Stella McCartney Launches Responsible Vegan Skincare Line

By Liis Hainla. Published: September 2022.
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Designer Stella McCartney recently launched a new vegan skincare line STELLA under Stella McCartney Beauty. The collection includes a vegan moisturizer, cleanser, and serum with refills available for every product.

While Stella’s clothing brand isn’t entirely vegan, her skincare line is 100% animal-free. The skincare range reflects the English designer’s deep respect for nature and uses virtually only plant-based ingredients.

Similar to her fashion, McCartney’s skincare brand falls well into the luxury category with the Restore Cream currently priced at $105, Reset Cleanser at $60, and Alter-Care Serum for $140.

Skincare To Restore

Stella McCartney's Restorative Vegan Skincare
Courtesy of Stella McCartney Beauty

STELLA skincare sets out to restore, reset, and regenerate. There is no division of products per skin type, the minimalist range aims to bring skin health to every skin type, including sensitive skin.

The Restore Cream promises deep hydration and nourishment by repairing the skin’s protective layer. The Reset cleanser is designed to wash off makeup and impurities without stripping the skin of moisture.

Alter-Care Serum, the company’s most expensive product, has performed best in clinical trials by significantly boosting skin’s vitality, and luminosity while reducing wrinkles and dark circles.

99% Natural Ingredients

Stella McCartney's Vegan Skincare Natural Ingredients
Courtesy of Stella McCartney Beauty

The luxury skincare line uses primarily ingredients of natural and organic origin. The main hydrators are olive-derived squalane and natural hyaluronic acid from gluten and sorbose.

Stella McCartney also utilizes a variety of botanicals such as lingonberry, cherry blossom, and algae extract along with organic birch sap. These plants ensure that skincare is packed with amino acids, vitamins, and antioxidants.

The most exciting component in Stella McCartney’s skincare is organic rock samphire aka sea fennel – a native plant to the British coast that possesses anti-aging benefits comparable to retinol.

A Responsible Approach

Stella McCartney's Vegan Skincare Responsible Approach
Courtesy of Stella McCartney Beauty

As a sustainable venture, STELLA skincare prioritizes recyclable materials and offers refillable products to minimize cosmetic industry waste. The company mainly uses recyclable glass and recycled plastic.

A supporter of NGO Wetlands, 1% of the net sales of STELLA skincare is donated to protect the conservation of the rapidly vanishing Scottish peatlands.

Main image: courtesy of Stella McCartney Beauty

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