Best Vegan & Cruelty-Free Lipsticks and Vegan Lipstick Brands 2024

By Liis Hainla. Updated: January 2024.
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Vegan Lipsticks

We all know that lipstick cheers up the face. So the last thing we want is lipstick with a grim backstory. Who needs crushed beetles for a good red lip anymore?

In 2024, we are reading labels more closely and making sustainable choices. And we love a good vegan lipstick that is free from all animal-based ingredients.

The lipsticks below are all vegan and cruelty-free meaning they are free of animal ingredients and have not been tested on animals.

Best Vegan Lipsticks 2024

Here are some of the best vegan lipsticks you’ll absolutely adore. Achieve irresistible lips cruelty-free with Rare Beauty, KVD, BareMinerals, and other professional makeup brands.

  1. Best Overall: Merit Signature Lip Lightweight Lipstick
  2. Best Liquid: Rare Beauty Lip Soufflé Matte Cream Lipstick
  3. Best Organic: Ilia Color Block High Impact Lipstick
  4. Best Affordable: NYX Lip Lingerie XXL Matte Liquid Lipstick
  5. Best Luxury: Hourglass Confession Ultra Slim High Intensity Lipstick
  6. Best Long-Wearing: KVD Beauty Everlasting Hyperlight Liquid Lipstick
  7. Best For Dark Skin: The Lip Bar Vegan Liquid Matte Lipstick
  8. Best For Fair Skin: Urban Decay Vice Hydrating Lipstick
  9. Best For Dry Lips: Lys Beauty Speak Love Moisture Matte Lipstick
  10. Best For Sensitive Lips: Inika Organic Certified Organic Lipstick
  11. Best For Mature Lips: Rose Inc Satin Lip Color Hydrating Lipstick
  12. Best Lipstick Primer: Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Primer

Best Vegan Lipstick Overall

1. Merit Signature Lip Lightweight Lipstick

Merit Signature Lip Best Vegan Lipstick
Courtesy of Merit Beauty

Merit Signature Lip is the best vegan lipstick. It’s so light and soft, it feels like a lip balm. It has the most natural-looking satin finish and it’s made from natural ingredients. Merit is a vegan beauty brand that celebrates minimalist beauty and this lipstick is just that.

  • What we like: the most beautiful shades and finish, clean formula
  • What we don’t like: not very long-wearing
  • What other reviewers say: natural sheer color, you can barely feel it, buildable in intensity, hydrating, ideal for a fresh casual look, safe for sensitive lips

Key ingredients: vegan squalane, sunflower seed oil, papaya enzymes | Finish: satin | Shade range: 8 | Features: vegan, cruelty-free, clean, natural, paraben-free, phthalate-free, sulfate-free, synthetic fragrance-free, free of 1300 potentially harmful ingredients

Shop on: Sephora, Official site

Best Liquid Vegan Lipstick

2. Rare Beauty Lip Soufflé Matte Cream Lipstick

Rare Beauty Lip Soufflé Matte Cream Vegan Liquid Lipstick
Courtesy of Rare Beauty

Lip Soufflé is the best vegan liquid lipstick. It offers a more pigmented and long-wearing result than Merit’s lipstick, yet it’s still smooth and creamy. Lips feel comfortable and hydrated while looking deliciously matte. This vegan lipstick also has the best range of nudes.

  • What we like: very creamy and comfortable matte
  • What we don’t like: can smudge
  • What other reviewers say: beautiful shades, just the right level of matte, long-wearing, hydrating for dry lips, nude mauve & rose mauve are the perfect neutrals

Key ingredients: lotus, gardenia, white water lily extracts, vitamin E| Finish: matte | Shade range: 15 | Features: vegan, cruelty-free, clean, paraben-free, phthalate-free, SLS-free, mineral oil-free, dermatologist-tested, suitable for sensitive skin

Shop on: Sephora, Kohl’s

Best Organic Vegan Lipstick

3. Ilia Color Block High Impact Lipstick

Ilia Color Block High Impact Organic Vegan Lipstick
Courtesy of Ilia Beauty

Ilia Color Block is the best organic vegan lipstick. It’s made with natural and organic ingredients such as organic castor seed oil, apricot oil, and mango butter. While natural, it delivers a high-pigmented almost matte finish. It’s also long-wearing and does not bleed.

We love Color Block but if you are looking for a higher content of certified organic ingredients, we also recommend Inika Certified Organic Lip Tint. It’s 100% natural and at minimum 72% organic. It also has a more sheer and natural finish compared to Ilia.

