About Anett Rannamets

picture of Anett Rannamets

Vegan Avenue’s writer Anett is a passionate journalist, writer, and magazine editor with almost 7 years of experience.


Anett has a degree BA in journalism from Baltic Film, Media, and Arts School and she has also studied proofreading and editing at Tallinn University.

In recent years, Anett has focused on remote writing which includes editing Estonia’s first vegan lifestyle magazine as she discovers different parts of the world.

Anett enjoys working with journalists and co-authors to help them create the perfect piece of writing but she also enjoys creating her own content. She has a deep knowledge of veganism since she has four years of experience as the editor-in-chief of a vegan magazine.


In Vegan Avenue, Anett has a mission of educating readers on all topics related to the vegan lifestyle. Through engaging articles, she brings kinder and more environmentally-friendly choices closer to everybody.

In her free moments, Anett writes poetry and short stories. In the near future, her goal is to publish her first book about love for people and nature.

You can connect with Anett on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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