Vegan Handbags: Find The Best Vegan Handbag Brands 2024

By Liis Hainla. Updated: January 2024.
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vegan handbags

Sacrificing animals for luxury is not a very good selling argument anymore. 

Designers are finally parting their ways with exotic skins and fur. Instead, they are turning their eyes to more sustainable alternatives such as vegan handbags.

We see countless new vegan handbag brands taking over streetwear. To join the club, even Karl Lagerfeld announced their first-ever vegan handbag line made with innovative cactus leather. 

With conscious luxury blooming, we are excited to introduce you to the best vegan handbags out there. Shop stunning vegan totes, satchels, and clutches – all planet-friendly and leather-free.

Why Buy Vegan Handbags?

Why buy vegan handbags

Many people are developing a distaste for fashion that hurts and kills animals, especially exotic and endangered species. If fashion is about making a statement, buying a vegan handbag is a statement of love and compassion.

Vegan handbags are also much more ecological than leather bags. According to the Higg Materials Sustainability Index, leather has an environmental impact of 159 compared to 44 for polyester and 98 for cotton.

Cattle farming is linked to deforestation, gas emissions, and the overuse of precious natural resources. By buying a vegan handbag, you get to support sustainable fashion that cares about the animals, ecosystems, and our planet as a whole.

What To Look For In Vegan Handbags?

There are several things to consider when buying a vegan handbag.

For one, you should make sure the bag you are buying is really vegan. Some faux leather bags may still include animal byproducts in the glue, dye, or detailing of the bag. Thus, it is best you choose handbags that are clearly marked vegan.

In terms of the environment, not all vegan handbags are created equal. If you care about sustainability, go for bags made with natural vegan materials like cork. Other good choices as recycled vegan materials or biobased vegan leather such as apple leather.

You should also find out where your vegan bag is made. North America and Europe have much stricter regulations on employee safety and wellbeing than most Asian countries. If your bag is made in Asia, make sure the company is transparent about the standards in the factory.

Best Vegan Handbag Brands

Here are the best vegan handbag brands for 2024. Find your favorite new vegan purse from the collections of Matt & Nat, Angela Roi, Samara, Fablou, and many others.

These brands offer the most high-quality vegan leather handbags that are also safe, lead-free, sustainable, and ethically made.


Sinbono Vegan Handbags

SINBONO is a New York brand that makes the most charming vegan handbags and wallets. Their styles combine butter-soft vegan leather and faux suede with great craftsmanship.

From SINBONO, you will find the cutest vegan mini bags along with vegan satchel bags, crossbodies, shoulder bags, and top handles – all cruelty-free and eco-friendly.

The company’s motto is “buy one, buy well” by which they make sure their handbags stay fresh and relevant throughout the seasons.

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Alexandra K.

Alexandra K

Nothing is more luxurious than the grape leather collection from Alexandra K. This PETA-certified vegan designer is rocking the runways with her timeless handmade designs.

Along with grape leather, vegan handbags utilize Italian corn leather and eco-PU. Take a pick from smooth and croc-embossed bags you’ll want to carry all day long.

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Expressions NYC

Expressions nyc

American brand Expressions NYC offers certified vegan handbags that are functional and modern. For that, they use recycled plastic bottles and unique water-soluble vegan leather.

Enjoy vibrant collections of vegan bucket bags, box bags, vegan satchels, backpacks, briefcases, and vegan wallets each named after a street of New York.

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Angela Roi

Angela Roi

Ethical vegan handbags from Angela Roi are meticulously crafted by artisans. The British designer boasts exquisite streetwear designs using soft and supple faux leather.

Our favorite styles include their Cher vegan tote bag along with Grace and Hamilton crossbodies in radiant black, beige, and olive green tones.

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Matt & Nat

Matt & Nat

Matt & Nat is a beloved vegan and cruelty-free brand from Montreal. They offer high-quality vegan handbags and designer accessories in gorgeous minimalist designs. 

Shop vegan tote bags, backpacks, satchels, and clutches made from sustainable materials with recycled plastic bottle lining.

