Swim, Dedicated, Do Good Swimwear, Londre, Girlfriend Collective, and Riz.

Is Patagonia swimwear vegan?

Yes, Patagonia swimwear is vegan.

Where to buy vegan swimwear?

You will find the best vegan swimwear selection online. We love to shop vegan swimwear at Immaculate Vegan and individual brand stores.


There’s nothing more relaxing than a beach vacation under the hot sun. But oceans and beaches need to be protected and taken care of.

One way to help our oceans is to choose vegan swimwear that is sustainably made from recycled materials. Swimwear brands like Daughters of Summer and Sūndar know that.

We hope you found your new favorite vegan bikini or vegan swimsuit from our selection of stylish vegan swimwear brands. We’ll keep this list fresh and our eyes open for new ventures.

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