Vegan Makeup Brushes: Find The Best Vegan Makeup Brush Brands 2023

By Liis Hainla. Updated: January 2023.
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Vegan Makeup Brushes

It used to be a common opinion that synthetic brushes are worse than brushes made out of animal hair. Fortunately, that has changed. 

Vegan brushes are no longer considered scratchy or bristly. In fact, vegan brushes today are even smoother, softer, and less sticky than animal hair brushes. 

While animal hair is porous, vegan brushes are naturally antibacterial and suitable for all skin types and sensitivities.

To hook you up with the best makeup tools, here are the best vegan makeup brushes for 2023. Blend, sweep, and buff – these brushes do it all.

What Makes A Makeup Brush Vegan?

What Makes A Makeup Brush Vegan

Non-vegan makeup brushes are usually made from animal hair such as squirrel, mink, goat, sable, or pony hair.

Instead, vegan brands use synthetic bristles and fibers like nylon and Taklon. Many vegan fibers today are also made from recycled plastic bottles.

What To Look For In A Vegan Makeup Brush?

The most reliable vegan makeup brushes usually use nylon or Taklon bristles. Those soft synthetic bristles perform well, dry quickly, and are easy to clean.

Quality vegan makeup brushes also have a strong metal ferrule. The ferrule secures the bristles to the brush stick and gives longevity to the brush.

If you care about sustainability, go for a vegan makeup brush that uses recycled fibers. Sustainable brushes also have a recycled or wooden handle.

Best Vegan Makeup Brush Brands

Makeup is only as good as the makeup brush you apply it with. Here are the best brands for vegan makeup brushes that help you sculpt your face like a pro.


Hourglass Vegan Makeup Brushes

American company Hourglass is one of the most preferred brands of vegan makeup brushes by professional makeup artists.

Launched in 2001, Hourglass has always stood against animal testing. As of December 2020, the company is also fully vegan.

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Real Techniques

Real Techniques Vegan Makeup Brushes

Real Techniques is another beloved brand for vegan makeup accessories. Their bestselling brushes are all PETA-certified vegan and cruelty-free.

You can find vegan makeup brushes in beautiful bright shades like rose gold, purple, pink, and orange. The price-quality ratio of the brushes is really on-point.

In addition to brushes, Real Techniques is also known for its famous makeup sponges made with latex-free technology.

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EcoTools Vegan Makeup Brushes

If you are looking for eco-friendly vegan makeup brushes, go for EcoTools. Their brushes use renewable fibers as well as recycled aluminum and plastic.

The mission of EcoTools mission is to create exceptional makeup brushes and blenders that are planet-friendly, vegan-friendly, and affordable.

Committed to clean beauty, their new makeup packaging is also made with biodegradable materials that use 88% less plastic.

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Rare Beauty

Rare Beauty

Founded by American singer-songwriter-actor Selena Gomez, Rare Beauty is fairly new in the makeup world. But it’s making waves already.

Rare Beauty has a small but high-quality collection of vegan makeup brushes for foundation, concealing, and eyeshadow.

The brushes have gotten fantastic reviews for their quality design and soft and silky bristles. What’s best – Rare Beauty is 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

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Luxie Beauty

Luxie Beauty

Luxie Beauty was founded in 2014 in California, USA. They make the most luxurious cruelty-free makeup brushes and other makeup accessories.

With their soft pink and blue designs, Luxie’s brush collections look aesthetic and perform well, too. That is why makeup artists from all over the world love them.

Luxie’s tools are always cruelty-free and entirely vegan.

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MOTD Cosmetics

MOTD Cosmestic

MOTD Cosmetics is a female-owned beauty brand that specialized in high-grade vegan makeup brushes. And their brushes truly rock.

Made out of high-quality Taklon bristles, MOTD has the widest selection of vegan brushes for your face, eyes, lips, and brows.

Along with vegan brushes, MOTD also offers luxurious vegan lashes made from lightweight faux mink hair.

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Best Vegan Makeup Brushes

We are happy to introduce you to vegan makeup brushes that have nothing to do with animal hair. Cruelty-free, high-quality, and softer than ever, let’s go.

Best Vegan Brush Set

Sigma Beauty Essential Brush Kit

Sigma Beauty Essential Vegan Makeup Brush Kit

Sigma Essential Brush Kit is the Rolls Royce of vegan makeup brushes. It comes highly recommended by makeup artists and amateurs alike.

