Best Vegan Wallets For Men And Women 2024

By Liis Hainla. Updated: January 2024.
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Vegan Wallets

A wallet is the most popular accessory in the world. Unfortunately, most wallets are still made of animal leather.

If you would rather not keep your money inside a dead animal, there are many great alternatives to traditional leather.

Here are the best vegan wallets for women and men in 2024. Discover cruelty-free vegan brands like Corkor and Doshi that make beautiful non-leather wallets.

What Makes A Wallet Vegan?

A vegan wallet is a wallet made with synthetic or plant-based materials such as vegan leather or cork. Vegan wallets are also free of animal-derived glue.

The most common non-vegan material in the wallet industry is leather. Leather is derived from the skins of calves, sheep, lambs, goats, pigs, and other animals.

Though a natural material, leather uses tons of chemicals to keep it from decomposing. Thus, leather is not only cruel to animals but hostile to our planet.

Adhesives in wallets may also contain animal ingredients such as isinglass (made from fish bladders or pig remains) and casein (from cow’s milk).

Instead of real leather, vegan wallet brands use synthetic leather, apple skin leather, polyester, or plant-derived materials such as cork, cotton, and woven hemp.

What To Look For In A Vegan Wallet?

What To Look For In Vegan Wallets

When shopping for vegan wallets, find one that is easy to clean and maintain. The longer your wallet lasts, the more sustainable it essentially is.

Vegan leather and cork are great materials can you easily clean with a damp cloth. We also like hemp and cotton wallets that are machine washable.

Another thing you should pay attention to when buying a vegan wallet is security. If possible, choose a vegan wallet that has RFID protection.

RFID-blocking wallets are specially designed to protect you from electronic theft in a world where credit card swiping is regular.

Sustainable Materials For Vegan Wallets

These are the most sustainable materials for vegan wallets. These materials are highly durable, wear similar to leather, and are easy to clean.

Best Vegan Wallet Brands

Here are the best brands for vegan wallets for women and men. These cruelty-free companies offer a variety of high-quality and sustainable vegan wallets.

Matt & Nat

Matt & Nat Vegan Wallets

This Canadian vegan brand makes sustainable and ethical vegan wallets for men and women. Their designs are loved by the vegan community and beyond.

Established already in 1995, Matt & Nat has always valued eco-friendly fashion that is animal-free and inspired by nature.

Matt & Nat vegan leather wallets are minimalist, contemporary, and use only high-quality and recycled vegan materials.

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Ashoka Paris

Ashoka Paris Vegan Wallets

French brand Ashoka offers luxurious vegan designer wallets primarily for women. Their designs can be characterized as timeless and sleek.

The vegan wallets and handbags are designed in Paris and made in Italy. The wallets use innovative eco-Nappa, apple skin leather, and recycled plastic bottles.

As a PETA-approved vegan brand, Ashoka also donates a portion of its proceeds to different animal rights groups.

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Luxtra is a vegan accessory brand from London. They offer gorgeous vegan wallets made only from innovative cruelty-free materials.

The brand uses a variety of biobased vegan leathers such as apple leather, corn leather, grape leather, pineapple leather, and even cactus leather.

You can choose between classic vegan wallet purses and small vegan zipped wallets – the colorways range from electric bright tones to classic black.

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Watson & Wolfe

Watson & Wolfe

Another great British brand, Watson & Wolfe makes premium vegan leather wallets, handbags, and other accessories. Their designs look and feel exactly like leather.

The main material they use is biobased corn leather. Derived from non-edible corn, it makes a good eco-friendly alternative to traditional PU leather.

Watson & Wolfe offers vegan wallets for both men and women. Discover high-quality purses as well as vegan bifold wallets, trifold wallets, and vegan coin pockets.

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Corkor makes ethical cork wallets in Portugal. A natural fiber, cork is insanely light, soft, and smooth. It’s also resistant to abrasion and water.

The brand offers vegan bifold wallets, long wallets, vegan card pockets, coin pockets, RFID wallets, vegan square wallets, and many more.

Corkor is a PETA-approved vegan brand that uses only sustainable certified cork. All products are made in small quantities to eliminate overproduction.

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Gunas New York

Gunas New York

If you are looking for high-quality vegan leather wallets, Gunas is the one. The New York Brand offers beautiful vegan wallets for women and men.

