Affordable Vegan & Cruelty-Free Skincare 2024: Find The Cheapest Vegan Skincare Brands

By Liis Hainla. Updated: January 2024.
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Affordable Vegan Skincare

Vegan skincare does not have to be expensive. Skincare is mostly water anyway. Plus, there are plenty of inexpensive plant oils, vitamins, and botanical extracts to choose from.

If you don’t need your serums to be gold-infused, see our guide for affordable vegan skincare. Shop budget-friendly brands and products that will take good care of your skin.

What To Look For In Affordable Vegan Skincare

Affordable vegan skincare can still be effective, clean, and skin-friendly. Some vegan skincare brands have even managed to offer affordable organic vegan skincare at cheap prices.

When buying affordable vegan skincare, first and foremost check product reviews and ratings. As you probably know already, the affordable category is an uneven one.

Affordable vegan skincare products have a wide range of buyers, and you can gather great market feedback to see if the product is worth your money.

Another thing to look for in affordable vegan skincare is that it matches your skin type. Dry skin should avoid skin-drying alcohols and essential oils that are often found in cheaper products.

Oily skin should choose oil-free affordable skincare and sensitive skin should steer clear of harsh additives, artificial fragrances, and other potential irritants.

Affordable Vegan Skincare Brands

These cheap vegan skincare brands offer vegan skincare for under $20 and even $10. These brands are all 100% vegan and use only clean, skin-loving ingredients.

PS our price ranges exclude discounts, travel sizes, and bundles, so you can get some vegan skincare products potentially even cheaper.

The Ordinary

The Ordinary Affordable Vegan Skincare

It’s become a running joke that every time you browse The Ordinary products in a drugstore, a commission-hungry salesperson tries to lure you to the Shisheido aisle.

That’s the beauty of The Ordinary. This Canadian brand is the most affordable vegan skincare brand, yet it is equally effective with clean and simple science-backed formulas.

If you haven’t tried The Ordinary products yet, use their skincare regimen builder to find the right products for your skin. The brand is 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

Price range: $4 – $15 (one serum $30)
Shop at
: Official site, SephoraUltaAmazon

Pacifica Beauty

Pacifica Beauty Affordable Vegan Skincare

Pacifica Beauty is one of the oldest vegan skincare brands and one of the cheapest. The American brand offers a wide variety of affordable vegan skincare for the face and body.

Their vegan face masks start from only 3 dollars and they are always packed with great ingredients like aloe, coconut, vitamin C, ceramides, kale, and even vegan collagen.

On top of vegan skincare, Pacifica also offers makeup, perfumes, and haircare – all vegan, clean, budget-friendly, bright, fun, and sensorial.

Price range: $3 – $24
Shop at
: Official siteAmazonUlta

Sweet Chef

Sweet Chef Affordable Vegan Skincare

Sweet Chef is an affordable Korean vegan skincare brand founded by the makers of Glow Recipe. While Glow Recipe is not entirely vegan, Sweet Chef is 100% vegan.

Sweet Chef is all about giving the right nutrition for your skin. We absolutely love their bestselling vegan serum shots that start only from 5 dollars.

Price range: $3.5 – $23 (one serum $30)
Shop at
: Official siteAmazon


E.l.f. Affordable Vegan Skincare

E.l.f is another affordable vegan beauty brand that you can also find in drugstores. Their skincare and makeup are accessible for everyone.

In addition to their bestselling Holy Hydration collection, E.l.f. has a new gentle Pure Skin line made with oat milk, ceramides, and niacinamide.

Price range: $2 – $28
Shop at
: Official site, AmazonWalmart


Acure Affordable Vegan Skincare

Acure is one of the bestselling affordable vegan skincare brands. From Acure, you will find affordable vegan cleansers, moisturizers, face oils, and serums for all skin needs.

On top of their vegan skincare lines for different skin types, the American brand also offers affordable solutions for skin problems such as eczema, rosacea, and acne.

Price range: $5 – $25
Shop at
: Official siteAmazonUlta

Derma E

Derma E Affordable Vegan Skincare

If you are looking for affordable natural vegan skincare, we recommend Derma E. This Californian brand has a great balance between affordable, natural, and effective. Derma E offers cruelty-free affordable skin care that is 100% vegan.

The clean and healthy brand is also free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oils, petrolatum, and GMOs.