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Gunas New York


Gunas is America’s first designer vegan handbag brand from New York. Using premium vegan materials, they craft beautiful vegan leather handbags for the urban woman. 

From oversized vegan tote bags in faux ostrich print to cute vegan handbags with a bow. Cruelty-free styles from Gunas will lighten up your day in pink, blue, and other bright tones.

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Luxtra stands for ‘luxury transformed’. Their vegan handbags use exciting materials like apple skin leather, mango leather, cactus leather, recycled nylon, and silicone. 

Discover vegan leather handbags, backpacks, totes, crossbodies and wallets in metallic and matte hues. The bags are designed in London, ethically made in Italy.

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Samara from Canada offers minimalist vegan handbags and accessories made from apple leather, castor seeds, bamboo, and other eco-friendly vegan materials. 

Featured on Ellen, the brand is simple, modern, and wholesome. We love their vegan tote bags and vegan shoulder bags in beige, almond, and blush tones.

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Ashoka Paris

Ashoka Paris

With Ashoka Paris, French design meets the best cruelty-free and ecological materials. The certified vegan handbags are made with premium vegan fabrics in Italy.

Explore bespoke collections of vegan clutches and purses that exude timeless elegance. The materials include apple skin leather, eco-nappa, microsuede, and recycled PET.

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Loved by Vogue, Ferron has the most beautiful line of vegan crossbody bags. The brand is PETA-certified vegan and uses only sustainably sourced cruelty-free materials.

The elephant logo on the bag stands against the cruelty in fashion. For every purchase, the company makes a donation to an elephant orphanage in Kenya.

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Vegan handbags from Canussa are ethically made in Valencia. They use Oeko-Tex certified microfiber and vegan leather that is ecological and highly resistant.

The Spanish brand has a dreamy selection of vegan tote bags, backpacks, clutches, and wallets in red, brown, camel, and black tones. 

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LaBante London

LaBante London

LaBante London crafts sustainable vegan handbags from recycled materials such as plastic bottles and vegetable waste.

The certified vegan brand has amazing vegan totes, crossbodies, and even laptop bags. The vegan handbags come with many pockets and compartments to store your things in.

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From Fablou, you will find eco-friendly vegan handbags made of silicone. The minimalist tote bags and crossbodies are super soft and silky and at the same time durable.

Silicone is a fantastic organic material that is highly resistant to stains and easy to wipe clean inside and out. All Fablou bags are handmade from cruelty-free materials only.

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Sans Beast

Sans beast

Sans Beast is an Australian brand that offers vegan satchels, backpacks, totes, crossbodies, and many more cruelty-free styles.

We cannot get enough of their Reader Satchel bag with embossed alligator print in soothing vanilla color. The vegan bag comes with many pockets for your comfort.

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Best Vegan Handbags 2024

Here are the best vegan handbags for women in 2024. Check out our favorite vegan-friendly styles for spring, summer, and beyond.

Best Vegan Handbag

Alexandra K. 1.6.1 Mini

Alexandra K. 1.6.1 Mini

Our top pick is this gorgeous vegan handbag from Alexandra K. Handmade from supple and ecological vegan leather, it has many compartments while still being compact and elegant. While we are loving the purple shade, this season unequivocally belongs to Tobacco Croco.

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Best Vegan Tote Bag

Watson & Wolfe Maddox

Watson & Wolfe Maddox Vegan Tote Bag

Maddox is our favorite vegan tote in the world. It is roomy yet minimalist with a beautiful cognac surface and emerald lining. The bag is also available in black & cobalt blue.

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Best Vegan Crossbody Bag

Luxtra Aphra AppleSkin

Luxtra Aphra AppleSkin Vegan Crossbody Bag

This bestselling crossbody is made from leftover apple skins. Crafted in Italy from the highest grade vegan materials, the full-grain texture is resilient and perfect for daily wear. 

