Vegan Body Lotions: Find the Best Vegan Body Lotion Brands 2022

By Liis Hainla. Updated: April 2022.
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Vegan Body Lotions

Skin is itchy, flaky, dry, or dull? It’s time you give vegan body lotion a go.

From The Body Shop to Glow Recipe, we have picked out the most trustful vegan body lotions for every skin type.

Made with luxurious plant oils and balms, these cruelty-free lotions will wrap your skin in a soft blanket of moisture.

What Makes Body Lotion Vegan?

A vegan body lotion is free from animal-derived ingredients. Vegan body lotions are also not tested on animals or contain any ingredients tested on animals.

The typical ingredients that make a body lotion not vegan are squalene, honey, collagen, lanolin, glycerin, and animal-derived stearic acid.

  • Squalene: emollient derived from shark liver oil (can also be vegan)
  • Honey: a thick and nutritious substance produced by bees
  • Collagen: a protein found in bones, nails, hair, and skin, derived from cattle
  • Lanolin: wool grease or wool wax, derived from sheep
  • Glycerin: emollient derived mostly from cow fat (can also be vegan)
  • Stearic acid: emollient derived mostly from pigs’ stomachs (can also be vegan)

Instead of animal products, vegan brands use plant-derived fatty acids and emollients in body lotions.

For example, squalene can also be derived from olive oil or rice and glycerin from soybeans or coconut. Stearic acid can be made from different plant fats.

There are numerous natural moisturizers that do the trick even on their own. Most effective ones include shea butter, jojoba oil, or cocoa butter.

To make sure the body lotion is vegan, it is best you look for a vegan sticker or even better – a certified vegan label.

What Makes Body Lotion Vegan

What To Look For In Vegan Body Lotions?

First, determine your skin type. Vegan body creams with a thick and rich texture are intended for harder and drier skin, including hardened elbows and heels.

Those who have normal skin types should go with lightweight vegan lotions and vegan body yogurts. Glycerin lotions will do just fine, no need for heavy oils.

If you have sensitive skin, choose the most natural vegan body lotion without hard additives such as parabens, sulfates, perfume, and essential oils.

Tip: The best time is to cream the body immediately after taking a shower. The skin pores are then open and absorb nutrients better.

Best Vegan Body Lotion Brands

These are the best brands for vegan body lotions. Discover vegan body creams and palms for your skin type.

The Body Shop

The Body Shop Vegan Body Lotions

The Body Shop has the best selection of vegan body lotions, body palms, and vegan body yogurts for every skin type and preference.

The British Brand was the first international cosmetics company to introduce fair trade in the cosmetics and personal care industry in 1987.

Through their unique Fair Trade program, The Body Shop procures high-quality and ethical raw materials from every corner of the world.

The Body Shop is a cruelty-free and vegetarian company. 60% of their products are suitable for vegans and they have promised to go fully vegan by 2023.

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Love, Beauty & Planet

Love Beauty And Planet Vegan Body Lotions

Love, Beauty & Planet has a fantastic selection of vegan body creams with different lovely scents. All of their creams are ethically made in the USA.

The main natural ingredients they use are coconut water, argan oil, shea butter, tea tree oil, murumuru butter, rosehip, turmeric, coconut milk, and Indian lilac.

Though owned by Unilever, Love, Beaty & Planet has remained true to its core values. The brand is PETA-certified vegan and promotes fair wages.

The packaging of the vegan body lotions is made of recycled plastic. The brand promises that by 2030, all of its ingredients will be biodegradable.

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Sol De Janeiro

Sol De Janeiro Vegan Body Lotions

This hit brand has made waves across the body care world with its breakthrough Brazilian Bum Bum vegan body cream.

Sol De Janeiro body creams are reef-safe and made in the USA from locally sourced ingredients. Your skin is left visibly smoother and more toned.

Their creams are luxurious and smell like expensive perfume. So if you like scented body lotions, this brand is definitely for you.

All Sol De Janeiro body lotions are certified vegan. The company is cruelty-free, only their Brazilian Kiss Cupuaçu Lip Butters include beeswax.

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Hempz Vegan Body Lotions

Hempz is a vegan and cruelty-free skincare brand with en excellent collection of vegan body moisturizers for every skin type.