  • What we like: most pigmented natural lipstick
  • What we don’t like: some photos don’t match the real shades
  • What other reviewers say: very long-wearing, does not feather or smudge, first creamy but dries on semi-matte, soft and non-drying

Key ingredients: organic castor seed oil, apricot seed oil, mango seed butter | Finish: satin / semi-matte | Shade range: 8 | Features: vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, clean, natural, organic, paraben-free, phthalate-free, SLS-free, mineral oil-free, talc-free, synthetic fragrance-free

Shop on: Amazon, Sephora

Best Affordable Vegan Lipstick

4. NYX Lip Lingerie XXL Matte Liquid Lipstick

NYX Lip Lingerie XXL Matte Liquid Affordable Vegan Lipstick
Courtesy of NYX

NYX’s Lip Lingerie is our favorite affordable vegan lipstick. This liquid vegan lipstick is matte and transfer-proof. Plus, it has an excellent shade range to match every skin tone. The darker colors (including deep red and black) are especially praised for their rich pigment. This vegan lipstick can be found on drugstores as well.

  • What we like: good price-quality ratio, wide shade range
  • What we don’t like: shades change too often
  • What other reviewers say: very pigmented yet lightweight, does not feel cakey, buildable, long-lasting, best vegan black lipstick

Key ingredients: dimethicone, isododecane | Finish: matte | Shade range: 32 | Features: vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, SLS-free

Shop on: Amazon, Ulta

Best Luxury Vegan Lipstick

5. Hourglass Confession Ultra Slim High Intensity Lipstick

Hourglass Confession Ultra Slim High Intensity Luxury Vegan Lipstick
Courtesy of Hourglass

If you are looking for luxury vegan lipstick, Hourglass Confession is the one. The golden slim stiletto applicator is in a class of its own and the color inside does not disappoint. It’s creamy, richly pigmented, and has a gorgeous satin finish. It does not bleed or feather whatsoever.

  • What we like: great applicator, buttery formula
  • What we don’t like: artificial sweet scent
  • What other reviewers say: gorgeous shades, glides on smoothly, does not smudge or bleed, worth the price, hydrating

Key ingredients: synthetic wax, sunflower seed oil | Finish: satin | Shade range: 40 (many out of stock)| Features: vegan, cruelty-free, eco-friendly refillable packaging, clean, paraben-free, phthalate-free, sulfate-free, talc-free, mineral oil-free, gluten-free, silicone D5-free

Shop on: Sephora, Ulta

Best Long-Wearing Vegan Lipstick

6. KVD Beauty Everlasting Hyperlight Liquid Lipstick

KVD Beauty Everlasting Hyperlight Liquid Long-Wearing Vegan Lipstick
Courtesy of KVD Beauty

KVD Beauty’s Everlasting Lipstick was upgraded to a lighter formula but one thing hasn’t changed: it’s still the best long-wearing vegan lipstick. It lasts through hours of eating and drinking with no problem. It also glides on smoothly and does not dry out the lips.

  • What we like: long-lasting and comfortable
  • What we don’t like: can be drying
  • What other reviewers say: great staying power, lasts all day, smudge-free, a good applicator for precision, Bright Berry shade highly praised, yet many people liked the old formula more

Key ingredients: raspberry stem cells, mica| Finish: matte | Shade range: 30 | Features: vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, mineral oil-free, SLS-free

Shop on: Sephora, Ulta

Best Vegan Lipstick For Dark Skin

7. The Lip Bar Vegan Liquid Matte Lipstick

The Lip Bar Vegan Liquid Matte Vegan Lipstick For Dark Skin
Courtesy of The Lip Bar

The Lip Bar Liquid Matte Lipstick is the best vegan lipstick for dark skin. This black-owned vegan beauty brand knows how to create vibrant and richly pigmented shades that look great on melanated skin tones. Our favorite shade is the bestselling Bawse Lady in deep red.

  • What we like: richly pigmented, long-wearing
  • What we don’t like: not hydrating enough for dry lips
  • What other reviewers say: great colors that really pop on dark skin, comfortable and long-wearing, Bawse Lady, It Girl, Rich Auntie, and Drama Queen shades praised

Key ingredients: jojoba oil, vitamin E | Finish: velvety matte | Shade range: 21 | Features: vegan, cruelty-free, black-owned business

Shop on: Target, Official site

Best Vegan Lipstick For Fair Skin

8. Urban Decay Vice Hydrating Lipstick

Urban Decay Vice Hydrating Vegan Lipstick For Fair Skin
Courtesy of Urban Decay

Urban Decay Vice is our favorite vegan lipstick for fair skin. This bestseller comes in a wide variety of bright and muted shades to flatter pale skin types with both warm and cool undertones. You can choose between satin, high-shine, and matte finishes.