The kit consists of 12 professional vegan brushes for the face and eyes. The brushes collect, apply, and blend makeup with precision and ease.

The kit uses high-grade patented SigmaTech fibers that are soft yet dense. The brushes also have a strong ferrule and sleek, durable handles.

Like with most vegan makeup brushes, the brushes are also antimicrobial and really easy to clean.

Sigma is an American cruelty-free company. All their brushes are vegan-friendly.

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Best Vegan Powder Brush

KVD Beauty Lock-It Setting Powder Brush

KVD Beauty Lock-It Vegan Setting Powder Brush

Some say they can’t live without KVD Beauty’s Lock-it Setting Powder Brush. And we get it – it really is a mighty good brush.

What makes this vegan powder brush unique is its shape.

It is designed to fit the tricky under-eye area as well as apply loose powder seamlessly onto the rest of the face.

The bristles of the brush are also super soft. And the vegan can be used for applying blush or even highlighter.

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Best Vegan Foundation Brush

Hourglass Vanish Foundation Brush

Hourglass Vanish Vegan Foundation Brush

This bestselling vegan foundation brush from Hourglass leaves you with a flawless foundation.

This PETA-approved Taklon brush is luxuriously soft and maximizes your foundation application. The synthetic bristles are also skin-friendly and hypoallergenic.

Its exclusive shape reaches every curve of the face, even under-eyes and around the nose. The result is super smooth and even.

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Best Vegan Eyeshadow Brush

Rare Beauty Stay Vulnerable Eyeshadow Brush

Rare Beauty Stay Vulnerable Vegan Eyeshadow Brush

Stay Vulnerable is perfect for applying and blending eyeshadow. It works great with liquid, cream, and shimmery shadows for a mess-free and precise result.

The vegan eyeshadow brush is soft, smooth, and gentle on your eyes. Mimicking fingertips, it builds pigment beautifully for a natural result.

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Best Vegan Highlighter Brush

Sephora Collection Pro Highlight Brush

Sephora Collection Pro Vegan Highlight Brush

Sephora isn’t 100% vegan but their Pro highlight brush is. No matter your face shape, this vegan brush brightens and highlights key features with ease.

We like that this vegan highlighter brush has a small domed tip. It provides a detailed application and glides the product on effortlessly.

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Best Vegan Concealer Brush

Tarte SEA Hydrocealer Concealer Brush

Tarte SEA Hydrocealer Vegan Concealer Brush

Tarte is a great cruelty-free brand with a wide variety of vegan brushes.

This beautiful light blue vegan concealer brush helps to get rid of dark areas, blemishes, and sleepy eyes.

The vegan brush gives additional coverage wherever you need it. Its tapered dome shape leaves you with a flawless airbrushed finish.

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Best Vegan Blush Brush

MODT Get Cheeky With It Blush Brush

MODT Get Cheeky With It Vegan Blush Brush

Ideal for applying blush and bronzer, this angled vegan makeup brush gorgeously blends pigment on your cheekbones. You will get a fantastic pop of color.

We love how soft and flexible this vegan brush is. It works well with all types of blushes, be it pressed, liquid, or cream blushes.

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Best Vegan Kabuki Brush

Isle Of Paradise Blending Kabuki Brush

Brushes 33 Isle Of Paradise Blending Vegan Kabuki Brush

Vegan brand Isle Of Paradise has come out with a superb multipurpose vegan kabuki brush for face and body makeup.

The high-quality brush is amazing for applying self-tanners for a perfectly even and glowing result. It leaves no streaks whatsoever.

You can also use it for applying bronzers, highlighters, and other types of makeup. You will love how smooth the brush feels against your skin.

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Best Vegan Lip Brush

Luxie Beauty 160 Lip Brush

Luxie Beauty 160 Vegan Lip Brush

Luxie’s vegan lip brush looks fabulous and is well constructed with high-quality vegan fibers.

The round-edged brush picks up just the right amount of lip product and allows for total precision and control.

The brush is easy to use, mess-free and works well with matte lipsticks, lip tints, and shimmery glosses. A high-pigmented result is guaranteed.

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Best Vegan Eyeliner Brush

100% Pure Eyeliner Brush

100% Pure Vegan Eyeliner Brush

Everything from 100% Pure is vegan and ethically made in the USA.

