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I am Liis. Vegan entrepreneur, animal lover, and advocate for sustainable and minimalist living.

When I went vegan 8 years ago, I struggled to keep up with everything a vegan lifestyle entails. Finding recipes was easy, finding vegan shoes or makeup – not so much. But I believed in the movement and did not want to cut any corners.

Today, things look very different. You can get lost in the sea of vegan fashion and beauty brands you would love to support. So you face a new problem: what to leave and what to take?

Find The Best Vegan Products

We are here to help you make the best vegan beauty and fashion choices for yourself. Be it a vegan mascara, shampoo, face cream, handbag, or a winter jacket – Vegan Avenue will hook you up with the right products.

One thing I know is true: veganism does not limit your life, it enhances it. Once you leave animals out of your dinner table and makeup case, you will feel cleansed. Both physically and emotionally. And you never want to go back.

Thank you so much for being here. Happy exploring!

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