  • What we like: best range of cool-toned bright shades
  • What we don’t like: matte is not the most matte
  • What other reviewers say: silky, comfortable, and long-lasting, the berry, rose, and mauve shades are loved by light skin tones

Key ingredients: aloe vera, avocado oil | Finish: satin, matte, and shiny| Shade range: 35 | Features: vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free

Shop on: Amazon, Sephora, Ulta

Best Vegan Lipstick For Dry Lips

9. Lys Beauty Speak Love Moisture Matte Lipstick

Lys Beauty Speak Love Moisture Matte Vegan Lipstick For Dry Lips
Courtesy of Lys Beauty

Speak Love vegan lipstick is best for dry lips. Made with chia seed oil and hyaluronic acid, it’s so smooth and hydrating. It locks in moisture while giving a beautiful rich pigment to dry lips. A conditioning chapstick and long-wearing lipstick in one. Dry skin loves it.

  • What we like: lasting hydration, beautiful universal shades
  • What we don’t like: small amount of product in the package
  • What other reviewers say: glides on easily, best hydration for dry lips, flattering pigments, good plumping and smoothing effect for mature and thin lips

Key ingredients: chia seed oil, hyaluronic acid, Maxi Lip peptide | Finish: matte | Shade range: 7 | Features: vegan, cruelty-free, black female-founded brand, clean, natural, paraben-free, phthalate-free, talc-free, SLS-free, synthetic-fragrance-free, gluten-free

Shop on: SephoraCredo Beauty

Best Vegan Lipstick For Sensitive Lips

10. Inika Organic Certified Organic Lipstick

Inika Organic Certified Organic Vegan Lipstick For Sensitive Skin
Courtesy of Inika Organic

Inika Organic offers the best hypoallergenic vegan lipstick for sensitive skin and lips. It’s 100% natural and 78% certified organic. The gentle mineral lipstick is packed with soothing and nourishing plant oils such as jojoba oil. While irritation-free, there are no trade-offs in pigment.

  • What we like: beautiful colors and comfortable wear
  • What we don’t like: small range of shades
  • What other reviewers say: doesn’t irritate sensitive lips, rich colors, creamy texture, feels good on the lips, beautiful shades

Key ingredients: organic jojoba oil, argan oil, vitamin E | Finish: satin | Shade range: 6 | Features: vegan, cruelty-free, clean, natural, certified organic, paraben-free, phthalate-free, talc-free, sulfate-free, silicone-free, fragrance-free, gluten-free, filler-free

Shop onAmazon, Official site

Other vegan lipsticks for sensitive lips that we love include BareMinerals Mineralist Hydra Smoothing Lipstick, True+Luscious Super Moisture Lipstick, and Lune+Aster Powerlips Lipstick.

Best Vegan Lipstick For Mature Lips

11. Rose Inc Satin Lip Color Refillable Hydrating Lipstick

Rose Inc Satin Lip Color Refillable Hydrating Vegan Lipstick For Mature Lips
Courtesy of Rose Inc

Roce Inc Satin Lip Color is the best vegan lipstick for mature lips. This creamy lipstick smooths out lip lines and wrinkles and has a gorgeous hydrating and plumping effect. The satin finish looks fresh and youthful on mature skin. It’s also long-wearing and smudge-free.

  • What we like: perfect daily lipstick, smoothens and conditions aging lips
  • What we don’t like: not smudge-proof
  • What other reviewers say: very moisturizing, glides on evenly and smoothly, sheer satin finish, lightweight feel, makes thin lips look plumper

Key ingredients: hyaluronic acid, Swertia Chirata extract, mustard sprouts, vitamin E | Finish: satin | Shade range: 10 | Features: vegan, cruelty-free, eco-friendly refillable packaging, clean, natural, paraben-free, phthalate-free, mineral oil-free, SLS-free, synthetic fragrance-free, gluten-free

Shop on: Sephora, Official site

Best Vegan Lipstick Lip Primer

12. Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Primer

Anastasia Beverly Hills Vegan Lipstick Primer
Courtesy of Anastasia Beverly Hills

ABH’s vegan lip primer is the best. It creates a smooth canvas on the lips and fills in lip lines for the foundation or lipstick to follow. The lipstick stays put for the whole day and the pigment looks bright and even. We love that it doesn’t feel waxy, it’s soft as lip balm.

