Vegan Wool Alternatives

By Liis Hainla. Updated: March 2024.
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Are you looking for soft and warm fabrics that mimic wool but do not involve animal suffering?

There is an abundance of vegan wool alternatives these days from sweaters to coats to scarves to fit every need. It is estimated that the vegan fashion industry will grow to a staggering 1095 billion dollars by 2027.

The vegan wool industry is here to stay. These clothing options are made from sustainable plant-based fabrics like hemp, cotton, or linen. Compared to wool, the plant-based alternatives are not only kind to animals but have a much lower environmental impact.

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List Of Vegan Wool Alternatives

These vegan wool alternatives are ethically sourced and produced and do not support the cruelty of the wool industry. Below are some of the best wool alternatives, according to Peta.


As the most widely used textile worldwide, cotton, especially organic, uses less water and is easier to wash than wool. Cotton is a soft fabric found in all kinds of clothing and many other products.


Hemp comes from a plant that is easily grown and is breathable, is biodegradable, and helps to preserve the soil. It is also easily grown without needing pesticides. You cannot go wrong with clothing made from hemp!


Linen is durable and requires fewer pesticides and herbicides than other crops; it is also biodegradable and recyclable. Many lightweight and stylish sweaters are made with linen making it a great alternative to wool.


Did you know clothing material is made from seaweed, and this material makes you cool in the summer and warm in winter? Dried seaweed is crushed, ground, and then made into cellulose fiber from which materials for textiles are derived. These materials soothe the skin, unlike wool which causes itchiness. You cannot go wrong with seaweed!


Another surprising material used to create vegan clothing is wood, believe it or not! Lyocell is material made from wood pulp and is biodegradable, recyclable, and wrinkle-free. It is a great substitute for silk. It can mimic the qualities of wool and feel great to the touch!


Did you know soybeans are not only for your vegan palate? They can be used to create a fabric known as “vegetable cashmere” too! This cashmere is made from a product resulting from the processing of soybeans and has the softness of silk. As an alternative to wool, soybean fabric also has the durability of cotton.

Coconut Fiber

We all know coconuts are delicious and have many uses, but did you know the fiber in coconuts can be used to produce clothing? Coconut fiber is similar to rayon with its soft and comfortable feel. The production of this fabric requires minimal land, water, and energy, and no animals are abused in its making. I bet you won’t look at a coconut the same way again. Am I right?

Vegan Wool Sweaters and Coats

Vegan Wool Sweaters and Coats
Courtesy of Noize

Looking specifically for a coat or sweater that is vegan? Here are a few vegan companies that sell sweaters and coats that are alternatives to wool:

  • Noize. The women’s collection of coats and jackets is splendid, vegan, wind-resistant, and itch-free.
  • Ragwear. This company is based in Germany and has a variety of men’s and women’s vegan coats made of polyester and other materials.
  • Infantium Victoria. This company carries an alternative to cashmere made from organic cotton and the Calotropis Gigantea plant called Weganool. They sell specifically to girls, boys, and babies.
  • Brave Gentlemen. This company understands that wool is not sustainable and not vegan. Their jackets are manufactured from recycled cotton and recycled polyester. They also work with Italian-made bamboo. Check them out here.

Vegan Wool For Knitting

Vegan Wool For Knitting

Most yarns are made with wool or silk – two products that are not vegan. But vegan yarn is made from cotton, linen, hemp, nylon, and other textiles. Why not make that scarf with a vegan wool alternative?

Here are two options for buying vegan yarn:

  • Vegan Yarn. Based in British Columbia, Canada, this company provides different types of cotton-based, dyed yarn, and they are vegan.
  • Butterfly Organics. This vegan-friendly company sells organic cotton-made yarn in various colors as well as other products


All of these wool alternatives are vegan, contribute to environmental sustainability, reduce water usage and land erosion, and are in fashion. You cannot go wrong with any of these!

As we come across new vegan wool alternatives, we will add them to this list. Say snug and cozy with plant-based options that are kind to animals and our planet.

Featured image: courtesy of Noize

My name is Liis. I have been a vegan for a long time and I advocate for the vegan lifestyle. Through Vegan Avenue, I aim to provide quality information about vegan products and bring attention to amazing vegan companies.