The PETA-approved vegan fashion brand makes faux leather vegan wallets and handbags. The products are all ethically made in South Korea.

Gunas wants to be the voice for the animals. We love that their animal-free vegan wallets come in many classic and bright colors.

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Couch Vegan Wallets

If you are looking for a vegan wallet made in the USA, Coach is a good choice. This brand is 100% vegan and uses mainly recycled materials.

Coach wallets and guitar straps are made from repurposed auto upholstery vinyl aka synthetic vegan leather. Their designs have a cool rock n roll edge to them.

Shop all types of vegan wallets: vegan trucker wallets, vegan wallets with a money clip, vegan slimline wallets, passport wallets, checkbook wallets, and cardholders.

PS don’t confuse this brand with the luxury fashion brand Coach which also makes designer wallets (not vegan ones, though).

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Doshi is one of the fiercest ethical vegan wallet brands. They offer a range of well-designed accessories, all made of non-leather materials.

From Doshi, you will find a selection of vegan accordion wallets, vegan trifold and zip-around wallets, vegan passport wallets, and vegan cardholders.

Ethical and environmental principles are very important to Doshi. The Californian brand also engages in charity and supports vegan organizations.

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Will’s Vegan Store

Will's Vegan Store Wallets

Mainly known for high-quality vegan shoes, Will’s also has a fantastic range of premium vegan leather wallets for men and women.

Will’s as a company is entirely vegan and cruelty-free. Their high-quality vegan leather goods are made ethically and carbon-neutrally in Italy and Portugal.

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Best Vegan Wallets For Women

These are the best vegan wallets for women in 2024. Shop leather-free wallets that make a beautiful sustainable accessory.

Matt & Nat Central Vegan Wallet

Matt & Nat Central Vegan Wallet For Women

Matt & Natt Central is our favorite vegan leather wallet for women. It is made with high-quality materials, looks super sleek, and fits everything you need.

The timeless vegan leather wallet has 14 card pockets and 2 bill compartments. The wallet also has a coin pocket and a convenient all-around zipper.

All outer material is recycled and made entirely of plastic bottles. The wallet comes in a variety of beautiful colorways.

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Soneha Thamon Vegan Leaf Leather Wallet

Soneha Thamon Vegan Leaf Leather Wallet For Women

This stunning deep green vegan leather wallet is handmade in San Francisco, California. It uses only cruelty-free materials including vegan leaf leather.

The vegan wallet has an elegant fold-over top with snap fastening. It features multiple compartments including 12 credit card slots and a transparent ID pocket.

If you are looking for a quality vegan wallet made in the USA – this is the one.

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Watson & Wolfe Wilton Zip Purse Wallet

Watson & Wolfe Continental Zip Vegan Wallet For Women

Wilton may look like a classic leather wallet but in fact, it is entirely vegan, cruelty-free, and ethically handmade in Europe.

This vegan wallet purse uses the most eco-conscious vegan materials such as biobased Italian corn leather and recycled plastic bottle lining.

The wallet is super soft, durable, and spacious. It features 8 credit card pockets, a zippered central compartment, and 2 slip pockets.

In addition to this gorgeous Rust & Emerald colorway, the luxury vegan wallet is available in black and navy.

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Cork Culture Handmade Cork Wallet

Cork Culture Handmade Cork Vegan Wallet For Women

This handcrafted vegan wallet with a cardholder is made from soft and durable cork. The natural cork wallet is stylish as well as environmentally friendly.

The cork vegan wallet has 8 card pockets, an interior zip pocket, two interior slip pockets for cash notes, and a remarkable floral pattern.

Why we love cork wallets is that they wear very similar to leather – they weather beautifully in time without breaking.

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Jenah St. Vegan Nappa Leather Wallet

Jenah St. Vegan Nappa Leather Wallet For Women

This women’s designer vegan wallet is designed in Berlin and ethically made in Italy. It has a beautiful light blue colorway with a dreamy vintage feel.

The vegan wallet is made from luxurious vegan Nappa leather and soft microfiber suede inside. It features multiple card pockets and a zipper coin pocket.

The best part – the wallet comes with a gold chain, so you can also wear it as a shoulder bag or a crossbody bag.

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Ashoka Paris Companion Oxymore

Ashoka Paris Companion Oxymore

Nothing beats noir. Ashoka’s elegant black vegan wallet is made from innovative apple skin leather. The wallet is both sustainable and timelessly elegant.