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Best Vegan Shoulder Bag

Angela Roi Hamilton

Angela Roi Hamilton Vegan Shoulder Bag

Hamilton is a born wardrobe staple. The shoulder bag has a simple rectangular design with an accordion structure. It is made with vegan micro-pebble leather that is durable and soft.

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Best Vegan Top Handle Bag

Doshi Lady Bag 2

Doshi Lady Bag Vegan Top Handle Bag

We love this vintage vegan top handle bag from Doshi. Made with luxurious microfiber leather, the bag is classy and functional with many internal pockets and a detachable strap.

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Best Vegan Satchel Bag

Gunas New York Jane

Gunas New York Jane Vegan Satchel Bag

Jane will light up your day in many bright colorways. The vegan satchel is made from lead-free and eco-friendly vegan leather. And it comes with a removable makeup bag. 

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Best Vegan Backpack

Matt & Nat Annex

Matt & Nat Annex Vegan Backpack

Everything from Matt & Nat looks great, especially their contemporary vegan backpacks. Made with recycled nylon lining, Annex also works as a shoulder bag.

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Best Vegan Hobo Bag

Fablou Charlotte

Fablou Charlotte Vegan Hobo Bag

Made from Tyvek, this minimalist vegan hobo bag is wipe-clean, waterproof, and lightweight. The functional design can also fit your laptop and a large bottle of water. 

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Best Vegan Clutch

Laflore Paris Clutch Wallet

Laflore Paris Vegan Clutch Wallet

Our favorite vegan clutch is handmade from eco-friendly cork leather. The clutch has a beautiful vintage brass clasp and bright exterior with convenient card slots and zippered pockets.

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Best Vegan Wallet

Jenah St. Vegan Nappa

Jenah St. Vegan Nappa Vegan Wallet

This light blue wallet is a dream. It uses eco-certified vegan Nappa leather with a soft microfiber suede inside. It comes with a chain, so you can also style it as a crossbody. 

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Best Vegan Belt Bag

Samara Fanny Pack

Samara Vegan Fanny Pack

Samara is the most versatile vegan belt bag you can also wear on your shoulder. We adore the minimalist design that is made with quality vegan leather.

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Best Vegan Bucket Bag

Hozen Onyx Drawstring

Hozen Onyx Vegan Drawstring Bag

This stylish vegan bucket bag from Hozen is ethically made in the USA. The drawstring style uses Italian biopolyoil vegan leather with recycled plastic and organic cotton lining.

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Best Vegan Travel Bag

The Morphbag by GSK

The Morphbag by GSK Vegan Travel Bag

The bestselling vegan Morphbag is perfect for traveling. It consists of a maxi tote, crossbody, and a clutch to help organize your things and style you from day to evening.

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Best Vegan Laptop Bag

Ecosusi Vegan Leather Briefcase

Ecosusi Vegan Leather Briefcase and Laptop Bag

This beautiful vintage laptop bag is vegan and cruelty-free. Made with soft PU leather, the bag has many pockets and compartments to fit all your things in. 

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Best Vegan Diaper Bag

Freshly Picked Butterscotch

Freshly Picked Butterscotch Vegan Diaper Bag

This is the cutest vegan diaper bag. Featuring wipeable and stain-resistant vegan leather, the bag has 10 pockets and a spacious central compartment.

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Vegan Handbags Made In USA

Vegan Handbags Made in USA

Looking for an American-made vegan handbag? We got you covered. Vegan handbags from these three Los Angeles brands are all made in the USA by local designers.

» Hozen
Hozen makes sustainable vegan leather handbags in Los Angeles. Shop vegan bucket bags, clutches, and belt bags made with recycled plastic and organic cotton.

» Svala
From Svala, you will find US-made vegan handbags, tote bags, backpacks, clutches, and wallets. The bags use eco-friendly Piñatex, natural cork, and Italian PU leather. 

» HFS Collective
Shop vegan belt bags, fanny packs, and other hands-free designs made in LA. The PETA-certified, female-founded brand loves natural materials like Piñatex, cork, and hemp.