  • What we like: smoothest and most lightweight lip primer
  • What we don’t like: not a very natural formula
  • What other reviewers say: helps lipstick stay put, is non-waxy and light, feels like chapstick, keeps lipstick from feathering, also works with lip glosses, foundation, and lip liners

Key ingredients: synthetic wax, silica | Shade range: 1 (translucent) | Features: vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free

Shop on: Amazon, Sephora

Vegan Lipsticks By Finish And Color

Vegan Lipsticks By Color and Finish
Courtesy of The Lip Bar & Glossier

Looking for a particular finish or shade in your vegan lipstick? Here are our favorite vegan lipsticks for every taste.

Best Red Vegan Lipsticks

Best Red Vegan Lipsticks
Courtesy of Patrick Ta & Hourglass

Red vegan lipstick deserves a separate category since red shades are often not vegan and use insect-derived pigments. Here are the best vegan red lipsticks in a variety of warm and cool undertones. Enjoy the best cruelty-free and carmine-free vegan reds.

Best Vegan Lipstick Brands

KVD Beauty Vegan Lipsticks Best Vegan Lipstick Brands
Courtesy of KVD Beauty

Here are our top brands for vegan lipsticks. These companies are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and use only the best clean ingredients. From glossy to matte, from warm to cold shades – these brands have it all.

Pyt Beauty

Pyt Beauty is a vegan makeup brand with an exciting collection of vibrant and richly pigmented vegan lipsticks. Their products are always clean with added skincare benefits.

Shop on: Amazon, Ulta

La Bouche Rouge

La Bouche Rouge is a sustainable vegan lipstick brand from Paris. The luxury brand is otherwise fully vegan but some of their lipstick cases are made from recycled leather.

Shop on: Credo Beauty, Official site

KVD Beauty

Vegan lipsticks from KVD promote fearless self-expression with bold shades and high-impact formulas. The vegan brand is founded by beauty icon Kat Von D.

Shop on: Sephora, Ulta

The Lip Bar

The Lip Bar is the go-to brand for vegan lip makeup. This Detroit-based, black female-owned brand offers high-impact vegan lipsticks and vegan lip glosses that are paraben-free.

Shop on: Amazon, Target


Hourglass is a luxury cruelty-free cosmetics brand from California. As of 2020, Hourglass is also fully vegan and has an excellent selection of high-quality carmine-free vegan lipsticks.

Shop on: Sephora, Ulta

Rare Beauty

Selena Gomez’s vegan beauty brand Rare Beauty offers our favorite vegan satin lipsticks and liquid matte lipsticks. The brand makes the best neutral and nude shades.

Shop on: Sephora, Kohl’s

Other celebrity vegan beauty brands that are fully vegan and offer a good selection of vegan lipsticks include Haus Labs by Lady Gaga and GXVE by Gwen Stefani.

What Makes Lipstick Vegan?

What Makes Lipstick Vegan

Vegan lipstick does not include any animal-derived ingredients such as carmine, beeswax, or lanolin. Vegan lipstick is not tested on animals and it does not include components tested on animals.

The most common non-vegan ingredient in lipsticks is carmine, also known as cochineal. It’s a red dye made out of crushed insects. In vegan lipstick, carmine is replaced with beetroot extract or anthocyanin pigments found in plants.

When trying to avoid carmine in the lipstick ingredient list, watch out for these names: Cochineal, Crimson Lake, Carmine Lake, Natural Red 4, E120, CI 75470, and Carminic acid.

Lipstick may also include beeswax (Cera Alba). Instead, vegan brands use carnauba, candelilla, or soya waxes. Also, look out for lanolin – a moisturizing agent known as sheep sweat. Good vegan replacements for lanolin are shea butter and mango butter.

It is highly probable that most lipsticks on the market contain at least one of the ingredients mentioned. To make kinder choices, look for lipsticks with a certified vegan label or pick a lipstick from our list.

What To Look For In Vegan Lipstick?

What To Look For In Vegan Lipsticks
Courtesy of Merit Beauty

When buying vegan lipstick, pick one that includes some good-quality oils like shea butter or avocado oil. A vegan lipstick without hydrating and nourishing ingredients is a missed opportunity for your lips.

As with all lipstick, your vegan lipstick should also match your skin tone. While fair complexions pair better with raspberry shades, olive complexions rock a more rusty kind of red. The same goes for other lipstick colors, it’s all about finding the right undertones.