The wallet has 3 inner pockets and 3 bellows. It also holds 8 cards and paper notes. In addition to apple leather, the vegan wallet uses recycled plastic bottles.

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Luxtra Esther Vegan Continental Wallet

Luxtra Esther Recycled Nylon Continental

Esther is an electric pink vegan wallet made of recycled nylon. We love the nylon textile for its incredibly durable, water-resistant, and easy to wipe clean.

The vegan wallet has 8 internal card pockets, 1 zipped pocket, 1 slide pocket, and 2 pockets for notes, money, and receipts.

The wallet also has a secure snap button fastening and a contrasting bright orange interior.

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Uto Small Vegan Wallet for Women

Uto Small Vegan Wallet for Women

Looking for an affordable vegan wallet for under $20? We love this small vegan wallet made from soft synthetic vegan leather.

The small vegan wallet has a unique design that seems tiny but holds everything you need. It closes securely with a snap closure.

The wallet has 6 card pockets and one transparent ID card pocket. It also has 1 cash pocket and a zippered pocket. The chic leaf-shaped pendant offers added value.

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Dreem Fibonacci Vegan Wallet Case 

Dreem Fibonacci 2-in-1 Vegan Wallet Case

This vegan phone wallet case is your most compact friend. With the phone case, you can be sure that your money and credit cards are always with you.

The unisex vegan wallet with RFID blocking is safe and secure, has 3 cardholders, and a special pocket for cash notes.

All Dreem phone cases are made from high-quality faux leather. You can select the phone case according to your phone type.

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FT Funtor Wristlet Wallet For Women

FT Funtor Vegan Wristlet Wallet

This affordable vegan wallet is perfect for those who are looking for a vegan wallet with a strap, so it could be used as a purse.

The non-PVC vegan wallet is made of high-quality vegan polyurethane leather. The wallet has 8 credit card holders, 1 zippered pocket, and 5 other compartments.

The zip wallet with a bifold closure offers plenty of room for everything important from money to keys. Even the smartphone fits.

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Monarque Frida Kahlo Poppies Coin Purse

Monarque Frida Kahlo Poppies Vegan Coin Purse

If you are looking for a small vegan wallet, look no further than this cute Frida Kahlo vegan coin purse. The purse is handmade in the USA.

This small vegan leather RFID wallet has a large coin pouch, 3 card slots, and additional storage pockets. It is compact and looks beautiful.

The vegan coin purse also comes with a keychain, so you can attach it to your other essentials.

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Best Vegan Wallets For Men

These vegan wallets for men come highly recommended. Shop durable wallets that are eco-friendly and cruelty-free.

Oliver Co. London Premium Apple Leather RFID Wallet

Oliver Co. London Premium Apple Skin RFID Compact Vegan Wallet For Men

The best vegan wallet for men is this black apple leather wallet from Oliver Co. The vegan wallet is super durable and armed with RFID protection.

The sustainable vegan wallet uses smooth biobased apple leather that softens in time. The wallet lining is made from recycled polyester.

The bifold vegan wallet holds up to 11 credit cards along with folded notes and receipts. The wallet is also available in dark blue and forest green.

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Access Denied Vegan Leather Bifold Wallet

Access Denied Vegan Leather Bifold Wallet For Men

This faux leather men’s vegan wallet perfectly combines functionality with style.

It has a classic bifold closure and a practical compact design. It fits 10 cards including an ID card and has 2 slip pockets and 2 compartments for cash.

The best part – it is a men’s vegan wallet with an RFID blocking system. The wallet also comes in a gift box, so it’s a perfect present on any occasion.

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Corkor Slim Vegan Wallet for Men

Corkor Slim Vegan Wallet for Men

The trendy and minimalist cork vegan wallet for men is a statement piece. The wallet is sustainable, natural, and extremely well crafted.

The slim vegan wallet is incredibly lightweight. It fits seamlessly in both trouser and jacket pockets.

The durable vegan wallet also has RFID blocking technology to protect you from skimming and data theft.

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Matt & Nat Watson Vegan Wallet

Matt & Nat Watson

This small non-PVC vegan wallet has a zip-around closure so you can be sure that nothing will fall out. It looks great and does the job well.