The brand pair 100% pure hemp seed oil with a variety of plant extracts to offer your skin luxurious hydration and nourishment.

Thanks to hemp, the natural vegan brand makes sure your body gets the important skin vitamin E, amino acids, and omega fatty acids with every lotion.

Hempz also has a collection of vegan body lotions with CBD oil and vegan body lotions specially made for sensitive skin.

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Pacifica Beauty

Pacifica Beauty Vegan Body Lotions

For vegan body lotions that are both natural and affordable, check out Pacifica Beauty. The brand has a wide selection of body care products – all 100% vegan.

Choose your favorite vegan body cream from coconut, strawberry beach, lavender, and other beautiful natural ingredients.

The body lotions from Pacifica are also clean, toxin-free, and suitable for all skin types.

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Best Vegan Body Lotions 2022

Here are our favorite picks for vegan body lotions in 2022. Enjoy natural creams that nourish, soothe, and hydrate your skin from head to toe.

Cocokind Sake Body Lotion

Cocokind Sake

Our favorite vegan body lotion is the Sake Body Lotion. Made with sake extract, shea butter and sunflower oil, it leaves your skin super smooth and soft.

The lotion’s star ingredient – Japanese fermented sake extract – is rich in prebiotic sugars and enzymes to support your skin’s microbiome.

Shea butter and sunflower oil offer fatty acids, linoleic acid, and vitamin E. Together they nourish your skin, improve its elasticity, and seal in moisture.

We recommend this body lotion for all skin types around the year. It offers luxurious hydration without feeling heavy of greasy at all.

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Live Clean Bali Oil Nourishing Body Lotion

Live Clean Bali Oil Nourishing for Vegans

We adore this vegan body lotion from Live Clean. It combines coconut oil with sweet almond oil and soy protein to nourish the skin deeply.

The lotion has a light tropical scent that it doesn’t stay on all day. It feels lightweight on your skin and absorbs quickly.

The cream is 98% plant-based, and without parabens, sulfates, and other chemicals. The vegan cream is suitable for the whole family and all skin types.

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The Body Shop Avocado Body Butter

The Body Shop Avocado Vegan Body Butter

If you a looking for something rich and pampering, go for the Avocado Body Butter. It has become our favorite vegan body butter from The Body Shop.

We like that the Avocado Body Butter is more lightweight than the company’s Shea or Almond Oil range but the formula is still incredibly nourishing.

The vegan body butter uses 96% of natural ingredients, including sustainably sourced Hass avocado oil from South Africa and Fair Trade shea butter from Ghana.

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Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Body Cream

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow AHA Pink Dream

This watermelon-scented vegan body lotion has a very refreshing effect. It moisturizes and soothes the whole body. It is lightweight but creamy in texture.

The main miracle workers of this bestselling cream are watermelon seed water and hibiscus AHA, which is known best in facial care.

Pink Dream vegan body cream is completely vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free. The cream is suitable for all skin types.

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Fenty Skin Butta Drop Whipped Oil Body Cream

Fenty Skin Butta Drop Whipped Oil Body Cream

This one is a serious moisturizer from Fenty. Almost 25% of the whipped cream’s ingredients are oils making it perfect for very dry skin.

Kalahari melon, sorghum, baobab, sunflower, rice bran, coconut, and jojoba oils provide luxurious care for the whole body.

The clean and vegan moisturizer improves the moisture barrier and after long-term use skin gets visibly healthier. Vitamin C also restores vibrancy.

This vegan body butter is also non-sticky and has a long-lasting effect.

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Juice Beauty Green Apple Firming Body Moisturizer

Juice Beauty Green Apple Firming Moisturizer

If you are looking for a firming vegan body cream, this luxuriously rich body moisturizer is definitely worth the money.

Jojoba and shea take care of the skin’s moisture levels. Fatty acids, vitamin c, peptides, antioxidants help to firm the skin from head to toe.

The skin is noticeably brighter and more elastic after use. The best thing is that the product is made with organic botanical components.

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Lush Dream Cream Hand & Body Lotion

Lush Dream Cream Vegan Hand & Body Lotion

Dream Cream is a fantastic vegan body lotion after waxing or shaving. It calms the skin and nourishes it. A small amount goes a long way.

