Honest 8000Kicks Backpack Review: See The Pros & Cons

By Liis Hainla. Updated: April 2023.
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They’ve done it again. 8000Kicks has blown up Kickstarter. But this time not with cannabis sneakers but with their brand new waterproof hemp backpack.

We were lucky to try out this vegan backpack before it hit the market. And while sequels seldom work, I must say, I think I like the bag even more than the shoes.

Our ratings for the 8000Kicks backpack: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.6/5

  • Durability: 5/5
  • Comfort: 5/5
  • Design: 5/5
  • Size: 4/5
  • Sustainability: 4/5

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8000Kicks Backpack Specs

8000Kicks has made the ultimate ‘everyday vegan hemp backpack’ that promises to be three things: waterproof, durable, and sustainable.

The rolltop backpack looks great and it has many fantastic things going on for it. Here are some specifications of the backpack:

Style: rolltop backpack
Size: expandable from 18L to 30L
Weight: 1.2kg or 2.6lbs
Colorways: black, green, beige
Composition: waterproof hemp textile, recycled polyester lining, mesh padding
Opening: zipped rolltop opening with extra clasp
Storage: one large compartment; 16″,15″ and 13″ computer sleeve, book/tablet sleeve, small pockets, pen holder, zipped front pocket, external hidden pocket
Comfort: padded straps, ergonomic back panel, breathable mesh pad, chest belt
Carry System: adjustable shoulder straps with chest belt
Other features: USB power plug, water bottle holder, hanging belt

8000Kicks Hemp Backpack Review

8000Kicks Hemp Backpack Review

My partner and I have used the bag for almost three months now from rainy April to hot June. We have worn it walking, cycling, and traveling across countries – it’s been sufficiently put to the test.

8000Kicks Backpack Pros

Here is what we like about the 8000Kicks backpack:

  • It’s vegan – The backpack is vegan and cruelty-free. 8000Kicks has confirmed no animal-derived materials, adhesives, or dyes have been used in the making of this backpack.
  • It looks great – The backpack simply looks great, it’s urban, minimalist, and practical. We also love the three earthy colorways. It’s a bag that doesn’t try too hard. I’ve gotten many compliments already wearing it.
  • It’s made from hemp – Hemp is the best. The natural fibers of the hemp plant are strong and durable as well as waterproof and antimicrobial. If it were up to me, all backpacks would be made from hemp.
  • It uses recycled polyester – I love vegan backpacks that utilize waste materials that would otherwise end up in landfills. The backpack has a recycled polyester lining that is sustainable, durable, and anti-odor.
  • It’s waterproof – We tested the backpack and believe it or not – it really is waterproof. The hemp textile is waterproof and also the zippers are waterproof which is a big plus. You can wear it in rain and snow, your belongings will stay safe and dry.
  • It has adjustable volume – The biggest advantage of rolltop backpacks is that you can adjust the size. You can use this backpack as an 18L daypack or do some backpacking by converting it into a 30L bag.
  • It’s comfortable to wear – The vegan backpack is padded in all the right places. Even when you fill the bag up to the brim, it still feels cozy to wear thanks to padded straps and back support. No back pain from this one.
  • Super spacious – This bag can fit a lot. It fits everything you need for a long weekend, including your laptop, books, clothes, makeup, and other essentials. For those who have always wanted a larger daypack, this one’s for you.
  • Easy to organize things – 8000Kicks has put real effort into the compartments. The bag has both external and internal pockets, different-sized laptop sleeves, a USB pocket, and even pen holders. I especially like the roomy zipped pocket in the front for my phone and wallet.
  • Anti-theft design – Rolltop backpacks are actually quite safe. To open the main compartment, you need to first open the clasp, roll open the top, and then unzip. Makes stealing so much harder. The backpack also has a hidden pocket on your back.

8000Kicks Backpack Cons

Here is what we don’t like about the 8000Kicks backpack:

  • It’s not certified vegan – Official vegan certification from PETA or some other animal organization would be a great guarantee that the backpack truly is vegan. While we trust 8000Kicks, we wish they would go the extra mile with getting the official label and help us vegans sleep better at night.
  • It’s a bit awkward in size – I love that the bag is spacious and that you can adjust the volume. But design-wise, it falls somewhere in between a daypack and a large traveling backpack. I personally prefer a smaller 16L daypack and would rather use this for weekend getaways.
  • It’s a bit masculine – While I love the design, it is not for everybody. The design is officially gender-neutral but it leans a bit more towards masculine because of its square shape and larger size. It’s not as sleek as some other rolltops out there.
  • It’s not easy to access – Rolltop backpack is not the easiest to access, especially if you use it as a daypack. The external zipped pocket helps though. You can keep your essentials there.
  • It’s missing an internal zipped pocket – If I could redesign it, I would also add one additional zipped compartment to this backpack for my makeup, jewelry, and other smaller essentials. Currently, I carry them in a separate case.
  • Black textile attracts dust – While this backpack is easy to just wipe clean with a damp cloth, I‘ve noticed the black textile does attract quite a lot of dust and dog hair. The beige colorway would’ve been better in this regard.
  • It doesn’t stand up on its own – This backpack does not stand up on its own. I don’t personally mind it but it can be a bit annoying when traveling and working in public places. Luckily, the bag has a hanging belt to solve the problem.