It has space for 6 cards, has one compartment for cash, a slit pocket, and a small pocket with a zip for coins. The wallet is small but fits everything essential.

The most awesome thing is that this vegan wallet is made of recycled plastic bottles.

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Doshi Slim Wallet With ID Sleeve

Doshi Slim Men's Vegan Wallet with ID Sleeve

If you are looking for a traditional bifold vegan wallet, we recommend the bestselling Slim Wallet from Doshi.

The PETA-certified vegan wallet uses smooth vegan leather that is scratch-resistant. The wallet has cool folded edges that make it even more durable.

Doshi’s slim vegan wallet also has RFID protection, multiple card slots, and a convenient transparent ID pocket.

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Gunas New York Woody Men’s Vegan Wallet

Gunas New York Woody

Woody is an ultra-light sustainable vegan leather wallet named after the vegan actor and activist Woody Harrelson.

The ecological vegan wallet is made with innovative plant-based leather MulbTex – a paper pulp fabric derived from Mulberry tree leaves.

The functional wallet fits everything you need. It holds up to 8 credit cards, it has a zipped coin pocket, slip pocket, and a window slot for your ID.

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Watson & Wolfe Trifold Vegan RFID Protective Wallet

Watson & Wolfe Trifold Vegan RFID Protective Vegan Wallet For Men

This vegan trifold wallet from Watson & Wolfe is handmade from innovative eco-friendly vegan leather – non-edible corn.

The top layer of the corn wallet is vegan PU, so it’s abrasion and scratch-resistant. The lining of the men’s vegan wallet is made from plastic bottles.

It has space for 9 cards, 1 long compartment for cash, secret pockets for receipts and notes, and an eyelet for attaching a belt chain.

We love the classic high-quality design. This vegan chain wallet also has an RFID protective system.

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EvenOdd Creative Glen Waxed Canvas Wallet

EvenOdd Creative Waxed Canvas Vegan Wallet

EvenOdd is a creative studio from New York. They have created this unique rugged vegan wallet made from waxed canvas and recycled bike tubes.

Much like leather, waxed canvas ages beautifully over and develops a unique patina. The canvas is made from water-resistant cotton fabric and paraffin wax.

This canvas vegan wallet has a full-width cash pocket and 4 card slots (each accommodates 3 cards). It comes in a variety of trendy colors.

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Oliver Co. London Slim Vegan Cardholder 

Oliver Co. London Slim Vegan Cardholder

If you don’t like cash and mostly carry credit cards, you might want to think about getting a vegan cardholder instead of a wallet.

Oliver Co. London vegan cardholder has a very chic and modern design. There is space for 6 cards, and if you want, you can also fit money and receipts in it.

This slim vegan leather wallet is made with certified organic cotton and Italian apple leather. It has hand-painted edges and the lining is made of organic cotton satin.

The vegan unisex wallet comes in two colors – black and blue. It is the closest you can get when looking for an organic vegan wallet.

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FAQ About Vegan Wallets

What are vegan wallets?

A vegan wallet is a wallet made with synthetic or plant-based materials. No animal products or animal-tested ingredients have been used in the manufacturing.

What are vegan wallets made of?

Vegan wallet brands are mostly made of synthetic leather, apple skin leather, polyester, or plant-derived materials such as cotton, cork, and woven hemp.

What are the best vegan wallets?

The best vegan wallets are Matt & Nat Central Wallet, Ashoka Paris Companion  Vegan Wallet, and Oliver Co. London Premium Apple Leather RFID Wallet.

Where to buy a vegan wallet?

You can find the best selection of vegan wallets online. The best vegan brands for wallets are Matt & Nat, Luxtra, Watson & Wolfe, and Corkor.


Buying a vegan wallet is the kind and sustainable choice we should all be making. Cruel animal skin wallets can rest in the past.

Instead of animal leather, vegan brands make wallets out of ethically sourced materials, apple skin leather, woven hemp, cork, and recycled plastic bottles.

Whether you need a multitasking wallet or a simple cardholder – we hope you found the right vegan option from our list.

We love vegan wallets from Matt & Nat, Luxtra, and Ashoka Paris. As we find new vegan-friendly wallet brands, we will let you know about them.

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My name is Liis. I have been a vegan for a long time and I advocate for the vegan lifestyle. Through Vegan Avenue, I aim to provide quality information about vegan products and bring attention to amazing vegan companies.