This beautiful vegan eyeliner brush has an extra-fine paintbrush tip that allows your to apply eyeliner with great precision and ease.

This brush works with all formulas – liquid, gel, or powder. Use it wet or dry, the vegan brush delivers a professional result either way.

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Best Vegan Brow Brush

Beautyblender The Player 3-Way Brow Brush

Beautyblender The Player 3-Way Vegan Brow Brush

We love a vegan makeup brush that works overtime. This 3-way vegan brow brush takes care of your brows while defining and separating your lashes.

The soft angled bristles are great for placing brow creams, gels, powders, and waxes. The brush combs, fills, and defines your brows with ease.

This brow brush is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and made in the USA.

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Best Vegan Makeup Brush Cleaner

Shany Detox Professional Brush Cleanser

Shany Detox Professional Vegan Makeup Brush Cleanser

If you are looking for a vegan makeup brush cleanser, go for Shany Detox Professional Brush Cleanser.

This natural paraben-free formula works perfectly with synthetic hairs. Created with leaf juice and flower extract, the cleanser is effective and dries quickly.

In addition to brush cleansing, the vegan brush cleanser can be used as a palette disinfector and makeup retoucher.

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Affordable Vegan Makeup Brushes

There are plenty of options when looking for an affordable vegan makeup brush. From E.l.f. to Flower Beauty, these vegan brushes are budget-friendly yet reliable.

» E.l.f cosmetics
» Real Technique
» Flower Beauty

Professional Vegan Makeup Brushes

For a luxury experience, invest in a professional vegan makeup brush that is used by makeup artists and industry influencers.

You can find the best high-end vegan makeup brushes recommended by professionals from these brands.

» Westman Atelier
» Hourglass
» Sigma Beauty

Plastic-Free Vegan Makeup Brushes

Reducing plastic waste is important. Yet, when it comes to vegan makeup brushes, it is difficult. It’s virtually impossible to find a 100% plastic-free brush.

At the moment, there is just not a good organic or biodegradable vegan alternative to synthetic bristles.

That being said, what you can do is choose a vegan makeup brush with a plastic-free and even organic handle.

These are our top picks for vegan makeup brushes with plastic-free handles.

» Elate Cosmetics
» EcoTools
» Every Day Minerals

FAQ About Vegan Makeup Brushes

Are vegan makeup brushes good?

Yes, vegan makeup brushes are good. Most makeup artists and beauty experts even prefer synthetic brushes to animal-based ones. Synthetic hair is often considered softer and easier to take care of.

What are vegan makeup brushes made of?

Vegan makeup brushes are made with synthetic fibers, most likely nylon and Taklon. Vegan makeup brushes also use fibers made from recycled plastic bottles.

How to clean vegan makeup brushes?

Clean makeup brushes with warm water and a makeup cleanser. Wet the brush and put the cleaner in the palm of your hand. In a circular motion, clean the wet brush in your hand and rinse under running warm water.

Are synthetic makeup brushes vegan?

Mostly, yes. Synthetic makeup brushes are considered vegan when there is no usage of animal-derived ingredients or ingredients tested on animals.

Are kabuki brushes vegan?

Kabuki brushes can be both vegan and non-vegan. Kabuki refers to the design of the brush which usually means dense and fluffy bristles with a short handle.

Where to buy vegan makeup brushes?

You can find the largest variety of vegan makeup brushes online. When shopping for a vegan makeup brush in a drugstore, look for a brush with a certified vegan label.

What are the best vegan makeup brushes?

The best vegan makeup brushes are Hourglass, Real Techniques, and EcoTools brushes.


Vegan makeup brushes are in every way superior to animal hair brushes. In quality, ethics, environmental impact, and often also the price.

Preferred by beauty professionals, synthetic brushes today perform better. They are softer, easier to maintain, and naturally hypoallergenic.

We love the bestselling vegan brushes of Hourglass and Real Techniques. And there is a lot to discover in the collection of newer brands such as MOTD Cosmetics.

In the future, we wish to see more vegan makeup brushes made in the USA. We’d also be happy to find 100% plastic-free vegan makeup brushes.

Hope you found the kind of vegan makeup brush you were after. Or a great vegan brush set. You can never have too many vegan things!

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My name is Liis. I have been a vegan for a long time and I advocate for the vegan lifestyle. Through Vegan Avenue, I aim to provide quality information about vegan products and bring attention to amazing vegan companies.