FAQ About The 8000Kicks Backpack

me and my partner wearing our 8000kicks backpack
I am 5.4 feet tall (165 cm) and my partner is 6.1 (185 cm)

We also tried to answer some of the most common questions about the 8000Kicks backpack:

Is The 8000Kicks Backpack Waterproof?

Yes, the 8000Kicks backpack is waterproof. We’ve worn the backpack in the pouring rain and everything in my bag, including my laptop, stayed dry. The backpack also dries up fast which is a huge benefit.

The backpack is made from hemp fibers that are naturally water-resistant. The fabric is very dense and sturdy, so no water penetrates through. The zippers of this backpack are also waterproof.

Is The 8000Kicks Backpack Durable?

Durability is one of its virtues. I’ve used the bag for months now and there are no signs of decay. So thanks to great craftsmanship and heavy-duty hemp, the bag is very durable.

With close inspection, the materials look and feel very sturdy and the bag has reinforced stitching for extra durability. And of course, hemp is one of the strongest textiles out there.

Is The 8000Kicks Backpack Spacious?

We’d say the 8000Kicks backpack is even too spacious. It fits up to 30L which is overkill for a daypack. And the backpack is marketed as an everyday backpack. I am 5.4 feet tall and the backpack looks huge on me.

That being said, the backpack is perfect for a weekend trip and for getting groceries. It’s also great for a day in the office when you want to go to the gym as well. It easily fits all your work things as well as your exercise gear.

Is The 8000Kicks Backpack Comfortable?

The backpack is very comfortable. The straps are padded, so you won’t be needing any additional shoulder pads. The 30L is easy to carry with this one, especially with the additional chest belt to distribute the weight more evenly.

The 30L backpack is quite lightweight for its size (1.2 kg) and has a snug breathable mesh pad on the back panel. The ergonomic back pad is a nice touch and feels soft against the skin. I haven’t had any back pain with this bag.

Is The 8000Kicks Backpack Sustainable?

This backpack ranks well in sustainability because it uses natural vegan materials such as hemp. Hemp as a plant produces lots of strong fibers and it takes up to three times less water to grow hemp compared to cotton.

The lining of the backpack is made from recycled polyester which is a great way to repurpose fashion industry waste. 8000Kicks also uses natural dyes which are much more sustainable compared to synthetic ones.

However, we do not know much about where the hemp is sourced from or whether it is sustainably grown. The company could also elaborate more on its production practices. So overall, we would need a bit more transparency from 8000Kicks to give them max points from sustainability.

Where Is The 8000Kicks Backpack Made?

8000Kicks backpacks are made in China. According to 8000Kicks, they have wanted to produce in Europe but the war and Covid uncertainties have stopped them from doing so. So that is a bit disappointing.

However, China is the number one hemp country in the world with high-tech production facilities and extensive knowledge of hemp textiles. So we hope 8000Kicks has chosen a Chinese factory with high ethical and environmental standards.

Final Verdict

8000kicks backpack can be look quite big on a smaller person

Do we recommend the 800Kicks backpack? Yes, very much so. It is a great-looking vegan backpack made from some of the most sustainable materials such as hemp. The backpack is waterproof and highly durable. It’s also very spacious with multiple compartments to help organize your things well.

For a daypack, I find it a bit too massive and would prefer a simple 16L one. But I do not carry nearly as many things with me daily as other people. I’m sure many people would find this backpack perfect for the office and school. I love to use this bag for weekend getaways.

While 8000Kicks produces this backpack in China, the company has been transparent about the reasons behind it. For the future, we also hope they tell us more about the sustainability of their hemp and give us more details on the factory. An official vegan certification would be great, too. Otherwise, great vegan backpack from a great vegan brand.

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My name is Liis. I have been a vegan for a long time and I advocate for the vegan lifestyle. Through Vegan Avenue, I aim to provide quality information about vegan products and bring attention to amazing vegan companies.