The vegan body balm is rich and creamy but absorbs quickly. The smell is sweet but disappears after applying, so it won’t linger and bother you.

The balm doesn’t contain synthetic preservatives or heavy chemicals. Its main ingredients are oat milk, rose water, olive oil, and organic coconut butter.

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Badgerface Beauty Supply Vanilla Body Butter

Badgerface Beauty Supply Vanilla Body Butter Vegan Handmade

Badgerface, a company with a very straightforward communication strategy, makes very nice vanilla-scented handmade vegan body butter.

It contains only 100% pure and natural sustainably sourced components. The main ones are shea butter, sunflower oil, ginger oil, and plant-derived stearic acid.

The body butter is ideal for the summer when the skin has a little bit of a tan.

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Love Beauty And Planet Shea Velvet Body Lotion

Love Beauty And Planet Shea Velvet Vegan Body Lotion

Ethically sourced sandalwood, hand-harvested shea butter, and coconut oil form a wonderful trio that moisturizes and smoothes the skin for 24 hours.

The sensual, luxuriously scented vegan body cream is cruelty-free, paraben-free, silicone-free, dye-free. All in all, guilt-free.

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Best Organic Vegan Body Lotion

Avalon Organics Natural Hand & Body Lotion

Avalon Organics Natural Organic Vegan Body Lotion

Our favorite organic vegan body lotion uses botanical ingredients that help the skin stay moisturized for a whole day.

The simple cream consists of lavender, aloe, and plant lipids. Plant-derived formula rebalances and replenishes your skin.

No parabens, synthetic dyes, fragrances, or sulfates. Only pure, organic, and cruelty-free goodness.

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Best Vegan Body Lotion With SPF

Hempz Yuzu & Starfruit Daily Herbal Body Moisturizer

Hempz Yuzu & Starfruit Daily Herbal Vegan Body Moisturizer With SPF

This vegan body lotion from Hempz moisturizes your skin and protects it against harmful UV rays with broad-spectrum SPF 30.

This body lotion smells heavenly and is packed with vitamins. It uses pure hemp seed oil, shea butter, coffee cherry extract, and yuzu and starfruit duo.

The vegan body moisturizer is THC-free, paraben-free, gluten-free, and suitable for the whole family.

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Best Vegan Body Lotion For Summer

Pacifica Lavender Moon Body Lotion

Pacifica Lavender Moon Vegan Body Lotion For Summer

The soothing lavender body lotion is perfect for the summer when the skin needs to survive the sun, dry air, and saltwater.

The vegan body cream contains sunflower oil and vitamin E, which help to calm the skin and moisturize it deeply.

The lightweight cream is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. It is free of parabens, phthalates, SLS, and mineral oil.

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Best Body Lotion For Winter

Herbivore Coco Rose Soft Glow Body Oil

Herbivore Coco Rose Vegan Body Oil For Winter

When your skin is frightened by cold weather, it is necessary to intensify your skincare. In a cold climate, body oil can be the savior.

This vegan body oil is a good combination of coconut oil, vegan squalene, and rose water. Lightweight oil deeply moisturizes and improves the texture of the skin.

The rose scent is sensual but not too intense. It is natural, vegan, and cruelty-free. No synthetic ingredients. Less is more.

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Best Vegan Body Lotion For Dry Skin

Drunk Elephant Sili Body Lotion

Drunk Elephant Sili Vegan Body Lotion For Dry Skin

Specially designed for dry skin, this vegan body lotion restores skin freshness, elasticity, and a healthy-looking glow.

Marula butter, shea butter, vegan squalene, and ceramides take deep and intense care for dull and dry skin and restore its moisture barrier.

The lotion is free of sulfates, silicones, essential oils, dyes, alcohol, and fragrance. It is naturally vegan and cruelty-free.

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Best Vegan Body Lotion For Sensitive Skin

Hempz Sensitive Skin Herbal Body Moisturizer

Hempz Sensitive Skin Herbal Vegan Body lotion for sensitive skin

Natural hemp seed oil is known for its healing properties. If you have sensitive skin that requires gentle care, Hempz vegan body lotion is a safe option.

The vegan lotion heals, moisturizes, and soothes. The ingredients include natural jojoba oil, avocado oil, shea and, coconut butter, agave, and rice extract.