Luxury Vegan Handbags

Luxury Vegan Handbags

So long, Prada and Fendi. Designer vegan handbags are ready to conquer the runways with state-of-art designs and proficient artisanal work. Here are our top 5 vegan luxury handbag brands.

» Alkeme Atelier
» Stella McCartney
» Jenah St.
» Thalie

Affordable Vegan Handbags

Affordable Vegan Handbags

Vegan handbags can simultaneously be cruelty-free and budget-friendly. Explore cheap vegan handbags for less than $100, $50, and even $30. These brands have the best collection of affordable vegan handbags.

» Scarleton
» JW Pei
» Melie Bianco
» La Terre
» Isabelle & FashionPuzzle

Cork, Bamboo & Straw Bags

Cork Vegan Handbags

Mother Nature is astonishing. These eco-friendly vegan handbags are made from cork, bamboo, straw, and other natural materials. Enjoy a handbag that is leather-free, plastic-free, sustainable, and ethically made.

» Murmali
» Stelar
» Kayu
» Corkor
» Bark & Leaf

What Are Vegan Handbags Made Of?

A vegan handbag is free from animal materials such as leather, suede, and fur. Instead, a vegan handbag is made from faux leather or natural materials like cork, bamboo, cotton, or silicone. Vegan handbags are also free from animal-derived glues and dyes.

The most common material used in vegan handbags is PU leather. It is a soft synthetic fabric that can easily imitate animal leather, including exotic crocodile and ostrich leathers. PU also offers a safe, lead-free alternative to PVC leather (polyvinyl chloride).

If you would rather avoid virgin plastic, you have a wide choice of natural and recycled options for vegan handbags. Today, recycled plastic bottles are widely used in vegan bags along with recycled nylon and polyester.

Vegan designers are also using a variety of biobased leathers made from food waste. Apple skin leather, corn leather, and mango leather are just a few materials that make a great eco-friendly alternative to traditional synthetics.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vegan Handbags

What are vegan handbags?

Vegan handbags are made from synthetic vegan leather or natural materials such as cork, cotton, or bamboo. 

What are vegan leather handbags made of?

Vegan leather is usually made of PU leather or microfiber. Biobased vegan leathers like apple skin leather, cactus leather, and Piñatex are widely used.

What designer handbags are vegan?

All handbags from designers Alexandra K, Angela Roi, Stella McCartney, and Jill Milan are vegan. Karl Lagerfeld’s new K/Kushion bag is also vegan-friendly.

Are vegan handbags high quality?

Vegan handbags are of great quality when made from durable vegan materials. For high-quality vegan handbags, we recommend Angela Roi, Matt & Nat, and Gunas.

Where to buy vegan handbags?

The best place to buy vegan handbags is from online stores like Immaculate Vegan and Alltrueist. Also, Amazon has a wide selection of vegan bags available.

Does Macy’s sell vegan handbags? 

Macy’s does have a small selection of vegan handbags. They offer some vegan styles from Gunas, Kenneth Cole, and Miele Bianco.

Is Kate Spade vegan?

No, Kate Spade is not a vegan brand since it uses animal leather. Some of their bags are made with synthetic materials but none of the styles is certified vegan.


The choice of vegan handbags reaches far and wide. From Los Angeles to Paris, London, Amsterdam, and Hong Kong – the more vegan designers we see popping up, the quicker animal leather will become distant past.

Vegan bags come in all materials, shapes, colors, and price ranges. From handbags under 30 dollars to over 800 – you can spend whatever amount you feel comfortable with. Though whenever possible, buy a purse made from natural or recycled materials.

Vegan handbags made in the USA are truly precious to us. Especially since American production is rare across all fashion sectors. By supporting local artisans, you can invest in your community and also cut the environmental impact of transportation.

Hope you found your new favorite handbag for this season and the next ones. We will update this list as new brands and styles come along.

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My name is Liis. I have been a vegan for a long time and I advocate for the vegan lifestyle. Through Vegan Avenue, I aim to provide quality information about vegan products and bring attention to amazing vegan companies.