Price range: $4 – $35
Shop at
: Official siteAmazonUltaWalgreens


Sukin Affordable Vegan Skincare

Sukin is an affordable natural vegan skincare brand from Australia. Since Sukin is natural, vegan, and cheap, you can now find it also in American retail stores.

The eco-conscious skincare brand uses potent plant-based ingredients such as rosehip oil, avocado, kale, and aloe to serve every skin need. Their prices start from only 6 dollars.

Price range: $6 – $21
Shop at
: Official siteAmazonWalmart


Versed Affordable Vegan Skincare

Versed is one of our favorite skincare brands of all time – and they are also affordable. You can find world-class moisturizers, cleansers, and serums for less than $20.

Their formulas are simple and focus only on ingredients that are proven to work. The Los Angeles brand is fully vegan and free of all potentially skin-harming ingredients.

Price range: $10 – $20
Shop at
: Official siteAmazon

BYBI Beauty

BYBI Beauty Affordable Vegan Skincare

London-based BYBI Beauty is effective, natural, certified vegan, and affordable. The company is all about supporting the skin’s microbiome with the best vitamins and minerals.

We love their bestselling Babe Balm and cheap vegan serum boosters. BYBI is also very climate-conscious with carbon-neutral manufacturing and upcycled packaging.

Price range: $5.5 – $26
Shop at
Official siteAmazon

Nuria Beauty

Nuria Beauty Affordable Vegan Skincare

Inspired by traveling, Nuria is an affordable vegan skincare brand that uses plant-based ingredients from across the world. Their small-sized products start from only $4.

Shop affordable vegan moisturizers, cleansers, serums, masks, exfoliators, and eye treatments made with Mulberry, cucumber, ginseng, and other natural extracts.

Price range: $4 – $38
Shop at
Official site, Amazon


Purito Affordable Vegan Skincare

Purito is another affordable Korean skincare brand we like. They are clean, natural, and free of fragrance and essential oils. Sensitive skin will love Purito.

The company for not have many products but some very good ones. We especially love their skin-recovering Centella line and calming oat products.

Price range: $8 – $22
Shop at
: Official siteAmazon, iHerb

Bulldog Skincare

Bulldog Affordable Vegan Skincare For Men

Bulldog is an affordable vegan skincare brand for men. They make quality skincare products for men with all skin types, be it sensitive, oil-prone, dry, or mature.

Bulldog also offers affordable bodycare products, shaving products, and vegan deodorants – the company is 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

Price range: $7 – $20
Shop at
Official site, Amazon, Walmart

Best Affordable Vegan Skincare Products

Best Affordable Vegan Skincare Products

Shopping vegan skincare on a tight budget? We have picked out the best affordable vegan skincare products for under $10.

Affordable vegan skincare comparison

BrandPrice Range
The Ordinary$4 – $15
Pacifica Beauty$3 – $24
Sweet Chef$3.5 – $23
E.l.f$2 – $28
Acure$5 – $25
Derma E$4 – $35
Versed$10 – $20
Sukin$6 – $21
Bulldog Skincare$7 – $20

FAQ About Affordable Vegan Skincare

What makes vegan skincare affordable?

Affordable vegan skincare brands use more inexpensive ingredients such as vegan glycerin, cheaper plant oils, and less luxurious botanical extracts such as lavender.

What are the best affordable vegan skincare brands?

The best affordable vegan skincare brands are The Ordinary, Pacifica Beauty, Sweet Chef, Derma E, Acure, and Versed. These brands are inexpensive but high-quality.

Where to buy affordable vegan skincare?

The best places to find affordable vegan skincare are Amazon, Ulta, Walmart, and Target.

Is Derma E vegan?

Derma E is a 100% vegan company.

Is E.l.f. skincare vegan?

Yes. E.l.f. is a fully vegan brand – all of their skincare and cosmetics are vegan.


Affordable vegan skincare has an important role to play. It brings the vegan movement closer to people and allows vegan brands to compete with old drugstore dinosaurs.

The best vegan skincare brands with affordable prices are The Ordinary, Pacifica Beauty, Sweet Chef, Derma E, Acure, and Versed. Their prices are low but their skincare quality is still high.

We hope you also checked our favorite affordable vegan skincare products for under $10. There are some real gems there. As we find new budget-friendly skincare, we’ll update this list.

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Article update on May 02 (2023): Fact checked and Medically reviewed by MD Shimona Garg

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