If you are thinking about whether to go for a liquid vegan lipstick or a traditional stick option, there is not a big difference. Liquid lipstick just allows for slightly better precision.

For a long-lasting result, we also recommend you use a vegan lipstick primer. To prevent the lipstick from feathering or bleeding, outline your lips first with a vegan lip liner.

How We Review Vegan Lipsticks

We rate and review vegan lipsticks by considering a number of different aspects that make for good lipstick. Our main criteria are:

  • Ingredients: Since lipstick is a product that goes directly into our mouth, vegan lipstick should be as clean and natural as possible.
  • Texture: The best kind of vegan lipsticks are smooth and easy to apply – even long-wearing matte vegan lipsticks should glide on smoothly
  • Pigment: While vegan lipstick is free of red carmine pigments, vegan lipsticks should still be pigmented enough to compete with regular lipsticks on the market.
  • Finish: Whether the finish is sheer, satin, matte, or semi-matte, vegan lipstick should deliver on its promises.
  • Shade range: The more shades for every skin, the better. If the shade range of the vegan lipstick is small, we expect the shades to be universal enough for most skin tones.
  • Longevity: Not every vegan lipstick should stay on for the whole day but the lipstick should never bleed or feather after you apply it. The more smudge-proof, the better.

Why Trust Us

Vegan Avenue reviews vegan lipsticks based on real experience with the product. Every product we list is backed by extensive research and product trials. None of our reviews have been incentivized by the brand of the retailer.

FAQ About Vegan Lipsticks

What is vegan lipstick?

Vegan lipstick is lipstick free from carmine, beeswax, and other animal ingredients. Vegan lipstick is also not animal tested.

What do vegan lipsticks use instead of carmine?

In vegan lipsticks, carmine is usually replaced with red pigments from fruits and vegetables such as beetroot extract.

Which lipstick brands are vegan?

100% vegan lipstick brands include Rare Beauty, KVD Vegan Beauty, and Hourglass.

Where to buy vegan lipsticks?

The best selection of vegan lipsticks is available on Amazon, Ulta, and Sephora. The Lip Bar’s vegan lipsticks are also available at Walmart and Target.

Where to find plastic-free vegan lipstick?

A good selection of plastic-free vegan lipsticks is available on Amazon and Etsy. The best plastic-free vegan lipstick is Ethique Satin Matte Lipstick.

Are MAC lipsticks vegan?

No, MAC lipsticks are not vegan. They include animal ingredients like carmine and beeswax. Also, MAC is a brand that tests on animals.

Is Charlotte Tilbury’s Hot Lips K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick vegan?

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick has both vegan and non-vegan shades. The vegan shades are Hot Emily, Kim KW, and Liv It Up.

Is Fenty Beauty Sheer Shiny Lipstick vegan?

No. Fenty Beauty Sheer Shiny Lipstick is not vegan and contains beeswax.

Is L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Satin Lipstick vegan?

No. L’Oréal Paris lipsticks are vegan since L’Oréal tests on animals. The same goes for Revlon and Maybelline lipsticks – none of them can be considered vegan.

Are Lana Del Rey Cigarette Lipsticks vegan?

No. We assume Lana Del Rey Cigarette Lipsticks are not vegan since the producer has not made any vegan claims nor have they disclosed a full ingredient list.


Lipstick is one of the essential items in your makeup bag. Maybe even the most important one. Good long-wearing and high-pigmented lipstick will always save the day.

In 2024, you can find many high-quality vegan lipsticks in all shades and finishes. We’re hoping you found your new go-to vegan lipstick from this list.

We love the selection of Merit, Rare Beauty, KVD, The Lip Bar, and other cruelty-free vegan brands. As more vegan lipstick lines come out, we are sure to try them all.

Thanks for choosing vegan makeup.

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Article updated on May 5 (2023): Changed the best vegan lipstick for dark skin from Mented Semi-Matte Lipstick to The Lip Bar Liquid Matte Lipstick. The Lip Bar is slightly more pigmented and looks more vibrant on dark skin.

Article updated on April 28 (2023): Changed the best sensitive skin lipstick from BareMinerals Hydra-Smoothing Lipstick to Inika Certified Organic Lipstick. Added two new vegan lipstick brands: Pyt Beauty and La Bouche Rouge.

My name is Liis. I have been a vegan for a long time and I advocate for the vegan lifestyle. Through Vegan Avenue, I aim to provide quality information about vegan products and bring attention to amazing vegan companies.