A, C, and E vitamins protect the whole body from harmful external factors. It is ideal for both men and women.

Hempz doesn’t use parabens, gluten, or THC. The company is 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

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Best Vegan Body Lotion For Acne-Prone Skin

​​Puracy Daily Face & Body Lotion

Puracy Daily Vegan Face & Body Lotion For Acne-Prone Skin

The vegan face & body lotion has been developed by doctors and is suitable for people with skin problems such as acne.

It has all good things in one tube: ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and plant-derived moisturizers. Everything you need for healthy and glowy skin.

The vegan body lotion is non-sticky and lightweight. It doesn’t contain any strange or toxic ingredients. The product is vegan and cruelty-free.

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Best Vegan Body Lotion For Eczema

Acure Everyday Eczema Lotion

Acure Everyday Eczema Lotion Vegan

This vegan body lotion is fighting eczema with colloidal oatmeal, aloe vera, and shea butter. It protects and prevents chapped, cracked, or sensitive skin.

The lotion absorbs fast giving dryness an instant relief. People who battle with eczema have seen wonderful improvements with this vegan lotion.

The vegan body cream is made with natural ingredients. It is free of parabens, sulfates, petroleum, formaldehyde, and mineral oil.

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Best Vegan Body Lotion For Mature Skin

Skinfix Resurface+ AHA Renewing Body Cream

Skinfix Resurface+ AHA Renewing Vegan Body Cream For Mature Skin

It is difficult to find a body lotion tailored for mature skin. Luckily, Skinfix has made one and it is 100% vegan.

The wonderful ingredients AHA and BHA in this renewing vegan body cream help the skin look more elastic and smooth from shoulders to toes.

The main oils in this cream are ultra-nourishing shea butter, coconut oil, and jojoba oil. Say goodbye to dark spots, dryness, and uneven texture.

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Best Vegan Body Lotion For Men

Alba Botanica Very Emollient Body Lotion

Alba Botanica Very Emollient Vegan Body Lotion For Men

Men’s skin is usually more resistant to external factors but this doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be taken care of.

This emollient vegan body lotion deeply moisturizes and visibly recovers the skin. It is suitable for normal to dry skin.

This creamy fragrance-free vegan body lotion is also hypoallergenic. Also, Alba Botanica doesn’t use parabens, phthalates, or synthetic fragrances.

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Best Vegan Body Lotion For Babies

Attitude Baby Leaves Body Lotion

Attitude Baby Leaves Vegan Body Lotion For Babies

Attitude’s vegan body cream for babies and kids comes highly recommended by parents. Made with natural ingredients, it hydrates and protects delicate skin.

The lotion uses natural blueberry leaf extract that is soothing and protective. Moringa seed extract protects against external factors harming the skin.

This hypoallergenic vegan body lotion is dermatologically-tested, EWG-verified, and PETA-certified. It is also paraben-free, silicone-free, PEG-free.

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FAQ About Vegan Body Lotion

Is body lotion vegan?

Body lotions can be vegan but many are not. Look out for animal products like beeswax in the ingredient list. Also, many popular skincare brands still test their products on animals.

What is vegan body lotion made of?

Vegan body lotions are made with plant-based emollients and oils. Such as shea butter, jojoba oil, or cocoa butter. 

What is the best vegan body lotion?

The best vegan body lotion is the Live Clean Bali Oil Nourishing Body Lotion. It is deeply hydrating and nourishing and absorbs quickly.

Where to buy vegan body lotion?

You can find the largest variety of vegan body lotions online. Amazon and Sephora have the best selection of vegan body lotion brands.


Vegan body lotions, creams, butters, and balms are a great way to nourish your skin and protect it from external factors.

Nature has given us a lot of super-moisturizers like shea butter, coconut oil, and jojoba oil. Vegan brands utilize natural skin superfoods incredibly well.

We love the vegan body lotions from Live Clean, The Body Shop, Glow Recipe, and other vegan and vegetarian brands.

Hope you also found your new favorite vegan body moisturizer from our list. We’ll keep updating this list with new great pampering products.

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My name is Liis. I have been a vegan for a long time and I advocate for the vegan lifestyle. Through Vegan Avenue, I aim to provide quality information about vegan products and bring attention to amazing vegan companies.